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Subsalt (pre-Jurassic) exploration play in the northern Lusitanian basin of Portugal

Thomas L. Uphoff

Site-specific sequence-stratigraphic section benchmark charts are key to regional chronostratigraphic systems tract analysis in growth-faulted basins

L. Frank Brown Jr., Robert G. Loucks, Ramn H. Trevio

Neogene tectonic, stratigraphic, and play framework of the southern Laguna Madre–Tuxpan continental shelf, Gulf of Mexico

William A. Ambrose, Tim F. Wawrzyniec, Khaled Fouad, Shinichi Sakurai, David C. Jennette, L. F. Brown Jr., Edgar H. Guevara, Dallas B. Dunlap, Suhas C. Talukdar, Mario Aranda Garcia, Ulises Hernndez Romano, Juan Alvarado Vega, Eduardo Macas Zamora, Hector Ruiz Ruiz, Ramn Crdenas Hernndez

Structural styles in the deep-water fold and thrust belts of the Niger Delta

Freddy Corredor, John H. Shaw, Frank Bilotti

Sandbox models of downward-steepening normal faults

Thomas L. Patton

Stratigraphic evolution of Oligocene–Miocene carbonates and siliciclastics, East Java basin, Indonesia

Essam Sharaf, J. A. (Toni) Simo, Alan R. Carroll, Martin Shields

Geothermal heat flow in the northeast margin of the Gulf of Mexico

Seiichi Nagihara, Kelly Opre Jones

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