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Handling risk and uncertainty in petroleum exploration and asset management: An overview

P. Craig Smalley, Stephen H. Begg, Michael Naylor, Sigrunn Johnsen, Antonella Godi

Toward consistency in petroleum exploration: A systematic way of constraining uncertainty in prospect volumetrics

David G. Quirk, Richard G. Ruthrauff

A method to estimate block values through competitive bidding

Ricardo Furtado, Saul B. Suslick, Monica R. Rodriguez

A Bayesian belief network approach for assessing the impact of exploration prospect interdependency: An application to predict gas discoveries in the Netherlands

Jan-Diederik Van Wees, Harmen Mijnlieff, Jan Lutgert, Jaap Breunese, Christian Bos, Peter Rosenkranz, Filip Neele

Managing trade-offs between conflicting goals through a portfolio visualization process

Stephen M. Rasey

The effect of methodology on volumetric uncertainty estimation in static reservoir models

Helene Beucher, Didier Renard, Brigitte Doligez, Marco Pontiggia, Giuseppe Bellentani

I would rather be vaguely right than precisely wrong: A new approach to decision making in the petroleum exploration and production industry

Reidar B. Bratvold, Steve H. Begg

Using the value of information to determine optimal well order in a sequential drilling program

Peter Cunningham, Steve Begg

Studies of United Kingdom Continental Shelf fields after a decade of production: How does production data affect the estimation of subsurface uncertainty?

Pete Smith

Uncertainty in prospect evaluation: Lessons from the movie industry

Pierre Delfiner

Responsible reporting of uncertain petroleum reserves

Mark McLane, James Gouveia, Gary P. Citron, James MacKay, Peter R. Rose

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