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Simulation and characterization of pathway heterogeneity of secondary hydrocarbon migration

Xiaorong Luo

Static connectivity of fluvial sandstones in a lower coastal-plain setting: An example from the Upper Cretaceous lower Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado

Matthew J. Pranter, Nicholas K. Sommer

Continuum-based rock model of a reservoir dolostone with four orders of magnitude in pore sizes

Sven Roth, Bibhu Biswal, Ghazaleh Afshar, Rudolf J. Held, Pal-Eric Oren, Lars Inge Berge, Rudolf Hilfer

Quantitative structural analysis using remote sensing data: Kurdistan, northeast Iraq

Daniel Reif, Bernhard Grasemann, Robert H. Faber

Late orogenic faulting of the foreland plate: An important component of petroleum systems in orogenic belts and their forelands

Frank J. Picha

Origin and mechanism of the formation of the low-oil-saturation Moxizhuang field, Junggar Basin, China: Implication for petroleum exploration in basins having complex histories

Fang Hao, Zhihuan Zhang, Huayao Zou, Yuanchun Zhang, Yuanyuan Yang

Hydrocarbon breaching of a regional aquitard: The Devonian Ireton Formation, Bashaw area, Alberta, Canada

Mark R. Hearn, Hans G. Machel, Benjamin J. Rostron

Hydrocarbon plumbing systems of salt minibasins offshore Angola revealed by three-dimensional seismic analysis

Katrine J. Andresen, Mads Huuse, Niels H. Schodt, Lene F. Clausen, Lars Seidler

Systematic diagenetic changes in the grain-scale morphology and permeability of a quartz-cemented quartz arenite

Jennie E. Cook, Laurel B. Goodwin, David F. Boutt

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