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The influence of fracture cements in tight Paleogene saline lacustrine carbonate reservoirs, western Qaidam Basin, northwest China

Lianbo Zeng, Xiaomei Tang, Tiecheng Wang, Lei Gong

Organic geochemical characteristics and interpreted depositional environment of the Khatatba Formation, northern Western Desert, Egypt

Mohamed Ragab Shalaby, Mohammed Hail Hakimi, Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Sea level and vertical motion of continents from dynamic earth models since the Late Cretaceous

Sonja Spasojevic, Michael Gurnis

Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Jurassic extensional basins of the eastern southern Alps and Adriatic foreland based on an integrated study of surface and subsurface data

Daniele Masetti, Roberto Fantoni, Roberta Romano, Dario Sartorio, Enrico Trevisani

How clay grain coats inhibit quartz cement and preserve porosity in deeply buried sandstones: Observations and experiments

Joanna M. Ajdukiewicz, Richard E. Larese

Geographic information system–based fuzzy-logic analysis for petroleum exploration with a case study of northern South America

Lisa Bingham, Raul Zurita-Milla, Alejandro Escalona

A database approach for constraining stochastic simulations of the sedimentary heterogeneity of fluvial reservoirs

Luca Colombera, Fabrizio Felletti, Nigel P. Mountney, William D. McCaffrey

The importance of the degree of cataclasis in shear bands for fluid flow in porous sandstone, Provence, France

Gregory Ballas, Roger Soliva, Jean-Pierre Sizun, Antonio Benedicto, Thibault Cavailhes, Suzanne Raynaud

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