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Seismic modeling in the analysis of deep-water sandstone termination styles

Kristina Bakke, Ian A. Kane, Ole J. Martinsen, Steen A. Petersen, Tor A. Johansen, Steinar Hustoft, Frode Hadler Jacobsen, Audun Groth

Halokinetic rotating faults, salt intrusions, and seismic pitfalls in the petroleum exploration of divergent margins

Carlos L. Varela, Webster U. Mohriak

Sequence-stratigraphic architectures and sand-body distribution in Cenozoic rifted lacustrine basins, east China

Shu Jiang, Sverre Henriksen, Hua Wang, Yongchao Lu, Jianye Ren, Dongsheng Cai, Youliang Feng, Paul Weimer

Three-dimensional structural model of composite dolomite bodies in folded area (Upper Jurassic of the Etoile massif, southeastern France)

Franck Gisquet, Juliette Lamarche, Marc Floquet, Jean Borgomano, Jean-Pierre Masse, Bruno Caline

Detrital quartz sources in the Scotian Basin, eastern Canada, using hot-cathode cathodoluminescence: Availability of coarse-grained sand for reservoirs

Cynthia C. Sawatzky, Georgia Pe-Piper

Evaluation of sampling methods for fracture network characterization using outcrops

Conny Zeeb, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Paul D. Bons, Philipp Blum

Western Greece and Ionian Sea petroleum systems

Vassilis Karakitsios

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