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Stable-isotope chemostratigraphy as a tool to correlate complex Mississippian marine carbonate facies of the Anadarko shelf, Oklahoma and Kansas

Jesse T. Koch, Tracy D. Frank, Thomas P. Bulling

Effects of smectite on the oil-expulsion efficiency of the Kreyenhagen Shale, San Joaquin Basin, California, based on hydrous-pyrolysis experiments

Michael D. Lewan, Michael P. Dolan, John B. Curtis

Porosity trends in the Skagerrak Formation, Central Graben, United Kingdom Continental Shelf: The role of compaction and pore pressure history

Neil T. Grant, Alexander J. Middleton, Stuart Archer

Time-dependent subsidence associated with drainage-induced compaction in Gulf of Mexico shales bounding a severely depleted gas reservoir

Chandong Chang, Ellen Mallman, Mark Zoback

Fault displacement gradients on normal faults and associated deformation

Alan P. Morris, Ronald N. McGinnis, David A. Ferrill

Diagenesis and porosity development in the First Eocene reservoir at the giant Wafra Field, Partitioned Zone, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Arthur H. Saller, David Pollitt, J. A. D. Dickson

Cenozoic fault systems in southwest Qaidam Basin, northeastern Tibetan Plateau: Geometry, temporal development, and significance for hydrocarbon accumulation

Lei Wu, Ancheng Xiao, Dade Ma, Hongge Li, Bo Xu, Ya Shen, Liguang Mao

Cracking, mixing, and geochemical correlation of crude oils, North Slope, Alaska

Ye Wang, Kenneth E. Peters, J. Michael Moldowan, Kenneth J. Bird, Leslie B. Magoon

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