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Buried-hill play, Jizhong subbasin, Bohai Bay basin: A review and future prospectivity

Xianzheng Zhao, Fengming Jin, Quan Wang, Guoping Bai

Permeability characterization of natural compaction bands using core flooding experiments and three-dimensional image-based analysis: Comparing and contrasting the results from two different methods

Shang Deng, Lin Zuo, Atilla Aydin, Jack Dvorkin, Tapan Mukerji

Hierarchical kink band development in the Appalachian Plateau decollement sheet

Paul Gillespie, Judith van Hagen, Scott Wessels, Damian Lynch

Distribution of total dissolved solids in McMurray Formation water in the Athabasca oil sands region, Alberta, Canada: Implications for regional hydrogeology and resource development

Benjamin R. Cowie, Bruce James, Bernhard Mayer

The pore pressure regime of the northern Gulf of Mexico: Geostatistical estimation and regional controls

Scott Morris, Brian Vestal, Kelsey O’Neill, Michael Moretti, Cesar Franco, Nathan Hitchings, Jianmin Zhang, John D. Grace

Log-derived thickness and porosity of the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth basin, Texas: Implications for assessment of gas shale resources

Qilong Fu, Susan C. Horvath, Eric C. Potter, Forrest Roberts, Scott W. Tinker, Svetlana Ikonnikova, William L. Fisher, Jihua Yan

A model describing flowback chemistry changes with time after Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing

Victor N. Balashov, Terry Engelder, Xin Gu, Matthew S. Fantle, Susan L. Brantley

Ground truthing chemostratigraphic correlations in fluvial systems

K. T. Ratcliffe, A. Wilson, T. Payenberg, A. Rittersbacher, G. V. Hildred, S. S. Flint

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