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Evaluation of the compositional changes during flooding of reactive fluids using scanning electron microscopy, nano-secondary ion mass spectrometry, x-ray diffraction, and whole-rock geochemistry

Udo Zimmermann, Merete Vadla Madland, Anders Nermoen, Tania Hildebrand-Habel, Silvana A. R. Bertolino, Aksel Hiorth, Reidar I. Korsnes, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Patrick Grysan

Hydrocarbon-induced diagenetic alteration of the Permian White Rim Sandstone, Elaterite Basin, southeast Utah

Marko A. Gorenc, Marjorie A. Chan

Factors controlling petroleum accumulation and leakage in overpressured reservoirs

Fang Hao, Weilin Zhu, Huayao Zou, Pingping Li

The Paleozoic Hudson Bay Basin in northern Canada: New insights into hydrocarbon potential of a frontier intracratonic basin

Denis Lavoie, Nicolas Pinet, Jim Dietrich, Zhuoheng Chen

Spontaneous potential: Key to understanding continuous and conventional gas in Upper Cretaceous sandstones, deep eastern Greater Green River Basin, southwest Wyoming

Charles E. Bartberger, Ira Pasternack

From shale oil to biogenic shale gas: Retracing organic–inorganic interactions in the Alum Shale (Furongian–Lower Ordovician) in southern Sweden

Hans-Martin Schulz, Steffen Biermann, Wolfgang van Berk, Martin Krüger, Nontje Straaten, Achim Bechtel, Richard Wirth, Volker Lüders, Niels Hemmingsen Schovsbo, Stephen Crabtree

Multi-scale three-dimensional distribution of fracture- and igneous intrusion-controlled hydrothermal dolomite from digital outcrop model, Latemar platform, Dolomites, northern Italy

Carl Jacquemyn, Marijke Huysmans, Dave Hunt, Giulio Casini, Rudy Swennen

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