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Petroleum systems of the Eastern Cordillera, foothill basins, and associated Llanos basin: Impacts on the prediction of large scale foreland and foothill petroleum accumulations

Andrés Mora

Cenozoic paleogeography of the Andean foreland and retroarc hinterland of Colombia

Andrés Reyes-Harker, Carlos Fernando Ruiz-Valdivieso, Andrés Mora, Juan Carlos Ramírez-Arias, Guillermo Rodriguez, Felipe de la Parra, Victor Caballero, Mauricio Parra, Nestor Moreno, Brian K. Horton, Joel E. Saylor, Alejandro Silva, Victor Valencia, Daniel Stockli, Vladimir Blanco

Temporal and spatial distribution of tectonic events as deduced from reworked palynomorphs in the eastern Northern Andes

Felipe de la Parra, Andrés Mora, Milton Rueda, Isaid Quintero

Precambrian–Pleistocene tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the southern Llanos basin, Colombia

Maria Catalina Moreno-López, Alejandro Escalona

Controls on petroleum composition in the Llanos basin, Colombia: Implications for exploration

Diego Fernando Garcia Bautista, Eugenio Vaz dos Santos Neto, Henrique L. de B. Penteado

Petroleum system modeling in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia using geochemistry and timing of thrusting and deformation

N. Sánchez, A. Mora, M. Parra, D. Garcia, M. Cortes, T. M. Shanahan, R. Ramirez, O. Llamosa, M. Guzman

FetKin: Coupling kinematic restorations and temperature to predict thrusting, exhumation histories, and thermochronometric ages

Ariel Almendral, Wilmer Robles, Mauricio Parra, Andrés Mora, Richard A. Ketcham, Michael Raghib

Kinematic restoration of contractional basement structures using thermokinematic models: A key tool for petroleum system modeling

Andrés Mora, Wilson Casallas, Richard A. Ketcham, Diego Gomez, Mauricio Parra, Jay Namson, Daniel Stockli, Ariel Almendral, Wilmer Robles, Badr Ghorbal

Fractured reservoirs in the Eastern Foothills, Colombia, and their relationship with fold kinematics

Javier Tamara, Andrés Mora, Wilmer Robles, Andreas Kammer, Alberto Ortiz, Nelson Sanchez-Villar, Alejandro Piraquive, Luz Helena Rueda, Wilson Casallas, Jaime Castellanos, Jorge Montaña, Luis Guillermo Parra, Jaime Corredor, Ángela Ramirez, Enus Zambrano

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