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Prospect risk, pot odds, and efficient drill or no-drill decision making: What the exploration business can learn from high-stakes poker

Frank J. Peel

Quantitative seismic geomorphology of the middle Frio fluvial systems, south Texas, United States

Hamed Z. El-Mowafy, Kurt J. Marfurt

A Pliocene–Quaternary analogue for ancient epeiric carbonate settings: The Malita intrashelf basin (Bonaparte Basin, northwest Australia)

Simon Courgeon, Julien Bourget, Stephan J. Jorry

Impacts of hydrothermal dolomitization and thermochemical sulfate reduction on secondary porosity creation in deeply buried carbonates: A case study from the Lower Saxony Basin, northwest Germany

Bianca C. Biehl, Lars Reuning, Johannes Schoenherr, Volker Lüders, Peter A. Kukla

Constraining burial history and petroleum charge in exhumed basins: New insights from the Illizi Basin, Algeria

Kara L. English, Jonathan Redfern, Dermot V. Corcoran, Joseph M. English, Rachida Yahia Cherif

Depositional controls on sediment body architecture in the Eagle Ford/Boquillas system: Insights from outcrops in west Texas, United States

Gregory Frébourg, Stephen C. Ruppel, Robert G. Loucks, Josh Lambert

Petroleum generation kinetics: Single versus multiple heating-ramp open-system pyrolysis: Discussion

Douglas W. Waples

Petroleum generation kinetics: Single versus multiple heating-ramp open-system pyrolysis: Reply

K. E. Peters, A. K. Burnham, C. C. Walters

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