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Two-dimensional stratigraphic forward modeling, reconstructing high-relief clinoforms in the northern Taranaki Basin

Migdalys Salazar, Lorena Moscardelli, Lesli Wood

Ahdeb oil field, Mesopotamian Basin, Iraq: Reservoir architecture and oil charge history

Hucheng Deng, Meiyan Fu, Tingting Huang, Jon G. Gluyas, Mingsheng Tong, Xingjian Wang, Wen Zhou, Fei Liu

Triassic–Paleogene paleogeography of the Arctic: Implications for sediment routing and basin fill

T. O. Sømme, A. G. Doré, E. R. Lundin, B. O. Tørudbakken

Mathematical modeling of microcrack growth in source rock during kerogen thermal maturation

Yunfei Yang, Gary Mavko

Dip-related changes in stratigraphic architecture and associated sedimentological and geochemical variability in the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Group in south Texas

Ahmed Alnahwi, Robert G. Loucks, Stephen C. Ruppel, Robert W. Scott, Nicolas Tribovillard

Lacustrine carbonate platforms: Facies, cycles, and tectonosedimentary models for the presalt Lagoa Feia Group (Lower Cretaceous), Campos Basin, Brazil

M. C. Muniz, D. W. J. Bosence

Diagenesis and its impact on a microbially derived carbonate reservoir from the Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation, Sichuan Basin, China

Lei Jiang, Suyun Hu, Wenzhi Zhao, Zhaohui Xu, Shuyuan Shi, Qilong Fu, Hongliu Zeng, Wei Liu, András Fall

Factors controlling shale microstructure and porosity: A case study on upper Visean Rudov beds from the Ukrainian Dneiper–Donets Basin

D. Misch, J. Klaver, D. Gross, V. Mayer-Kiener, F. Mendez-Martin, J. Schmatz, R. F. Sachsenhofer

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