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Fractal analysis of tight shaly sandstones using nuclear magnetic resonance measurements

Jin Lai, Guiwen Wang, Zhuoying Fan, Zhenglong Zhou, Jing Chen, Shuchen Wang

Three deep resource plays in the San Joaquin Valley compared with the Bakken Formation

D. K. Larue, M. Smithard, M. Mercer

Validating novel boundary conditions for three-dimensional mechanics-based restoration: An extensional sandbox model example

Benjamin P. Chauvin, Peter J. Lovely, Joseph M. Stockmeyer, Andreas Plesch, Guillaume Caumon, John H. Shaw

The application of diamondoid indices in the Tarim oils

Yun Li, Yongqiang Xiong, Qianyong Liang, Chenchen Fang, Yuan Chen, Xiaotao Wang, Zewen Liao, Ping’an Peng

Reservoir quality and burial model evaluation by kinetic quartz and illite cementation modeling: Case study of Rotliegendes, north Germany

Benjamin Busch, Christoph Hilgers, Robert H. Lander, Linda M. Bonnell, Dirk Adelmann

Sedimentological and stratigraphic characterization of Cretaceous upper McMurray deposits in the southern Athabasca oil sands, Alberta, Canada

Greg M. Baniak, Kelly G. Kingsmith

Hydrocarbon potential of the Lower Cretaceous mudstones in coastal southeastern China

Jian Cao, Ruofei Yang, Guang Hu, Wenxuan Hu, Suping Yao, Xiaomin Xie, Yuqiao Gao, Jun Gao

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