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AAPG Bulletin Super Basin Initiative

Charles A. Sternbach, President of AAPG (2017/2018)

Fracture characterization in sigmoidal folds: Insights from the Siah Kuh anticline, Zagros, Iran

Giulio Casini, Indiana Romaire, Emilio Casciello, Eduard Saura, Jaume Vergés, Naiara Fernández, David William Hunt

Evolution of formation waters in the Permian Basin, United States: Late Permian evaporated seawater to Neogene meteoric water

Arthur H. Saller, Alan M. Stueber

A practical approach for applying Bayesian logic to determine the probabilities of subsurface scenarios: Example from an offshore oilfield

P. Craig Smalley, Christopher D. Walker, Paul G. Belvedere

Simple is better when it comes to sequence stratigraphy: The Clearwater Formation of the Mannville Group reinterpreted using a genetic body approach

Robert W. Wellner, Bogdan L. Varban, Xavier Roca, Jason A. Flaum, Esther K. Stewart, Michael D. Blum

Burial and exhumation history of the Galilee Basin, Australia: Implications for unconventional hydrocarbon prospectivity

Amy I’Anson, Ian Deighton, R. Dietmar Müller, Adriana Dutkiewicz, Christian Heine

Seismic stratigraphy of a Lower Cretaceous prograding carbonate platform (Oman) and implications for the eustatic sea-level curve

Emmanuel Dujoncquoy, Carine Grélaud, Philippe Razin, Patrice Imbert, Frans van Buchem, Gérard Dupont, Arnaud Le Bec

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