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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Understanding salt in orogenic settings: The evolution of ideas in the Romanian Carpathians

Dan Mircea Tămaş, Zsolt Schléder, Csaba Krézsek, Silviu Man, Sorin Filipescu

The development and extent of photic-zone euxinia concomitant with Woodford Shale deposition

Gregory T. Connock, Thanh X. Nguyen, R. Paul Philp

Paleozoic shale gas resources in the Sichuan Basin, China

Christopher J. Potter

Spectrum of gas migration phenomena across multilayered sealing sequences

Claudia Bertoni, Joe Cartwright, Martino Foschi, Joe Martin

Petrophysical and mineralogical evolution of weathered crystalline basement in western Uganda: Implications for fluid transfer and storage

B. Walter, Y. Géraud, D. Bartier, J.-M. Kluska, M. Diraison, C. Morlot, F. Raisson

Integrating borehole image logs with core: A method to enhance subsurface fracture characterization

F. Fernández-Ibáñez, J. M. DeGraff, F. Ibrayev

Unraveling the influence of throw and stratigraphy in controlling subseismic fault architecture of fold-thrust belts: An example from the Qaidam Basin, northeast Tibetan Plateau

Yangwen Pei, Douglas A. Paton, Rob J. Knipe, W. Henry Lickorish, Anren Li, Kongyou Wu

Understanding and distinguishing reflectance measurements of solid bitumen and vitrinite using hydrous pyrolysis: Implications to petroleum assessment

Paul C. Hackley, Michael Lewan

Solving a tuff problem: Defining a chronostratigraphic framework for Middle to Upper Jurassic nonmarine strata in eastern Australia using uranium–lead chemical abrasion–thermal ionization mass spectrometry zircon dates

Carmine C. Wainman, Peter J. McCabe, James L. Crowley

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