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Re-evaluation of the porosity measurements under different confining pressures: A better appraisal of reservoir porosity

Lin Pan, Stuart J. Jones, Xiao Wang, Wen Guan, Longlong Li

Petrophysical heterogeneity in a Lower Cretaceous limestone reservoir, onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

S. N. Ehrenberg

Transpressional salt tectonic system in western Qaidam Basin, Western China

Qing Bian, Daowei Zhang, Xiangjiang Yu, Xiang Cheng, Wei Du, Runchao Liu, Zhendong Wang, Zhaojie Guo

Three-dimensional interpretation of tectono-sedimentary evolution and hydrocarbon prospectivity by the integration of airborne gravity gradiometer, regional gravity, magnetic, and two-dimensional seismic data in the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Jurriaan Feijth, Carlos Cevallos, Tony Rudge, Marianne Parsons

Thresholds of petroleum content and pore diameter for petroleum mobility in shale

Xiaojun Zhu, Jingong Cai, Qing Liu, Zheng Li, Xuejun Zhang

Petroleum systems framework of significant new oil discoveries in a giant Cretaceous (Aptian–Cenomanian) clinothem in Arctic Alaska

David W. Houseknecht

Wettability and connectivity of overmature shales in the Fuling gas field, Sichuan Basin (China)

Rui Yang, Qinhong Hu, Sheng He, Fang Hao, Xusheng Guo, Jizheng Yi, Mengdi Sun

What matters for flow and recovery in carbonate gas reservoirs: Insights from the mature Central Luconia Province, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

Georg M. D. Warrlich, Erwin W. Adams, Artur Ryba, Tommy Tam, King King Ting, Hooi-Koon Tang

Quantification and characterization of hydrocarbon-filled porosity in oil-rich shales using integrated thermal extraction, pyrolysis, and solvent extraction

Kyle E. Gorynski, Mark H. Tobey, Daniel A. Enriquez, Thomas M. Smagala, Jill L. Dreger, Richard E. Newhart

Insights into deep, onshore Gulf of Mexico Wilcox sandstone pore networks and reservoir quality through the integration of petrographic, porosity and permeability, and mercury injection capillary pressure analyses

Robert G. Loucks, Shirley P. Dutton

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