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Origin of conventional and shale gas in Sinian–lower Paleozoic strata in the Sichuan Basin: Relayed gas generation from liquid hydrocarbon cracking

Wenzhi Zhao, Shuichang Zhang, Kun He, Hongliu Zeng, Guoyi Hu, Bin Zhang, Zhaoyun Wang, Yongxin Li

Fractal characteristics of the anisotropic microstructure and pore distribution of low-rank coal

Junpeng Zou, Weizhong Chen, Diansen Yang, Jingqiang Yuan, Yu-Yong Jiao

Late Mesozoic sediment provenance on Georges Bank: Enlargement of river drainages to the Atlantic Ocean in the Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous

Isabel Chavez, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper, R. Andrew MacRae

Temperature and pressure characteristics of Ordovician gas condensate reservoirs in the Tazhong area, Tarim Basin, northwestern China

Yifeng Liu, Nansheng Qiu, Wenxuan Hu, Huili Li, Fangyu Shen, Qianying Yao

A new approach for characterization and prediction of natural fracture occurrence in tight oil sandstones with intense anisotropy

Lei Gong, Xiaofei Fu, Zhaosheng Wang, Shuai Gao, Hadi Jabbari, Wenting Yue, Bo Liu

Petroleum charge history in the Baiyun depression and Panyu lower uplift in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea: Constraints from integration of organic geochemical and fluid inclusion data

Hongwei Ping, Honghan Chen, Puqiang Zhai, Junzhang Zhu, Simon C. George

Integrating strike-slip tectonism with three-dimensional basin and petroleum system analysis of the Salinas Basin, California

Tess Menotti, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Kristian Meisling, Stephan A. Graham

An efficient, consistent, and trackable method to quantify organic matter–hosted porosity from ion-milled scanning electron microscope images of mudrock gas reservoirs

Liaosha Song, Travis Warner, Timothy Carr

Resource potential and core area prediction of lacustrine tight oil: The Triassic Yanchang Formation in Ordos Basin, China

Caineng Zou, Qiulin Guo, Zhi Yang, Songtao Wu, Ningsheng Chen, Senhu Lin, Songqi Pan

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