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The Morro Vermelho hypogenic karst system (Brazil): Stratigraphy, fractures, and flow in a carbonate strike-slip fault zone with implications for carbonate reservoirs

Giovanni Bertotti, Philippe Audra, Augusto Auler, Francisco Hilario Bezerra, Stephan de Hoop, Cayo Pontes, Rahul Prabhakaran, Rebeca Lima

Microbially induced dolomite precipitates in Eocene lacustrine siliciclastic sequences in the Dongying depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China: Evidence from petrology, geochemistry, and numerical modeling

Benben Ma, Yingchang Cao, Kenneth A. Eriksson

Integrated reservoir characterization of enhanced oil recovery targets in mature basins: An example from the Tar Springs Formation, Rock Hill field, Illinois Basin, United States

Timothy C. Henderson, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Cliff T. Johnston, Thomas A. Everett

Natural fractures in tight gas volcanic reservoirs and their influences on production in the Xujiaweizi depression, Songliao Basin, China

Guoping Liu, Lianbo Zeng, Guoqing Sun, Kewei Zu, Longbo Qin, Zhe Mao, Mehdi Ostadhassan

Natural fracture, cleat, and strong adsorption impact on low oil and condensate retention in the Carboniferous shales and coals of the western Black Sea Basin of Turkey

Şamil Şen

An integrated sequence stratigraphic–geochemical investigation of the Jurassic source rocks in the North Yellow Sea Basin, eastern China

Hongfei Lai, Meijun Li, Xiaoling Jian, Liaoliang Wang, Jinping Liu, Gaiyun Wang, Peng Liu, Jinhui Dai

Tectonic control on hydrocarbon generation in the northwestern Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Harald Karg, Ralf Littke

Geologic characterization of the type cored section for the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Group in southern Texas: A combination fractured and unconventional reservoir

Robert G. Loucks, Toti E. Larson, Charlie Y. C. Zheng, Christopher K. Zahm, Lucy T. Ko, James E. Sivil, Peng Sheng, Stephen C. Ruppel, William A. Ambrose

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