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Seismic interpretation workflows for deep-water systems: A practical guide for the subsurface

Mike Mayall, Ben Kneller

Pore structure evolution characteristics of continental shale in China as indicated from thermal simulation experiments

Zhiye Gao, Qixiang Xuan, Qinhong Hu, Zhenxue Jiang, Xiaoxue Liu

Understanding lateral and vertical fluid variations in the Pliocene sandstone reservoirs in the eastern South Caspian Basin

Sabine Mehay, Mohamed Hashem, Lamia Rouis, Eldar Mollianiyazov, Barry Bennett, Artur Stankiewicz

Chemostatistic allocation of shale oil production using acidic heterocompounds

Yuanjia Han, Brian Horsfield, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, Mareike Noah

Geological parameters controlling the bedding-parallel vein distribution in Vaca Muerta Formation core data, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Salomé Larmier, Alain Zanella, Alain Lejay, Régis Mourgues, François Gelin

A comparison of three-dimensional–printed porous rocks with nano x-ray computed tomography: Silica sand, gypsum powder, and resin

Lingyun Kong, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Bo Liu, Mohsen Eshraghi, Chunxiao Li, Miguel Navarro, Yihuai Zhang, Huabin Wei

Geological-petrophysical insights in the deep Cambrian dolostone reservoirs in Tarim Basin, China

Jin Lai, Shichen Liu, Yi Xin, Song Wang, Chengwen Xiao, Qiuqiang Song, Xu Chen, Kefu Yang, Guiwen Wang, Xiujian Ding

Seismic-stratigraphic interpretation and modeling of offshore synrift and postrift Cretaceous sequences in the Kribi-Campo subbasin, southern Cameroon

Jules Alex Yugyè, Simon Ngos III, Serge Edouard Angoua Biouélé, Pierre Eric Nkoa Nkoa

Miocene seismic stratigraphy and geomorphology of Bibiyana gas field, Surma Basin, Bangladesh

Kenneth D. Ehman, Andrea F. Lisi, William S. Kowalik, James W. Turner, Joyanta Dutta, Sirajum Munira

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