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Life span of oil reservoirs: Examples from three old reef pools in Alberta, Canada

Mengwei Zhao

Induced seismicity risk management: The problem of disappearing faults

Doyle R. Watts, Ernest C. Hauser, Mohammad Mohshin, David F. Dominic

Origin and charging histories of diagenetic traps in the Junggar Basin

Jianguo Pan, Guodong Wang, Yongqiang Qu, Wen Qi, Lu Yin, Duonian Xu, Tuanyu Teng, Bin Wang, Kaijun Tan, Linjun Huang

Experimental determination of porosity and methane sorption capacity of organic-rich shales as a function of effective stress: Implications for gas storage capacity

Garri Gaus, Reinhard Fink, Alexandra Amann-Hildenbrand, Bernhard M. Krooss, Ralf Littke

Brittleness modeling selects optimum stimulation zone in shaly source rocks in the Whangai Formation, New Zealand

Claudio Rabe, Raul Correa Rechden Filho, Jesus Pastor Salazar, Fernando Della Pasqua, Giovanni Chaves Stael, Luiz Antonio Pierantoni Gamboa

Multiple thrust detachments and their implications for hydrocarbon accumulation in the northeastern Sichuan Basin, southwestern China

Chuanxin Li, Dengfa He, Guo Lu, Kai Wen, Abijah Simon, Yanpeng Sun

Characterization of five unconventional diatomaceous (opal-A) reservoirs, Monterey Formation, San Joaquin Valley, California

David K. Larue, Christian Hager, Thomas Merrifield, Gena M. Evola, David Crane, Phillip Yorgensen

Fractal characteristics of pore networks and sealing capacity of Ordovician carbonate cap rocks: A case study based on outcrop analogues from the Tarim Basin, China

Jun Wu, Tailiang Fan, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Anna Travé, Zhiqian Gao, Shanshan Wang, Xiaolong Sun

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