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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Applying deep learning for identifying bioturbation from core photographs

Eric Timmer, Calla Knudson, Murray Gingras

Performance tracking: A historical background to promote learning

Gary P. Citron

Source rocks in foreland basins: A preferential context for the development of natural hydraulic fractures

A. Zanella, P. R. Cobbold, N. Rodrigues, H. Løseth, M. Jolivet, F. Gouttefangeas, D. Chew

Skempton’s poroelastic relaxation: The mechanism that accounts for the distribution of pore pressure and exhumation-related fractures in black shale of the Appalachian Basin

Terry Engelder, Rose-Anna Behr

Consideration of the limitations of thermal maturity with respect to vitrinite reflectance, Tmax, and other proxies

Barry Jay Katz, Fang Lin

Evaluation of Paleozoic source rocks in Kuwait

Fowzia Abdullah, Fouad Shaaban, Awatif Al-Khamiss, Fikry Khalaf, Fatma Bahman, Bibi Akbar

Evidence for deeply buried, oil-prone source rocks in the Baiyun depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea

Hongwei Ping, Honghan Chen, Puqiang Zhai, Junzhang Zhu, Wanlin Xiong, Lingtao Kong, Se Gong, Tania J. Vergara, Simon C. George

Application of principal component analysis on chemical data for reservoir correlation: A case study from Cretaceous carbonate sedimentary rocks, Saudi Arabia

Nikolaos A. Michael, Neil W. Craigie

Depositional environment and source rock quality of the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups, southern East Texas (Brazos) Basin: An integrated geochemical, sequence stratigraphic, and petrographic approach

Melissa J. Meyer, Arthur D. Donovan, Michael C. Pope

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