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Use of global analogues to improve decision quality in exploration, development, and production

Shaoqing Sun, David A. Pollitt, Shengyu Wu, David A. Leary

Predicting unconventional reservoir potential from wire-line logs: A correlation between compositional and geomechanical properties of the Duvernay shale play of western Alberta, Canada

Marco Venieri, Per K. Pedersen, David W. Eaton

Resource potential of the Jurassic gas system, northern margin of the Qaidam Basin, northwestern China

Zeqing Guo, Zengye Xie, Jian Li, Jixian Tian, Xu Zeng, Wei Ma

Thermal history reconstruction from apatite fission-track analysis and vitrinite reflectance data of the Bongor Basin, the Republic of Chad

Lirong Dou, Renchong Wang, Jingchun Wang, Dingsheng Cheng, Paul F. Green, Xiaodong Wei

Prediction of the gas-generating characteristics of the Qiongzhusi and Longmaxi Formations, Yangtze Platform, southern China, using analogues

Brian Horsfield, Caineng Zou, Jian Li, Shengyu Yang, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, David Misch, Doris Gross, Ma Wei, Yifeng Wang, Jingqiang Tan

Magnetic susceptibility variations in lower Paleozoic shales of the western Baltic Basin (northern Poland): A tool for regional stratigraphic correlations and the decoding of paleoenvironmental changes

D. K. Niezabitowska, J. Roszkowska-Remin, R. Szaniawski, A. Derkowski

A method to predict the resistivity index for tight sandstone reservoirs from nuclear magnetic resonance data

Liang Xiao, Yujiang Shi, Gaoren Li, Haopeng Guo, Junran Li

From seep carbonates down to petroleum systems: An outcrop study from the southeastern France Basin

Jean-Philippe Blouet, Patrice Imbert, Anneleen Foubert, Sutieng Ho, Gerard Dupont

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