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Impact of natural fractures on production from an unconventional shale: The Delaware Basin Wolfcamp shale

A. C. Salem, S. J. Naruk, J. G. Solum

The effects of initial wedge taper on area-balancing restoration of a fold-thrust belt

Xiaodong Yang, David J. Sanderson, Lisa C. McNeill, Frank J. Peel

Stratigraphic architecture within delta plain deposits in the Upper Cretaceous Neslen and Farrer Formations, Book Cliffs, Utah

Jostein M. Kjærefjord, Camilla Thrana, Scott Bullimore

Two distinct strike-slip fault networks in the Shunbei area and its surroundings, Tarim Basin: Hydrocarbon accumulation, distribution, and controlling factors

Shang Deng, Rui Zhao, Qiangfu Kong, Yingtao Li, Bing Li

Predicting porosity, water saturation, and shale volume with high-resolution seismic inversion using Hopfield network: Upper Assam Basin, India

Son D. T. Phan, Triveni Gogoi, Rima Chatterjee,and Mrinal K. Sen

Sediment delivery in fine-grained deep-water system, lower Permian Dean formation, Midland Basin

Li Liu, William A. Ambrose

H2S origin, generation, and distribution in the Etame Marin Permit, offshore Gabon: A three-dimensional migration modeling prediction using field data

Markus Loegering, Piotr Kaminski, Ian Hutchinson, Thorsten Joppen, Armin Kauerauf, Thomas Hantschel

Sulfate-reducing bacteria streamers and iron sulfides abruptly occlude porosity and increase hydraulic resistance in proppant-filled shale fractures

Bruce W. Fouke, Ananda S. Bhattacharjee, Glenn A. Fried, Mayandi Sivaguru, Robert A. Sanford, Lang Zhou, Reinaldo E. Alcalde, Kenneth Wunch, Amber Stephenson, Joseph A. Ferrar, Alvaro G. Hernandez, Chris Wright, Christopher J. Fields, Lauren G. Todorov, Kyle W. Fouke, Cyrus M. Bailey, Charles J. Werth

Carbonate cements in Eocene turbidite sandstones, Dongying depression, Bohai Bay Basin: Origin, distribution, and effect on reservoir properties

Guoqiang Luan, Karem Azmy, Chunmei Dong, Chengyan Lin, Lihua Ren, Changying Shi

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