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Gas hydrates in Green Canyon Block 955, deep-water Gulf of Mexico: Part II, Insights and future challenges

Peter B. Flemings, Ann E. Cook, Tim Collett, Ray Boswell

Integrated geochemical approach to determine the source of methane in gas hydrate from Green Canyon Block 955 in the Gulf of Mexico

Myles T. Moore, Stephen C. Phillips, Ann E. Cook, Thomas H. Darrah

Occurrence of high-saturation gas hydrate in a fault-compartmentalized anticline and the importance of seal, Green Canyon, abyssal northern Gulf of Mexico

Manasij Santra, Peter B. Flemings, Mahdi Heidari, Kehua You

Methane migration mechanisms for the Green Canyon Block 955 gas hydrate reservoir, northern Gulf of Mexico

Li Wei, Ann Cook, Kehua You

Thermodynamic insights into the production of methane hydrate reservoirs from depressurization of pressure cores

Stephen C. Phillips, Peter B. Flemings, Kehua You, William F. Waite

Pore structure of sediments from Green Canyon 955 determined by mercury intrusion

Hugh Daigle, Yi Fang, Stephen C. Phillips, Peter B. Flemings

Permeability of methane hydrate-bearing sandy silts in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico (Green Canyon Block 955)

Yi Fang, Peter B. Flemings, Hugh Daigle, Stephen C. Phillips, Josh O’Connell

Compression behavior of hydrate-bearing sediments

Yi Fang, Peter B. Flemings, John T. Germaine, Hugh Daigle, Stephen C. Phillips, Josh O’Connell

Using x-ray computed tomography to estimate hydrate saturation in sediment cores from Green Canyon 955, northern Gulf of Mexico

Emma A. Oti, Ann E. Cook, Stephen C. Phillips, Melanie E. Holland

Comprehensive pressure core analysis for hydrate-bearing sediments from Gulf of Mexico Green Canyon Block 955, including assessments of geomechanical viscous behavior and nuclear magnetic resonance permeability

Jun Yoneda, Yusuke Jin, Michihiro Muraoka, Motoi Oshima, Kiyofumi Suzuki, William F. Waite, Peter B. Flemings

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