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Lithofacies identification in cores using deep learning segmentation and the role of geoscientists: Turbidite deposits (Gulf of Mexico and North Sea)

Oriol Falivene, Neal C. Auchter, Rafael Pires de Lima, Luuk Kleipool, John G. Solum, Pedram Zarian, Rachel W. Clark, Irene Espejo

Characterizing maturity of reservoir pyrobitumen with strong anisotropy: A calibration between reflectance and laser Raman spectral parameters

Zhaoxi Zuo, Jian Cao, Xiaolin Wang, Bing Luo, Yuan Zhong, Kunyu Li, Kai Hu

Long cores through the Wilcox Group, Gulf of Mexico, show process variability across different time scales

Jinyu Zhang, William Ambrose, Ronald Steel, Si Chen

How did the world’s largest submarine fan in the Bay of Bengal grow and evolve at the subfan scale?

Chenglin Gong, Haiqiang Wang, Dali Shao, Hongping Wang, Kun Qi, Xiaoyong Xu

The Goddard Shale in the eastern Anadarko Basin: Understanding an exceptionally productive mudrock reservoir with fluid-sensitive clay

Justin D. Spears, Jack C. Pashin

Pore-scale electrical numerical simulation and new saturation model of fractured tight sandstone

Qian Wang, Maojin Tan, Chengwen Xiao, Siyu Wang, Chuang Han, Lingtan Zhang

Three-dimensional seismic interpretation of a meteorite impact feature, Red Wing Creek field, Williston Basin, western North Dakota

Benjamin D. Herber, Paul Weimer, Renaud Bouroullec, Roger J. Barton, Daniel N. Behringer, William S. Hammon III, William S. Gutterman

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