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Heterogeneity in siliciclastic carrier beds: Implications for hydrocarbon migration and accumulation

Xiaorong Luo, Liqiang Zhang, Likuan Zhang, Yuhong Lei, Jun Li, Wan Yang, Ming Cheng, Hui Shi, Binfeng Cao

Passageways for permeability: Geostatistical simulation of controls on the connectivity of vug-to-vug pore networks

Hassan A. Eltom, Eugene C. Rankey, Robert H. Goldstein, Reza Barati

Numerical modeling of microfracturing and primary hydrocarbon expulsion in the Jurassic Lower Tuwaiq Mountain Shale: A conceptual framework

Syed Haider, Tadeusz W. Patzek, Thomas Finkbeiner, Ralf Littke

Swelling-induced self-sealing mechanism in fractured cap rock: Implications for carbon geosequestration

Hongyan Yu, Yihuai Zhang, Maxim Lebedev, Kun Meng, Sisi Chen, Michael Verrall, Lukman Johnson, Stefan Iglauer

Origin of giant Ordovician cavern reservoirs in the Halahatang oil field in the Tarim Basin, northwestern China

Zhanfeng Qiao, Anjiang Shen, Shaonan Zhang, Anping Hu, Feng Liang, Xianying Luo, Guanming Shao, Yongsheng Wang, Jianxin Zhao, Peng Cao, Lei Jiang

Fluid evolution in deeply buried and karstified carbonate reservoirs of the central Tarim Basin, northwestern China

Jiaqing Liu, Zhong Li, Malcolm W. Wallace, Ashleigh V. S. Hood, Liu Yang, Chaojin Lu, Sam J. Purkis, Peter K. Swart

Characterization of spatial relationships between fractures from different sets using K-function analysis

Mahmood Shakiba, Larry W. Lake, Julia F. W. Gale, Michael J. Pyrcz

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