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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Daniel Dale Condit (1886-1955)

L. G. Weeks

Memorial: Daniel Willard Graham (1921-1954)

Lloyd C. Mills

Memorial: Ernest Willard Fosshage (1908-1955)

Harry A. Britt Jr.

Memorial: Everett Simeon Shaw (1885-1955)

Charles M. Rath

Memorial: George Alexander Macready (1885-1955)

Ralph Arnold, Francis E. Vaughan

Memorial: George Harold Anderson (1893-1956)

J. L. Gillson

Memorial: Harold Edward Boyd (1887-1952)

T. B. Vance

Memorial: Harry Edwin Crum (1892-1955)

Paul F. Kerr

Memorial: Henry Crosby Stetson (1900-1955)

Parker D. Trask

Memorial: James Augustus Moore (1910-1955)

George G. Iles, James M. Whatley

Memorial: James Bernard Macelwane (S.J.) (1883-1956)

Victor T. Allen

Memorial: John Greer Bartram (1893-1955)

R. Clare Coffin

Memorial: Jonathan Martin Lilligren (1880-1956)

Robert H. Burton

Memorial: Joseph Garland Wilson (1902-1955)

Walter S. Olson

Memorial: Lawrence Ferdinand Athy (1898-1955)

J. A. Culbertson

Memorial: Monroe George Cheney (1893-1952)

William B. Heroy

Memorial: Paul Roderick Tetrick (1920-1956)

John T. Rouse, William W. Clawson

Memorial: Prentiss D. Moore (1895-1955)

Walter H. Walne Jr.

Memorial: Robert Harrison Wood (1887-1956)

James H. Gardner

Memorial: Robert Leigh Hewitt (1911-1956)

Willis I. Wright, J. D. Hale, W. D. Cortright

Memorial: Roy Gibbons Mead (1881-1956)

E. K. Soper

Memorial: Russell C. Conkling (1897-1955)

S. C. Giesey

Memorial: Vaughn Walter Russom (1891-1955)

Wesley G. Gish

Memorial: Waldo W. Waring (1903-1955)

P. A. Dickey, D. B. Layer

Memorial: Werner August Tappolet (1892-1956)

R. W. Brauchli

Memorial: William Dewitt Waltman (1875-1955)

F. M. Van Tuyl