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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Albert Lloyd Latta (1907-1960)

Max S. Littlefield

Memorial: Albert Nelson Murray (1894-1961)

Harold E. Enlows, Robert H. Dott

Memorial: Benjamin Mason Gaither (1919-1960)

Robert G. Behrman Jr.

Memorial: Charles Collingwood Zimmerman (1905-1961)

Albert L. Ladner

Memorial: Charles Martin Rath (1881-1959)

Clarence E. Manion

Memorial: Charles Reinhard Fettke (1888-1959)

AAPG Bulletin Staff

Memorial: Charles Weldon Tomlinson (1892-1960)

Lewis M. Cline, Everett C. Parker

Memorial: Chester Naramore (1879-1961)

Harold Vance

Memorial: Christian Jensen (1905-1961)

Paul B. Hinyard

Memorial: David Johnston Crawford (1899-1960)

N. W. Brillhart

Memorial: Edmond Olis Markham (1893-1960)

Glenn D. Hawkins

Memorial: Elias Howard Sellards (1875-1961)

Glen L. Evans

Memorial: Emmett Russell Elledge (1898-1960)

Roy P. Lehman

Memorial: Ezekiel Burney Hutson (1897-1961)

B. W. Blanpied

Memorial: Glen Reed Neighbors (1917-1961)

Earle F. Taylor, Stewart H. Folk

Memorial: Harlan William Peabody (1881-1960)

Lyman C. Dennis, V. L. Frost

Memorial: Henry Gordon Damon (1883-1960)

Fred M. Bullard

Memorial: Hubert Gregory Schenck (1897-1960)

Konrad B. Krauskopf

Memorial: James P. Bowen (1889-1960)

Charles W. Hurd

Memorial: John Tipton Lonsdale (1895-1960)

Samuel P. Ellison Jr., H. H. Power, James R. D. Eddy, P. T. Flawn

Memorial: Julia Anna Gardner (1882-1960)

A. Nelson Sayre

Memorial: Junius Hughes Morrill (1913-1961)

A. H. Wadsworth Jr.

Memorial: Lester Charles Uren (1888-1960)

W. H. Somerton

Memorial: Marshall Allen Harrell (1900-1959)

Chas. H. Row

Memorial: Maurice Hudiburg Wallace (1917-1961)

W. E. Wallis, Jack L. Walper

Memorial: Paul Eugene Fitzgerald (1903-1961)

Stanley W. Wilcox

Memorial: Ralph Arnold (1875-1961)

Homer J. Steiny

Memorial: Robert Frank Aldredge (1895-1961)

Martin F. Head Jr.

Memorial: Thomas Ray Carter (1927-1959)

Roy L. Pritchard, Frank I. Pritchett Jr.

Memorial: Walter J. Allen (1890-1961)

I. S. Higginbotham

Memorial: Wilfrid Hoy Geis (1892-1961)

William M. Thornbury