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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Albert Ernest Hartwig, Jr. (1922-1966)

R. B. McCarty

Memorial: Avary Hunt Alcorn (1902-1967)

Edgar W. Owen

Memorial: Carroll Edward Dobbin (1892-1967)

Arthur E. Brainerd

Memorial: Dan Wesley McCauley (1916-1967)

Glen Petrick

Memorial: Eck Frank Schramm (1883-1967)

Eugene C. Reed

Memorial: Edwin Leslie Trice, Jr. (1929-1967)

J. W. Jeffers

Memorial: Elmer Lawrence Lucas (1898-1966)

Clifford A. Merritt

Memorial: George Franklin Buttram (1886-1966)

Jerry B. Newby

Memorial: George O. Williams (1897-1967)

E. G. Dahlgren

Memorial: Harold Merritt Horton (1897-1966)

Noel W. Engel

Memorial: Harry F. Suffield (1916-1966)

Larry W. Curtis

Memorial: Horace Noble Coryell (1888-1965)

Allan L. Horvath

Memorial: Irvine E. Stewart (1893-1965)

Kenneth L. Gow

Memorial: John Melvin Law (1914-1967)

M. T. Morris

Memorial: Louis Lidz (1938-1967)

Cesare Emiliani

Memorial: Mason G. Walters (1903-1967)


Memorial: Myron Theodore Kozary (1918-1966)

Charles R. DeLand

Memorial: Napoleon Bonaparte Larsh (1897-1967)

Hugh D. McCullough

Memorial: Paul J. Fly (1907-1967)

T. Preston Ware Jr.

Memorial: Raymond Albert Stehr (1903-1967)

Cecil H. Green

Memorial: Richard Emerson Duty (1908-1966)

Noel H. Stearn

Memorial: Richard Freed (1908-1967)

Lester A. Coon

Memorial: Robert Barnes McNeely (1902-1966)

Everett C. Parker

Memorial: Robert Barton Guillou (1923-1965)

Robert M. Norris

Memorial: Russell Warren Burns (1912-1967)

Grayson E. Meade

Memorial: Sidney Carroll Goyer (1934-1965)

George W. Keys

Memorial: Stephen Howell Gester (1889-1967)

Fred A. Davies, Herman F. Davies

Memorial: Thomas Witt Leach (1896-1966)

C. T. Jones, Cooper B. Land Jr.

Memorial: Victoria Martin (?-1967)

Staff of AAPG Bulletin

Memorial: Walter Wendell Schell Johns (1911-1963)

Paul L. Hilpman, Robert F. Walters

Memorial: Walter William Butcher (1916-1966)

Frank G. Harris III