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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Alton Roe Brown (1930-1975)

Truman F. Logsdon

Memorial: Carroll C. Miller (1899-1974)

Cleo E. Buck

Memorial: Eugene Jablonski (1892-1975)

H. H. Emmerich

Memorial: Francis M. Van Tuyl (1887-1975)

L. W. Leroy

Memorial: Frank Cook Greene (1886-1975)

Wallace B. Howe

Memorial: Frank Rinker Clark (1881-1974)

William J. Sherry

Memorial: G. M. Knebel (1899-1974)

Merrill W. Haas

Memorial: Garvin Lawrence Taylor (1908-1974)

George J. Verville

Memorial: Glenn Oliver Briscoe (1898-1974)

Victor Oppenheim

Memorial: Gordon Rittenhouse (1910-1974)

W. C. Gibson

Memorial: Heath M. Robinson (1890-1974)

Sheridan A. Thompson

Memorial: John Elliott Sherborne, Sr. (1911-1974)

W. R. Moran

Memorial: John Gray Douglas (1900-1974)

John C. Dunlap

Memorial: Joseph D. Tompkins (1905-1974)

Frank B. Conselman

Memorial: L. Murray Neumann (1886-1974)

Lee C. Lamar

Memorial: Leland R. McFarland (1904-1973)

John H. Marshall Jr.

Memorial: Leon Migaux (1897-1974)

E. P. E. van der Linden

Memorial: Leroy D. Holcomb (1919-1974)

James A. Peterson

Memorial: Loris J. Fulton (1906-1974)

Fred A. Devin

Memorial: Major Gentry Kidd (1904-1974)

Ray C. Lewis, Shirley L. Mason

Memorial: Philip H. Jennings (1899-1974)

John T. Rouse, Sheridan A. Thompson

Memorial: R. W. Brauchli (1895-1975)

Josef Faust, R. H. Richards

Memorial: Robert M. Becker (1919-1975)

Wilbur E. McMurtry

Memorial: Robert Orion Vernon (1912-1974)

C. W. Hendry Jr.

Memorial: Ronald D. DeRudder (1932-1975)

D. F. Balsinger, J. W. Soderman

Memorial: W. A. Clark, Jr. (1903-1974)

R. C. Bowles

Memorial: Walter Barnes Lang (1890-1973)

Watson H. Monroe

Memorial: Walter Franklin Pond (1885-1974)

Walter B. Jones

Memorial: Walter Richard Wagner (1928-1974)

William S. Lytle