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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Akira Kujiraoka (1922-1985)

William C. Gussow, Yutaka Ikebe

Memorial: Allen Ralph Thomas (1928-1984)

J. Ralph Wilson Jr.

Memorial: Arthur Sidney Huey (1909-1984)

John E. Kilkenny

Memorial: Charles Rex Clark (1922-1984)

Bob Glaze, Bill Robertson

Memorial: E. L. “Roy” Heisey (1924-1983)

Don E. Lawson

Memorial: Edwin Dinwiddie McKee (1906-1984)

Raymond C. Gutschick

Memorial: Frank Armon Melton (1896-1985)

Kenneth S. Johnson

Memorial: Frank Stephen Parker (1905-1984)

John E. Kilkenny

Memorial: George Ernest Wadsack, Jr. (1917-1985)

Robert L. Makins

Memorial: Gordon Wesley “Buck” Gulmon (1913-1984)

Joseph F. Fritz, Frederick F. Mellen, Armando T. Ricci Jr.

Memorial: Gus B. Baker (1922-1984)

Frank D. Lovett, Charles M. Baker

Memorial: Harold Alvin Gorrell (1924-1985)

C. A. S. Bulmer

Memorial: Herbert M. Stanley (1894-1985)

Ann M. Stanley

Memorial: Horace G. Richards (1906-1984)

Donald J. Colquhoun, David R. Lawrence

Memorial: Howard Eugene Rothrock (1893-1983)

David Paul Rothrock

Memorial: Howard James Speer (1916-1985)

Edward M. Anderson

Memorial: James D. Maugans (1929-1985)

H. A. Vest

Memorial: James Robert Laffin (1954-1984)

Tad L. Fyock

Memorial: James Walton Hunter (1897-1984)

Mrs. H. W. (Emma Lu) Benson

Memorial: John D. Moody (1918-1983)

Michel T. Halbouty, James J. Hohler, William W. Brown

Memorial: John Nelson Stoddard (1925-1983)

Robert J. Weimer

Memorial: Johnny Bob Moorhead (1919-1984)

Robert L. McBroom

Memorial: L. Courtney Decius (1890-1985)

C. C. Church

Memorial: O. I. Halbert, III (1924-1984)

Exploration, Production Division Crown Central Petroleum Corp.

Memorial: Paul Henry Umbach (1907-1983)

Michael Louis Merritt

Memorial: R. Stanley Beck (1906-1984)

Max B. Payne, John F. Kilkenny

Memorial: Rita Butler Ehlmann (1932-1983)

Charles A. Martin, Arthur J. Ehlmann

Memorial: Robert B. Hill (1921-1984)

Sebastian P. Wiedmann

Memorial: Robert E. King (1906-1985)

Robert L. Fuchs

Memorial: Robert Jackson (Jack) Chambers (1912-1984)

Jack Colle, Arthur I. Bartow

Memorial: Steve C. Champlin (1933-1985)

Kenneth K. Farmer, Steven G. Reid

Memorial: Theodore S. Jones (1911-1984)

George E. Moore

Memorial: Vaughn Edward (Ted) Livingston (1928-1984)

Eric Schuster

Memorial: Victor H. Zoller (1921-1984)

Jacques W. Zoller

Memorial: Virgil Lee Whitworth (1896-1985)

George W. Hinds

Memorial: W. Kenley Clark (1911-1984)

George C. Hardin Jr.

Memorial: Wayne V. Jones (1932-1984)

Bill J. Dukes

Memorial: Wesley Gibson Gish (1896-1985)

Harold S. Gish

Memorial: Weston Bourret (1909-1985)

John W. Gabelman

Memorial: William A. Fowler, Jr. (1928-1984)

B. C. Phillips

Memorial: William D. Pitt (1921-1983)

George G. Huffman

Memorial: William D. Struby (1921-1983)

Harry A. Larsh

Memorial: William Elliott Humphrey (1914-1984)

Clifford G. Flittie, Betty May Robertson