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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Aubrey Henry Rabensburg (1916-1986)

Benjamin T. Simmons

Memorial: August Lewis Selig (1897-1987)

Ralph B. Cantrell

Memorial: Daniel Clark Ion (1912-1985)

Claude Bursill

Memorial: Edward Wilhelm Hard (1907-1986)

Martin Russo

Memorial: Frederic Darwin Mason (1907-1987)

Emmett M. Johnson

Memorial: Garland Delos Ells (1920-1987)

William E. Mantek

Memorial: George H. Clark (1903-1986)

L. A. Kuebler

Memorial: Giancarlo Facca (1913-1986)

Ab Ten Dam

Memorial: Gordon H. Wood, Jr. (1919-1986)

Thomas M. Kehn, Ralph L. Miller, Jack H. Medlin, M. Devereux Carter

Memorial: Gustavo Feo-Codecido (1920-1986)

Carmen L. de Feo-Codecido

Memorial: Halbert Homer Bybee (1918-1984)

R. W. Heggland

Memorial: Hans G. Kugler (1893-1986)

John B. Saunders

Memorial: Harry A. Larsh (1926-1985)

Fredrick W. Stump, George Grenyo

Memorial: Harry Jay Werner (1921-1986)

Robert B. Lieber

Memorial: Henry Hallock Bailey (1928-1986)

Albert R. Perko, Samuel F. Pratt Jr.

Memorial: Hubert Emil Menger (1906-1987)

W. Carlton Weaver, Hyman V. Corman

Memorial: Ira Wendell Marine (1927-1986)

John K. Costain

Memorial: James Roy Howard (1932-1987)

Thomas H. Philpott

Memorial: John Paul Brand (1918-1986)

Ronald K. DeFord

Memorial: John Wilbur Harrington (1918-1986)

Norman C. Smith

Memorial: John Woncik (1925-1986)

W. E. Richardson

Memorial: Joseph Minton Patterson (1898-1987)

Alice Patterson, Albert R. Perko, Samuel F. Pratt Jr.

Memorial: Karl Arleth (1898-1985)

Karl H. Arleth, Karl F. Arleth

Memorial: L. Joe Sockwell (1926-1986)

Fred Goodwin

Memorial: Lawrence C. Craig (1918-1983)

Mark J. Larson, Gary A. Miller, Fred W. Cater Jr.

Memorial: Leo Horvitz (1909-1986)

Martin J. Davidson

Memorial: Loren I. Buck (1905-1986)

Beverly Cox

Memorial: Paul Randolph Schluger (1941-1986)

Joseph P. D. Hull Jr.

Memorial: Raymond M. Thompson (1918-1987)

Tom Elliot

Memorial: Robert Anderson Fambrough (1951-1986)

Robert D. Schneeflock

Memorial: Robert Minssen Kleinpell (1905-1986)

Arthur A. Meyerhoff

Memorial: Robert Sala Breitenstein (1905-1985)

Charles W. Spencer

Memorial: Robert Spencer Young (1922-1987)

Jean Armistead Young

Memorial: Robert Stevens Moehlman (1910-1986)

Benjamin T. Simmons

Memorial: Roderick James Forsyth (1906-1987)

Wallace W. Hagan

Memorial: Stephen G. Farrell (1960-1987)

John R. Underhill

Memorial: Steven S. Oriel (1923-1986)

Mitchell W. Reynolds

Memorial: Vincent Ellis McKelvey (1916-1987)

Richard P. Sheldon

Memorial: William Ernest Aitken (1903-1986)

William E. Aitken Jr.

Memorial: William Harry Holman (1897-1986)

John W. Ruth

Memorial: William Jasper Travers (1906-1986)

William B. Travers, Robert B. Travers

Memorial: William R. Paine (1923-1986)

Daniel R. Tucker, Brian E. Lock

Memorial: William S. Strain (1909-1986)

Marion E. Spitler

Memorial: Xavier Michael Frascogna (1922-1987)

Marvin L. Oxley