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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Ahmad Rustom Abu-Amr (1937-1987)

Hans-Henning Schneider

Memorial: Alex W. McCoy III (1918-1987)

Carl A. Moritz

Memorial: Alvin Artzis (1929-1987)

Keith L. Mohl, James P. Bailey

Memorial: Anthony John Setari (1924-1987)

Chesley C. Herndon

Memorial: C. J. Stafford (1898-1987)

G. Allan Nelson

Memorial: Chester Howard Rudel (1918-1986)

Lloyd D. Owens

Memorial: Elmer M. Schell (1930-1986)

John R. Dyni, Jimmy E. Goolsby

Memorial: Felix Augustus Vogel, Jr. (1906-1987)

Kenneth L. Gow

Memorial: George Gordon Shearrow (1926-1987)

Michael C. Brannock

Memorial: H. H. Arnold, Jr. (1906-1987)

Robert B. Peacock

Memorial: Henry Florey Fowler (1917-1987)

R. R. McLeod

Memorial: Herbert Doster West (1925-1988)

Robert B. Capps, H. Grady Collier Jr.

Memorial: Holland C. McCarver (1913-1987)

Dan E. Boone

Memorial: Horace Chesterfield Davis (1917-1987)

Mrs. H. C. Davis

Memorial: Jan Joseph Rosenmann (1926-1987)

Paul R. May, Naftali Schlein

Memorial: John Leyson Dellinger (1925-1986)

Phil Katich

Memorial: Joseph Neely (1910-1987)

William W. Clawson

Memorial: L. W. Leroy (1909-1987)

D. O. LeRoy

Memorial: M. Frank Reedy, Jr. (1915-1987)

William W. Crump, Martin C. Kelsey

Memorial: Mary Louise Rhodes (1916-1987)

Donald L. Reese, Bruce N. Cheatham

Memorial: Peter Kent (1913-1986)

Louis J. Simon

Memorial: Robert C. Erickson (1923-1987)

Thomas L. Wright, Robert G. Lindblom, John B. Jacobson

Memorial: Satwant Singh Atwall (1940-1987)

E. Neil Benedict

Memorial: Silas Christian Brown (1912-1987)

Sherman A. Wengerd, Walter J. Osterhoudt

Memorial: Stanley S. Siegfus (1901-1986)

John E. Kilkenny

Memorial: Vincent Edward Nelson (1913-1988)

Thomas G. Roberts

Memorial: William Clayton Harrington (1924-1987)

Ted B. Lacaff Jr., Lawrence L. Fuller

Memorial: William Martin Bethke (1932-1988)

G. R. Macaulay

Memorial: William “Bill” Beuck (1917-1987)

Merrill J. Reynolds