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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Barton Austin Belknap (1923-1989)

A. E. “Andy” Kauffman, Jim W. Adams

Memorial: Benjamin Almon Tator (1914-1988)

L. E. Hatfield, Mrs. B. A. Tator

Memorial: Bernard B. Colley (1915-1990)

Angus S. Campbell

Memorial: Charles M. McDaniel, Jr. (1913-1989)

Robert McGinnis, Brian E. O’Brien, Robert Kraye, Richard Woodhams

Memorial: Dan A. Bowles (1929-1989)

Judd Hipps, Henry Filson, Jay Galloway, Jim Gear, Elbie McNeil, J. Theodore Sandberg

Memorial: David Easton Gee (1923-1988)

Robert L. Makins

Memorial: David Stewart Walton (1938-1988)

Alfred Holck

Memorial: Dean A. McGee (1904-1989)

John A. Masters

Memorial: Donald B. Eicher (1915-1989)

Chester E. Baker

Memorial: Donald Rexford Dunham, Sr. (1912-1990)

James A. Hartman

Memorial: Eduardo Jose Guzman (1920-1989)

Grover E. Murray

Memorial: Eugene (Gene) R. Andrews (1933-1990)

A. D. James

Memorial: Frank B. Conselman (1910-1989)

Grover E. Murray

Memorial: Frank L. Webster (1921-1989)

Catherine Dunkel

Memorial: Frederic A. Bush III (1904-1989)

Allan P. Bennison

Memorial: Frederic Francis Mellen (1911-1989)

Troy J. Laswell

Memorial: Fred L. Smith, Jr. (1916-1989)

James T. Goodwyn Jr., Charles E. Trowbridge

Memorial: Gene B. Wiggins, Jr. (1929-1990)

H. Grady Collier Jr.

Memorial: George Vincent Cohee (1907-1990)

Ralph L. Miller

Memorial: H. E. Summerford (1915-1988)

John W. Higgins

Memorial: Harry H. Emmerich (1912-1989)

William W. Clawson

Memorial: Hugh Neumann Frenzel (1918-1990)

A. T. (Toby) Carleton

Memorial: Hunter Yarborough (1918-1989)

A. H. Wadsworth Jr.

Memorial: Jack W. Knight (1916-1989)

John E. Kilkenny, Floyd H. Miller

Memorial: James C. Gilbert (1900-1989)

Elizabeth Gilbert

Memorial: Joe A. Hybner (1926-1989)

Barnard P. Dietz

Memorial: John H. Dayvault (1927-1989)

Ralph H. Espach Jr.

Memorial: Kenneth Myatt McClain (1926-1990)

W. E. Golden, J. Wayland Roberts, Gary W. Hart

Memorial: Larry J. Darnall (1935-1989)

Robert R. Williams

Memorial: Lawson F. Jacks, Jr. (1922-1989)

George Ellis

Memorial: Leroy Gatlin (1926-1990)

Craig Wright

Memorial: Lizabeth L. J. Gratton (1964-1988)

Patrick J. F. Gratton, Patrick S. M. Gratton

Memorial: Malcolm M. Mulholland (1913-1990)

Forest B. Rees

Memorial: Manuel Alvarez Y Alvarez, Jr. (1905-1989)

E. Lopez Ramos

Memorial: R. M. Wilson (1906-1988)

Frank C. Crawford

Memorial: Raymond J. Thompson, Sr. (1899-1989)

Ray J. Thompson Jr., Sam Marie

Memorial: Richard C. Hasson (1923-1990)

Darwin O. Hemer

Memorial: Richard S. Sears (1924-1990)

Orlo E. Childs

Memorial: Robert A. Sheldon (1915-1989)

G. Gordon Gibson

Memorial: Robert F. Eberle (1913-1989)

Daniel A. Busch

Memorial: Vincent Walter Vandiver (1897-1989)

Donald R. Jones

Memorial: Virgil Harold Roan (1919-1989)

Robert W. Allen

Memorial: Walter H. Wheeler (1923-1989)

Roy L. Ingram

Memorial: William Duchscherer, Jr. (1925-1989)

Martin J. Davidson

Memorial: William Williams Clawson (1901-1990)

Robey Clark