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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: A. L. “Al” Cox (1928-1992)

J. Bill Hailey

Memorial: Arthur Edward Anderson (1931-1991)

William L. Rader

Memorial: Carl A. Moritz (1914-1991)

Robert Storch

Memorial: Clayton S. Valder (1923-1990)

J. Wayland Roberts

Memorial: Daniel F. Sullivan (1921-1987)

Declan P. Ford

Memorial: David A. Moore (1917-1989)

Fred S. Jensen

Memorial: David M. Evans (1913-1991)

Larry Brundall

Memorial: Donald H. Fulkerson (1922-1992)

Chester E. Baker

Memorial: E. Gail Carpenter (1903-1991)

Robert F. Walters, Elbie G. McNeil

Memorial: George Russell Schoonmaker (1916-1992)

John O. Goffe

Memorial: Harold J. Buddenhagen (1903-1991)

Parke D. Snavely Jr., Grant M. Valentine

Memorial: Heinrich L. Koch (1907-1991)

R. W. Koch

Memorial: J. Douglas Glaeser (1934-1991)

Richard B. Wells

Memorial: Jack Douglas Schafer (?-?)

Lelo Schafer, C. B. Harrison

Memorial: James Burt Anderson (1912-1991)

Richard L. Hester

Memorial: James Clinton Kimble (1904-1991)

Charles W. Hatten

Memorial: Jeff D. Nunnally (1919-1992)

Howard E. Hansen

Memorial: John W. Harshbarger (1914-1991)

Errol L. Montgomery

Memorial: Lee Hillard Meltzer (1914-1991)

James A. Hartman, Rudolf B. Siegert

Memorial: Louie C. Kirby (1906-1992)

Sally Kirby Hartman

Memorial: Manley L. Natland (1906-1991)

Mason L. Hill, Cortez W. Hoskins

Memorial: Mason Lowell Hill (1904-1992)

John E. Kilkenny

Memorial: Paul Edward (Murph) Purcell (1906-1990)

J. Spencer Collins, Tom E. Purcell

Memorial: Paul S. Pustmueller (1913-1991)

Robert J. Weimer

Memorial: Philip Wingate Reinhart (1905-1991)

Larry Brundall

Memorial: R. Dana Russell (1906-1992)

David B. MacKenzie

Memorial: Rafik Salem (1937-1991)

Robbie Gries

Memorial: Robert L. Detterman (1919-1990)

Marvin D. Mangus

Memorial: Robert William Bradley, Jr. (1929-1991)

Sam Thompson III

Memorial: Ruben C. Mills, Jr. (1918-1991)

Jack W. St. John

Memorial: Stanley G. Wissler (1900-1990)

F. Douglas Crawford, William R. Moran

Memorial: Thaddeus Carpenter Hoke (1905-1991)

Guido M. Piggott Jr.

Memorial: Ulrich Reinhold Laves (1898-1992)

R. Alan Woodard

Memorial: Warren Brinson Weeks, Sr. (1907-1991)

Edwin Van den Bark, Robert O. Dunbar