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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Augustin Pyre (1912-2000)

Eric K. Ericson

Memorial: Barbara Sue McBride (1956-2000)

ExxonMobil Exploration

Memorial: Bernold M. “Bruno” Hanson (1928-2000)

A. T. (Toby) Carleton

Memorial: Bob Slamal (1951-2001)

Robert D. Cowdery

Memorial: Clarence I. “Klip” Klipfel (1928-2000)

Greg Klipfel

Memorial: Cyril Bloomfield Roach (1906-2000)

William C. Bridges

Memorial: Dallas “Jake” Fiandt, Jr. (1924-2000)

Wesley Fiandt, F. Robert Bussey

Memorial: David George Penner (1913-2000)

Ralph W. Edie

Memorial: Dick G. H. Williams (1934-2001)

T. J. Thompson

Memorial: Donald Gladstone Crosby, Jr. (1927-2000)

Jeannette Oundjian-Crosby

Memorial: Edward McFarlan, Jr. (1921-2000)

Duane O. LeRoy

Memorial: Eugene “Gene” C. Eaton (1922-2000)

Inda Eaton

Memorial: Frank E. Lozo, Jr. (1914-1981)

Fred L. Stricklin Jr., C. I. “Ike” Smith, B. F. Perkins, D. L. Amsbury, Clyde H. Moore, Johnnie B. Brown

Memorial: Frank Edward Kottlowski (1921-2001)

David Schoderbek

Memorial: Garth William Caylor (1915-2001)

Diane Caylor Galloway

Memorial: H. Grady Collier, Jr. (1926-2001)

Carlo C. Christina

Memorial: James B. Powell, Jr. (1925-2000)

Charles J. Hoke, Glenn M. Fedderson, Curt Morrill

Memorial: James E. Rolf, Jr. (1952-2000)

Eric C. Broadbridge, Reese B. Pinney, Michael A. Fogarty

Memorial: Jerome Thornburg (1949-2000)

Janet Bauder Thornburg, Elsa Kapitan-White

Memorial: John Alexander Forman (1927-2000)

Chuck Cline, Lloyd Edwards, John Marshall, Thane McCulloh, Paul Moody, Bob Plumb, Bill Sinclair, Bob Smart, Jim Wildharber

Memorial: John Floyd Harris (1926-2000)

William V. Knight

Memorial: John G. Seay, Jr. (1943-2000)

Bruce Brady

Memorial: John William Ruwwe (1914-2001)

John Ruwwe Jr.

Memorial: Keith L. Rathbun (1911-2000)

Daniel C. B. Rathbun

Memorial: Kenneth Stewart Cronin (1909-2000)

Harry Ptasynski

Memorial: Kenneth “Ken” Wood (1928-2001)

Ann Wood

Memorial: Larry Clark Simpson (1950-1999)

Daniel L. Pearson

Memorial: Lee Edwin Garner (1935-1999)

Douglas C. Ratcliff, William L. Fisher

Memorial: Marion Leon “M. L.” Randall (1914-2000)

Stephanie Hrabar

Memorial: Mingchou Lee (1956-2001)

Joann E. Welton

Memorial: Mortimer Allen Kline, Jr. (1932-2000)

Ed. W. Heath, Joe Guyer, Joe Irwin, Murray McKinnon, Mathew Szygowski, Jack Wahl, Elizabeth Kline

Memorial: Norman H. Foster (1934-1999)

Janet Foster, Kimberly (Foster) Garneau, Stephen Foster, Ted Beaumont, Ben Garneau, Christopher Lewis, Keith Murray

Memorial: Steven Hesse Harris (1924-2001)

Wayne Harris

Memorial: Thomas Anthony Mazza (1956-2001)

Scott W. Tinker

Memorial: Travis J. Parker (1913-2000)

Robert R. Berg

Memorial: Virgil E. Barnes (1903-1998)

William L. Fisher, Ernest L. Lundelius, William R. Muehlberger

Memorial: William C. Penttila (1933-2001)

Richard Church

Memorial: Willis E. “Bill” Rector (1935-2000)

Jerry N. Namy