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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Charles F. Dodge (1924-2001)

Rebecca Dodge

Memorial: Danny Conklin (1934-2001)

Jim Matthews

Memorial: Danny Joe Towns (1955-2000)

Herbert G. Davis

Memorial: Don G. Calvin (1931-2002)

Robert Cowdery

Memorial: Don R. Boyd (1934-2000)

William L. Fisher

Memorial: Earl West (1923-2001)

Walter S. Fees, III

Memorial: Elizabeth “Betty” Anne Elliott (1918-2001)

Bill Sinclair

Memorial: Fred C. Ackman (1931-2001)

Edward J. Ackman, Bill D. Holland

Memorial: Gladys Peyser Louke (1922-2002)

Monzell Louke

Memorial: H. Douglas Klemme (1921-2001)

Anny B. Coury, Gregory Ulmishek

Memorial: Howard Lee Tipsword (1915-2001)

Howard L. Tipsword

Memorial: Howard Stark (1923-2002)

Tom Hopps, Thane McCulloh

Memorial: J. Ralph Wilson Jr. (1921-2001)

J. Ralph Wilson family

Memorial: Jesse L. George, Jr. (1921-2001)

L. Bruce Forney

Memorial: Julius Alexander Buchanan (1917-2001)

Elvin M. Hurlbut Jr.

Memorial: Kenneth D. Fore (1926-2002)

Thomas E. O’Connor

Memorial: Malcolm “Max” B. Greene (1930-2001)

Michael B. Mickey

Memorial: Maurice Kamen-Kaye (1905-2001)

Betty May Robertson, Matthew C. Dallett

Memorial: Merrill W. Haas (1910-2001)

Michel T. Halbouty, James O. Lewis

Memorial: Murlind W. Beckman (1932-2002)

Owen Schooler

Memorial: Raymond Lamar Frisby (1934-2002)

Scott Cooley

Memorial: Robert W. Frensley (1920-2001)

Bob Cowdery

Memorial: Rufus Edward Cook (1919-2001)

William R. Merrill

Memorial: Samuel Krasner (1920-2001)

Michael P. Krasner

Memorial: Sol Robert Silverman (1918-2001)

Lora Silverman Bronson, Robert Silverman, David Silverman

Memorial: Stanton Mock Ball (1933-2001)

William D. Pollard

Memorial: Wallace W. Stewart (1929-2001)

John R. Kerns

Memorial: Walter S. Fees, Jr. (1917-2001)

Walter S. Fees, III

Memorial: William H. Curry, Jr. (1904-2001)

John S. Wold

Memorial: William M. Oxford (1932-2001)

John Wauters