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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Bob F. Perkins (1929-1999)

Donald F. Reaser

Memorial: Garner L. Wilde (1926-2003)

Arthur J. Ehlmann

Memorial: Garry Davis Jones (1952-2004)

Richard V. Smith

Memorial: Gus Kearney Eifler, Jr. (1908-2003)

William L. Fisher, Douglas C. Ratcliff, Amanda R. Masterson

Memorial: Howard Edward Itten (1917-2003)

Inez Gamble

Memorial: Hugh M. Looney (1915-2003)

Dick Baile, Fred Dix, Jack Threet

Memorial: Joe Hiram Moore (1917-2003)

Cynthia L. Bennett

Memorial: Joe Huffstetler (1924-2002)

Jim Caylor, Richard Donley, Rusty Johnson, Ted Beaumont

Memorial: John H. “Jack” Rathbone (1917-2003)

James P. Rogers, Mark W. Longman

Memorial: Joseph Arch Johnson (1924-2003)

Nat MacKevett, Henry Walrond

Memorial: Joseph L. Cooper (1953-2003)

Paul R. Krutak

Memorial: Ludwig Karl Ratschiller (1921-2004)

Florian Maurer

Memorial: Malcolm P. Weiss (1921-2002)

Timothy F. Lawton

Memorial: Paul Norris McDaniel (1924-2004)

ERICO, Masera associates

Memorial: Phillip Hayes Allen (1941-2004)

Leo R. Bader Jr.

Memorial: Richard Roby (1923-2004)

Robert Cowdery

Memorial: Robert F. Dill (1927-2004)

Eugene A. Shinn

Memorial: Robert K. Goldhammer (1957-2003)

Scott W. Tinker, Mark Cloos

Memorial: Stephen Alexander Antoniuk (1929-2003)

K. Allan Shepard

Memorial: Thomas Hughes Philpott (1919-2004)

Donald L. Andrews

Memorial: Walter Oscar Kupsch (1919-2003)

W. G. E. Caldwell

Memorial: Wayne Harlan Grimes (1924-2003)

Clyde T. Metz

Memorial: William Carlton “Tubby” Weaver (1909-2004)

Ray Govett

Memorial: William W. Peabody (1931-2003)

Betsy Peabody, Ken Kirkland