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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Abilene Geological Society

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Louis Franklin, Bill Nicholson, R.B. Vickers Jr.

Anne Tandy Field

R.G. Welch

B. B. (Flippen Lime)

Earl Harrison

B. B. (Flippen Sand)

Earl Harrison

B. B. (King Sand)

Earl Harrison

The Base of Pennsylvanian in the Fort Worth Basin — Some Regional Comparisons Above and Below

David E. Gee

Beattie, North (Marble Falls)

J.B. Hailey

The Bend Arch

Bill G. Evanoff

Callahan County Regular (Barton Area)

L. Coy Warren

Captain Burk (Strawn Reef)

Robert D. Gunn

Claytonville (5200′ Sand)

R.L. Foree Jr.

Claytonville Canyon Lime

Frank J. Spiva Jr.

Curry Pool

R.B. Vickers

Dora North (Caddo)

Emory W. Parrott

Dora North (Cambrian Sand)

Emory W. Parrott

Dora North (Canyon Lower)

Emory W. Parrott

Dora North (Ellenburger)

Emory W. Parrott

Dora North (Odom Gas)

Emory W. Perrott

Dora North (Odom Lime)

Emory W. Parrott

Dora North (Strawn Sand)

Emory W. Parrott

Dorman “Goen”

Dorman N. Farmer

Dorthy Sue, Ne

Mark Rainer

Duster, South (Marble Falls)

J.B. Hailey

Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin

Jack E. Mergele

Ferris (1650) King Sand

C.N. Griggs

Fletcher Lease: Taylor County Regular

J.B. Hailey


Troy Powell

Hamlin East

Mark Rainer


Mark Rainer

Jonisue Bowden (4900′ Sand)

R.L. Fores Jr.

L. A. Warren, et al Harris-Barton, Well No. 9 Callahan County, Texas

Lake Abilene (Fry)

R. Taylor


Earl Harrison

Neill South (Odom Lime) Field

Richard McCullough

Onyx Ellenburger

A.E. “Scotty” Kersey


Mark Rainer


Lee Feemster

Riddle (Swastika)

Earl Harrison

Rotan (Flippen Sand)

B.H. Boney

Rotan (Hope Ls. Upper)

B.H. Boney

Roundtop (Palo Pinto Reef) Field

Gordon H. Gray


Frizzell Exploration Company

S. L. C. (Tannehill)

B.H. Boney

Sayles (Flippen Sand) Field

Gordon H. Gray

Shackelford, NE

Mark Rainer

Shamrock (Canyon Reef)

Wm. B. Duncan, Bill Burton

Sidney Marble Falls Field - Comanche Co., Texas

Johnny Bill Hailey-Independent

Stamford (West)

Earl Harrison

Stone Ranch (Lower Tannehill Sand) Throckmorton County

Bill J. Burton

Toni C

Cecil C. Gillum

Twin Peaks Field

R.G. Welch

Watts (Goen Lime)

A.E. “Scotty” Kersey

Wendkirk (Cisco)

Frank J. Spiva Jr.

West Clearfork (Cook) Haskell County

Borden Worsham

Wolf Camp (Multi-Pay) Field Haskell and Throckmorton Co’s

Bill J. Burton

X-Ray Gas Field

D.C. Tankersley

Yellow Wolf Field

Richard R. Bloomer