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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

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Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process to Identify the Most Influencing Human Factors (HFs) and Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs) in Process Safety Accidents

Stephen C. Theophilus, Olayinka G. Abikoye, Andrew O. Arewa, Augustine O. Ifelebuegu, Victor Esenowo

Bottom Hole Pressure Management in a Highly Permeable and Narrow Margin MPD Operation

Ugochukwu Oseme, Sunday Awe, Obinna Amah, Adeyemi Erinle, Ayodele Akinfolarin, Timothy Ibrahim, Vincent Roes

A Case Study of the Successful Deployment of Tractor Conveyed Perforation in Highly Inclined Well

Oloruntoba Isehunwa, Joy Eze, Ademola Ogunrinde, Allen Aka Boms

A Cost Effective, Fit-for-Purpose Single Well Producer-Injector Completion Strategy for Improved Recovery of Oil: Case Study in Niger Delta

Pranav Dubey, Adrian Okpere, Gideon Sanni, Ifeanyi Onyeukwu

Efficacious Use of Simple and Cost Effective Acoustic Flow Analyzer Measurement to Enhance Recovery and Improve Life Cycle of Wells

Omar Alaref, Mahmoud Saada, Mongi Abdelmoula, Marvin Rourke

Extended Abstract: Advancing Models of Facies Variability and Lacustrine Source Rock Accumulation in Rifts: Implications for Exploration

Christopher A. Scholz

Extended Abstract: Africa Petroleum Fiscal Evolvement and Impacts on Foreign Investment: Illustrations from Nigeria

Huimin Liu

Extended Abstract: A New Tool-Less Layered Fracturing Technology and its Pilot Application in Deep Thick Formations

Daobing Wang, Fujian Zhou, Hongkui Ge, Xiongfei Liu, Sergio Zlotnik, Yang Shi, Xiangtong Yang, Xuefang Yuan, Xiuhui Li, Yanxin Tan, Tingting Luan

Extended Abstract: Annular Barrier as an Alternative to Squeezes in Challenging Wells: Technology Review and Case Histories

Joseph Bagal, Gbenga Onadeko, Paul Hazel, Vibjørn Dagestad

Extended Abstract: Appraising Carbon Geological Storage Potential in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Well-Testing Method: Engineering Parameters Analysis

Z. M. Chen, X. W. Liao, X. L. Zhao, X. J. Li, W. L. Jiang, L. T. Zhu, L. Wang, Y. H. Xia

Extended Abstract: A Review of the Leading Technologies That Can Make a Difference in the Search for and Production of Hydrocarbons

Terry Engelder, Yaneng Zhou

Extended Abstract: A Steady-State Approach for Surge and Swab Pressures Calculation of Herschel-Buckley Fluids in Directional/Horizontal Wells

Wenlong Jiang, Honghai Fan, Rongyi Ji, Deqiang Tian, Wen Zixiang, Yuan Gao, Rui Dai, Fuxin Han, Sun Yizhen

Extended Abstract: Combining Rock Physics Templates with Seismic Inversion to Characterize the Hydrocarbon Reservoir beneath the Kanywataba Prospect, Semliki Basin

Justin Jordan Pidho, John Mary Kiberu, Denis Okello, Anthony O'biale Ayaa

Extended Abstract: Comoros – New Evidence and Arguments for Continental Crust

John Milsom, Phil Roach, Chris Toland, Don Riaroh, Chris Budden, Naoildine Houmadi

Extended Abstract: Cost-Effective Directional Drilling and Logging-While-Drilling Operational/Maintenance Model Aids an East Africa Operator to Deliver Its Remote Location Exploration Campaign

Iain Lunney

Extended Abstract: Cost Reduction Strategies in Workover Operations in the Face of Low Oil Price: The Agbada Workover Project

Joy Eze, Oluwarotimi Onakomaiya, Ademola Ogunrinde, Olusegun Adegboyega, James Wopara, Fred Timibitei, Matthew Ideh

Extended Abstract: Deeper Re-Completions Exploited Bypassed Oil in Massive Heavy Oil Reservoir: Case Study

Xueqing Tang, Lirong Dou, Ruifeng Wang, Alsadig Mohmoud Gabir, Mouiz Hamza Musa

Extended Abstract: Diversification of Africa's Energy Portfolio': Economic Outlook a Case Study of Kenya

Nelson Lutta

Extended Abstract: Drill Cuttings and Fluid Disposal; a Kenyan Case Study

Simiyu E. Lilian, Mburu Esther, Rukunga Allan

Extended Abstract: Field Evaluation of Improved Oil Recovery Methods in a Libyan Oilfield

Augustine O. Ifelebuegu, Zydan H. Zydan

Extended Abstract: High Expansion Technology Opens the Way for Enhanced Recovery

Graham Masson

Extended Abstract: Impact of Data Quality on Well Operations: Case Study of Work-over Operations

Alfred Enyekwe, Osahon Urubusi, Raufu Yekini, Iorkam Azoom, Oloruntoba Isehunwa

Extended Abstract: Increasing Operational Efficiency in Extended Reach, Offshore Wells - A Case Story from Middle East

Anthony MacLeod

Extended Abstract: Increasing Plug and Abandon Efficiency in East Africa: Challenges and Solutions

Galen Joneja, Michael Awalt, Carl Johnson, Martijn Bogaerts, MHD Tareq Alsam

Extended Abstract: Innovations in Carbon (iv) Oxide Capture and Sequestration for Operations, Engineering and Technology

Simiyu E. Lilian, Sandra Konez

Extended Abstract: Innovations of Gas Lift in Prolific, Long-Perforations, and Multilayered Wells, Case Study in Sudan

Xueqing Tang, Lirong Dou, Ruifeng Wang, Jie Wang, Shengbao Wang, Jianshun Wang, Junhui Shi

Extended Abstract: Lessons Learned: How to Produce More Hydrocarbons from Blowout Wells

Xueqing Tang, Lirong Dou, Ruifeng Wang

Extended Abstract: Liner Hanger Installation in Challenging Offshore Well Conditions

David Luna, Roberto Elizalde, Wantuadi Diwaku

Extended Abstract: Mathematical Model of Energy Storage in Gas Hydrate and its Flow in Pipeline Systems

Oluwatoyin Akinsete, Sunday Isehunwa

Extended Abstract: New Viewpoint on the Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Seychelles Plateau

James Granath, Rolf Rango, Pete Emmet, Colin Ford, Robert Lambert, Michael Kasli

Extended Abstract: Novel Well Flow-Control Valve for Flexible Well Completion and Application in Commingled Production of Oil and Gas in West Africa

Joseph Bagal, Maximilien Hallaire, Paul Hazel

Extended Abstract: Nuclear Logging While Drilling in Complex Lithology – Solution for a Glauconitic Sandstone Reservoir

Tarek Abdel Shafy, Amir Elsheikh, Mounir Diab, Martin Oldani, Ahmed Abouzaid, Thern Holger, Mohamed Said

Extended Abstract: Petroleum Exploration Potential on Abu Gabra Formations in Fula Sub-Basin, Muglad Basin, Sudan

Ke Weili, Zhang Guangya, Liu Aixiang, Zheng Yonglin, Yu Yongjun

Extended Abstract: Petroleum Geochemistry of the Loperot-1 Well in Lokichar Basin, Kenya

David M. Katithi, David O. Opar

Extended Abstract: Practical Experience in Rig Move and Workover Operations in an Amphibious Terrain: A Case Study of Escravos Beach Rig Move and Workover Operations

Joy Eze, Oluwarotimi Onakomaiya, Ademola Ogunrinde, Olusegun Adegboyega, James Wopara, Fred Timibitei, Matthew Ideh

Extended Abstract: Regional Geological Study and Potential Prediction of the Rio Del Rey Basin (RDR), Offshore Cameroon

Khalid O. Altayeb, Su Yushan, Wu Shixiang, Chen Zhankun

Extended Abstract: Regionally Connected Structural Systems: The Power of the Big (Continental-Scale) Picture

James Granath, William Dickson

Extended Abstract: Research on the Tectonic Evolution of the North Africa from Morocco to Libya as the Controlling Factor on the Petroleum Basins' Hydrocarbon Accumulation

Xiong Liping, Liu Yanli, Shi Danni

Extended Abstract: Rock Compressive Strength: A Correlation from Formation Evaluation Data for the Niger Delta

Babatunde Salawu, Reza Sanaee, Olumayowa Onabanjo

Extended Abstract: Shale Oil and Gas in East Africa (Esp. Tanzania) with New Ideas on Reserves and Possible Synergies with Renewables

Henk J. Duyverman, Emma Msaky

Extended Abstract: Slim-Hole Drilling – De-Risking Exploration in Remote Locations

Emmanuel Soquar, Chris van der Westhuyzen

Extended Abstract: Solar Power for Sustainable Offshore Petroleum Exploration and Production in Africa

Samuel Tawiah, Solomon Adjei Marfo, Daniel Benah

Extended Abstract: Structural Inversion, Reactivation and Extensional Detachment and Their Influence on the Formation and Preservation of Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Northern Western Desert of Egypt

Ziming Sun

Extended Abstract: The Greater Etom Area (GEA): A New Phase of Exploration in the South Lokichar Basin, Turkana County, Northern Kenya

Kevin Christopherson

Extended Abstract: Underbalanced MPD Technology Proved to be Effective in Drilling of Fractured Granitic Basement

Peng Chen, Xi Wang, Meng Wu

Extended Abstract: United States Experience Regulating Unconventional Oil and Gas Development

Edith Allison

Extended Abstract: Water Influx Predictions in Reservoirs with Aquifer Drive Using the Two-Phase Reservoir Integral Type Pseudo-Pressure with Applicability in Gas Hydrate Reservoirs

Melvin Kome, Mohd Amro

Extended Abstract: Wellbore Strengthening in Narrow Margin Drilling

Ogochukwu Benyeogor, Sunday Awe, Obinna Amah, Oseme Ugochukwu, Adeyemi Erinle, Ayodele Akinfolarin, Ugochukwu Oseme

Extended Abstract: West Africa Lacustrine Pre-Salt Carbonates: How Interaction of Tectonics and Diagenesis Produced Different Reservoir Facies

Paola Ronchi, Giovanni Gattolin, Alfredo Frixa, Chiara Margliulo

Extended Abstract: What Will it Take to Commercialize Petroleum Resources in the East Africa Region; the Case of Developing Oil Refinery in Uganda

Dozith Abeinomugisha, Irene Batebe, Benjamin Ariho

Forecasting the Domestic Utilization of Natural Gas in Nigeria (2015–2020)

J. J. Adaji, R. U. Onolemhemhen, S. O. Isehunwa, A. Adenikinju

Hydrocarbon Generation Indication from Source Rock to Reservoir Rock: Case Studies of Anambra and Abakaliki Basins South-Eastern Nigeria

Samuel Salufu, Rita Onolemhemhen, Sunday Isehunwa

Mozambique Natural Gas Condensate Analysis: Offsetting Production Royalties with Production by-Products

Nelia Mazula

New Insights in the Evaluation of Reserves of Selected Wells of the Pletmos Basin Offshore South Africa

Samir Elamri, Mimonitu Opuwari

Numerical Simulation of Thermal Stress on Entrapped Pressure of Deepwater and Further Research on Anti-Thermal-Stress Casing Tools

Changbin Kan, Jin Yang, Xiaocong Yu, Wei Meng, Nanding Hu, Bo Zhou, Bailing Zhang, Zhiqiang Hu

Petroleum Potential of Rift Basins in Northern Somalia – A Fresh Look

Jan Witte, Daniel Trümpy, Jürgen Meßner, Hans Georg Babies

Pre-Messinian Petroleum Systems and Trap Style in the Offshore Western of Nile Delta; an Integrated Geological and Geophysical Approach

Mostafa Monir, Omar Shenkar

A Preliminary Assessment of the Hydrocarbon Potential of Kerio Valley Basin: Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation

Abiud Masinde, Cleophas Simiyu, Innocent Murunga, George Muia, Aaron Waswa, Justus Barongo

Production Optimization in a Marginal Field through Established Reservoir Management Techniques - A Case Study

Williams Toluse, Victor Okolo, Amarquaye Martey

Prospects and Challenges of Developing Unconventional Petroleum Resources in the Anambra Inland Basin of Nigeria

K. Mosto Onuoha, Chidozie I. P. Dim

The Role of Neo-Tectonics in Oil Migration, Lake Turkana Region, Kenya

Jan Witte, Daniel Trümpy, Hans Georg Babies

Sequence Stratigraphic, Structural and Reservoir Analyses: An Integrated Approach to Exploration and Development of the Eastern Coastal Swamp Cluster, Niger Delta Basin

C. I. Princeton Dim, K. Mosto Onuoha, C. Gabriel Okeugo

Significant Production Improvement of UltraLow Permeability Granitic Reservoirs to Develop Heavy Black Oil, Utilizing Channel Fracturing Technique

Mostafa Mahmoud Kortam, Samir Siso, Nelly Mohamed Abbas, Ahmed Salah, Atef Hesam, Andrea. Cilli, Ahmad Kamar, Fatmaelzahraa Khafagy

Source Rocks of Somalia – A Regional Assessment

Daniel Trümpy, Jan Witte, Immanuel Weber, João P. Da Ponte Souza

Successful Application of Clusterization Development Strategy for Small and Scattered Fields

Ruifeng Wang, Yi Xiaoling, Yuan Xintao

Well Design and Successful Field Installation of Openhole Sand Control Completions with Acid Stimulation in a Highly Deviated Well in Vietnam

Hung Vu, Son Tran, Trang Nguyen, Bharathwaj Kannan, Khoa Tran, Thong Nguyen