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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Alaska Geological Society

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The Alaska Volcano Observatory Website–a Tool for Information Management and Dissemination - Abstract

Seth Snedigar, Cheryl Cameron, Chris Nye

Alaska’s Mineral-Rich Lands–Geological Information Essential to Resource Management - Abstract

David J. Szumigala, Laurel E. Burns, Melanie B. Werdon, Jennifer E. Athey, Larry K. Freeman, Robin L. Smith

Alluvial Deposits from Low Energy Streams and Associated Floodplain Sedimentation: The Upper Cretaceous Prince Creek Formation, North Slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska - Abstract

Peter P. Flaig, Paul J. McCarthy, Erik Brandlen, Anthony R. Fiorillo

Analysis of the Performance and Applicability of a Portable Probe Permeameter - Abstract

Aditya U. Deshpande, Catherine Hanks

Angiosperm leaves and other plant fossils from the Lower Cantwell Formation, Denali National Park Alaska—Implications for a Late Cretaceous paleoecology and climate in Interior Alaska - Abstract

Carla Susanne Tomsich

Catastrophic acid crater lake drainage, lahar, and acidic aerosol formation at Mount Chiginagak volcano, Alaska - Abstract

Janet R. Schaefer, William E. Scott, Robert G. McGimsey, Janet Jorgenson, William C. Evans, Bronwen Wang

Characterization of Alaskan Jade by XRD, ‘mini’ XRF, and hand-held XRF - Abstract

R. J. Newberry, E. J. Burns

A Characterization of the Pebble Shale Unit and Lower Hue Shale within the Northeast Brooks Range, Alaska: What’s with the High Radioactive Zone? - Abstract

Dolores A. van der Kolk, Rainer J. Newberry, Michael T. Whalen, Marwan A. Wartes

Comparative Study of Compositional Viscosity Models for Medium-Heavy Oils - Abstract

Bipin Raut

Differential GPS techniques used for ADCP measurements in remote areas of Alaska - Abstract

Randy H. Host, Matthew D. Nelson

Earthquake Monitoring in Alaska and Notable Alaskan Earthquakes of 2006 - Abstract

Natalia A. Ruppert

Experiential Discoveries in Geoscience Education - EDGE: Teaching Field Science and GIS to Alaska’s Science Teachers and Their Students - Abstract

C. Connor, A. Prakash

Frontmatter: The Alaska Geological Society 2007 Technical Conference, Natural Sciences Building, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Abstracts Volume - April 27, 2007

Bernard Coakley, James Clough

Geochronologic Database for Alaska - Abstract

Richard R. Lessard, Melanie B. Werdon, Larry K. Freeman

Geology of the Kavik River Area, East-central North Slope, Alaska: Preliminary Results of the 2006 Statemap Project - Abstract

Marwan A. Wartes, Andrea Loveland, Wesley K. Wallace, Robert Gillis, Paige R. Peapples, Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, C. Gil Mull

Improve Oil Recovery Efficiency - Abstract

Shivkumar Patil, Abhijit Dandekar, Shirish Patil, Santanu Khataniar

Investigations into the Lucky Shot Mine, an ‘orogenic’ Willow Creek gold vein - Abstract

Cullan C. Lester, R. J. Newberry

Kinematic History and Tectonic Evolution of the Amerasian Basin: Investigating Palaeo-Plate Boundaries around the Chukchi Borderlands - Abstract

Kelley Brumley, Bernard Coakley, Wesley Wallace, David Stone

Late Cretaceous High Latitude Paleoenvironments at the Kikak-Tegoseak Dinosaur Site, Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska - Abstract

Paul J. McCarthy, Erik Brandlen, Peter P. Flaig, Anthony R. Fiorillo

Low-temperature thermochronological constraints on the timing and mechanisms behind the multi-stage exhumation history of the Alaska Range - Abstract

Jeff Benowitz, Phil Armstrong, Paul Layer, Peter Haeussler, Paul Fitzgerald, Stephanie Perry

Magmatic Processes in Island Arcs–a tour of the crust from the bottom on up - Abstract

Susan DeBari

Mercury Speciation in Soils and Vegetation at Abandoned Mercury Mines in Southwest Alaska - Abstract

Elizabeth A. Bailey, Mark E. Hines, John E. Gray

A new website for identification of late Pleistocene to early Holocene marine organisms from the Gastineau Channel Formation, a glaciomarine diamicton underlying the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska - Abstract

Carol Thilenius, Daniel Bleidorn, Ed Knuth, Ewa Orlikowska, Cathy Connor

Petroleum Geology of Chukchi Sea - Abstract

Kirk W. Sherwood

Sandstone provenance for Early Tertiary pull-apart basins in Southeast Alaska - Abstract

S. M. Karl, P. J. Haeussler, T. S. White, P. W. Layer

SEAMONSTER Southeast Monitoring Network for Science Monitoring Telecommunications, Education and Research - Abstract

M. Heavner, E. Hood, C. Connor, R. Fatland

Stratigraphy, Structure, and Origin; a Geophysical Survey of the Mendeleev Ridge - Abstract

D. Dove, B. Coakley, J. Hopper

UAS Environmental Science and Anthropology Undergraduates Produce Comparative Bathymetric Maps of Auke Lake to support Auke Bay Archeology Research near Juneau Alaska - Abstract

C. L. Connor, L. Knuth Smith, E. Knuth, M. Farrell, D. Monteith

Upper Cretaceous high latitude Paleosols near the Kikak-Tegoseak dinosaur site (Prince Creek Formation), North Slope, Alaska - Abstract

Erik Brandlen, Paul J. McCarthy, Anthony R. Fiorillo

WebGeochem: Alaskan Geochemical Data Online - Abstract

Diana Jozwik, Lawrence K. Freeman, Laurel E. Burns

The Worldwide Uranium Boom and its Implications for Alaska - Abstract

Curt Freeman

Yakataga fold-and-thrust belt: Structural geometry and tectonic implications of a small continental collision zone - Abstract

Wesley K. Wallace