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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Atlantic Geology

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Action of Shore Ice on the Tidal Flats of the St. Lawrence Estuary

Jean-Claude Dionne

Benthonic Foraminiferal Depth-Assemblages of the Continental Shelf off Eastern Canada

Kenneth Hooper

Benthonic Foraminiferal Ecology in Port Castries Bay, St. Lucia: A Preliminary Report

Charles T. Schafer, Barun K. Sen Gupta

Clay Fabric of Very Fissile Paleozoic Gray Shales

Neal R. O’Brien

Current Status - Hydrogeology in Nova Scotia

J. F. Jones

Current Transport and Deposition of Foraminiferal Tests. Planktonic Organisms and Lithogenic. Particles in Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia

C. T. Schafer, A. Prakash

Electron Microscope Study of Pleistocene Diatoms

Neal R. O’Brien

Foraminiferal Study of the Magdalen Shallows, Gulf of St. Lawrence

G. Vilks

An Interpretation of the Miramichi Bay Magnetic Anomaly, New Brunswick

P. H. McGrath

Marine Geological Investigation of the Wilmington Submarine Canyon Area

Daniel J. Stanley, Gilbert Kelling, Peter Fenner, Donald J. P. Swift

Mid-Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Continental Slope off Nova Scotia

Grant A. Bartlett

Post-Glacial History of Northumberland Strait Based on Benthic Foraminifera

Jill H. E. McRoberts

A Preliminary Study of Some Barbados Ridge Cores

A. T. S. Ramsay

Report on Advanced Science Seminar on Intertidal Zone Sedimentation, Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 6 to August 11, 1968

George DeVries Klein

Sedimentation Processes on the Atlantic Southeastern United States Contintental Shelf

Orrin H. Pilkey

Sedimentological Survey of Baffin Bay

John J. Blee, Seymour R. Baker, Gerald M. Friedman

A Study of Sedimentary Structures in the Goldenville Formation, Eastern Nova Scotia

I. McK. Harris, P. E. Schenk

The Submersible PISCES Feasibility Study in the Canadian Arctic

B. R. Pelletier