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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Atlantic Geology

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Barrier Islands, Sand Spits and Dunes in the Southern Gulf of St.- Lawrence

S. B. McCann, E. R. Bryant

Brief Field Guide to Intertidal Sediments, Minas Basin, Nova Scotia

Gerald V. Middleton

The Coastal Geomorphology of the Southern Gulf of Saint Lawrence: A Reconnaissance

E. H. Owens, J. R. Harper

Cobequid Bay Sedimentology Project: A Progress Report

R. John Knight

Geologic Process Investigations of a Beach-Inlet-Channel Complex, North Inlet, South Carolina

Robert J. Finley

A Geomorphological Map and Description of an emerged Pleistocene Delta, Eastport Peninsula, Newfoundland

Arthur S. Dyke

Introductory Notes on the Coastline of the Maritime Provinces of Canada: A Symposium

Robin Davidson-Arnott, Edward A. Bryant, Brian Greenwood, S. D. McCann, Gerald V. Middleton

A Note on Wind and Wave Conditions in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence

E. A. Bryant, S. B. McCann

Observations on the Glacial History of the Avalon Peninsula

R. J. Rogerson, C. M. Tucker

Physiography of the North Labrador Sea, Davis Strait and Southern Baffin Bay

Peter A. Jezek

Planktonic Foraminifera in Baffin Bay, Davis Strait and the Labrador Sea

Charles F. Stehman

Pleistocene Chronology: Long or Short?

H. B. S. Cooke

Quaternary History and Sedimentation: A Summary and Select Bibliography

Brian Greenwood, Robin G. D. Davidson-Arnott

Reconnaissance Survey of Hog Island, Prince Edward Island

S. B. McCann

Report on Investigations to Delineate the Ancestral River Valley Systems of the Chesapeake Bay

J. R. Schubel, C. F. Zabawa