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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A deformed accretionary terrane in the Newfoundland Appalachians

B. A. van der Pluijm, P. F. Williams, K. E. Karlstrom

Abstract: Basement studies in the Southern Central Carboniferous Basin–New Brunswick

J. J. Chandra, T. C. Webb

Abstract: Coal rank changes in the Sydney and Picton coalfields of Nova Scotia: Cause and economic significance

P. A. hacquebard

Abstract: Cruziana stratigraphy of the ?Cambro-Ordovician Bell Island and Wabana Groups, Conception Bay, eastern Newfoundland

R. K. Pickerill, D. Fillion

Abstract: Evolution of the Fredericton Trough

L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Fluvial style and its influence on coal deposition in the Carboniferous Sydney Basin of Nova Scotia

B. R. Rust, G. Masson, S. Dilles, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: Fresh-water fauna and flora assemblage from the Devonian La Garde Formation of northern New Brunswick

W. H. Forbes, A. E. Kasper Jr.

Abstract: Geophysical modelling of salt masses and basement structures in the Moncton and Cumberland Basins

J. J. Chandra, T. C. Webb

Abstract: Gold potential of the Meguma Group: New Concepts

S. J. Haynes, P.K. Smith

Abstract: Lower Carboniferous volcanic rocks of the Magdalen Islands: Volcanism in the Fundy Epieugeosyncline

S. M. Barr, A. S. Macdonald

Abstract: Marginal molassic basin onlap and mineral deposits, Loch Lomond Basin, Cape Breton Island

R. Boehner

Abstract: Polygonal patterns, sedimentary facies and basin analysis

H. W. van de Poll, A. M. D’Orsay

Abstract: Preliminary interpretation of gravity and magnetic results from the Epicentral Region of the 1982 Miramichi earthquakes

K. B. S. Burke

Abstract: Regional bedrock geology of the Baffin Island Shelf

B. MacLean, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Sedimentology of the Halifax Formation, Nova Scotia: Ordovician fine-grained turbidites

D. A. V. Stow, M. Alam, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Slate belt tectonics in the Bickerton Barrens, N.S.: Horizontal extension and simple shear within the Meguma Basin

B. H. O’Brien

Abstract: Structural evolution of the Quaco Head area, southern New Brunswick

A. G. Plint, H. W. van de Poll

Abstract: The Mabou Mines section: Implications of fossil plant collections

E. L. Zodrow

Abstract: The stromatoporoid fauna of the West Point Formation (Silurian) on the Gaspe Peninsula

C.S. Pope

Abstract: Upper Devonian plant-bearing strata from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

W. H. Forbes, A. K. Kasper, R. A. Jamieson, M. C. Blanchard-Williamson

The distribution, biota and stratigraphy of a Windsor Group limestone (Mississippian) and associated sediments in the Quaco Head area of New Brunswick

A. G. Plint, R. J. Ryan, H. W. van de Poll

Environmental and correlative significance of a non-marine algal limestone (Westphalian D), Sydney Coalfield, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Gary M. Vasey, Erwin L. Zodrow

Experiments in rheoplasis during sediment intrusion

A. G. Flint, H. W. van de Poll, I. M. Patel

Geochemistry and tectonic implications of mafic sills in Lower Paleozoic formations of southwestern Nova Scotia

Sandra M. Barr, Eibhlin M. Doyle, Linda S. Trapasso

Graptolites from the Benton area of west-central New Brunswick and their regional significance

L. R. Fyffe, W. H. Forbes, J. Riva

On the Tremadoc-Arenig and Lower-Upper Tremadoc boundries in the Bell Island Group, Conception Bay, eastern Newfoundland

R. K. Pickerill, D. Fillion

Petrology and geochemistry of Devono-Carboniferous volcanic rocks in Nova Scotia

J. Dostal, J. D. Keppie, C. Dupuy

Secondary sedimentary structures associated with fluidization zones in Permo-Carboniferous redbeds of Prince Edward Island, Canada

H. W. van de Poll, A. G. Plint

Sediment characteristics of some Nova Scotian beaches

Edward Bryant

Timing of deformation and the mechanism of cleavage development in a Newfoundland melange

Paul F. Williams