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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: Alteration Associated with Meguma Gold Deposits in Southeastern Nova Scotia, Canada

P. K. Smith, D. J. Kontak

Abstract: A Model for the Evolution of Hot (>200°C) Overpressured Brines Under an Evaporite Seal: The Fundy/Magdalen Carboniferous Basin of Atlantic Canada And Its Associated Pb-Zn-Ba Deposits

Casey E. Ravenhurst, Peter H. Reynolds, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: A Review of Metamorphic Processes Affecting Alpine-Type Peridotites

John G. Spray

Abstract: Canadian Gold - Aspects of Geology and Production

David J. Mossman

Abstract: East Kemptville Tin Deposit, Nova Scotia: Lithophile-Element Mineralization Associated With a Topaz Granite

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: Fracture Controlled Pb-Zn Mineralization Near Eastville, Colchester County, Nova Scotia

Tim Stokes, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Geology and Development of the Pugwash Salt Deposit, Pugwash, Nova Scotia

D. C. Carter

Abstract: Geology of the Chetwynd Gold Deposit, Newfoundland

Alan Yule

Abstract: Geology of the Turgeon Volcanogenic CU-ZN Deposit, Northern New Brunswick

Karen Kettles

Abstract: Hydrothermal Alteration and Associated Mineralization Within a Polyphase Intrusive Complex From the South Mountain Batholith

M. C. Corey

Abstract: Late Hadrynian Metavolcanic Rocks of Southeastern Cape Breton Island: A Favourable Environment for Precious and Base Metal Mineralization

Michael J. Thicke, Sandra M. Barr, Alan J. Sexton

Abstract: Major Structural Controls on the B-Zone Ore Body, Heath Steele Mines, Newcastle, New Brunswick

C. Moreton

Abstract: Manganese-Rich Strata of the Goldenville - Halifax Transition in the Mahone Bay Area, South Shore, Nova Scotia

John W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Metallotectonic Maps: The Economic Potential of Terrane Analysis

J. Duncan Keppie

Abstract: Metamorphic Processes in the Upper Mantle Exemplified by Alpine-Type Peridotites

John G. Spray

Abstract: Metamorphism at the Base of the White Hills Peridotite, St. Anthony Complex, Newfoundland: A Shear Zone in the Mantle?

R. A. Jamieson, T. J. Calon

Abstract: Newly-Recognized Tsunami in Atlantic Canada

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: Ordovician Patch Reefs in the St.-Honore Area of Quebec

Ron Pickerill, Tom Harland

Abstract: Petrochemistry of Amphibolites From the Miramichi Highlands, New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Petrogenetic Studies of the Burnthill Granite and Related Sn-W Mineral Deposits, Central New Brunswick

H. E. MacLellan, R. P. Taylor

Abstract: Polymetallic Vein-Type Uranium Deposits, Long Lake Area Victoria County, North-Central New Brunswick

Hassan Hassan

Abstract: Regional Geological Setting of Mineralization within the Jumping Brook Metamorphic Suite, Western Cape Breton Highlands

P. Tallman, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: Results of Recent Mapping of the South Mountain Batholith and the Implications for Mineral Potential

M. A. MacDonald, M. C. Corey, L. J. Ham, R. J. Horne

Abstract: Silurian Heliolitid, Halysitid, and Syringoporid Tabulate Corals from the Chaleur Bay Region: Preliminary Results

Graham A. Young

Abstract: Stratigraphic Framework of the Sydney Basin And The History of the North American / Gondwana Collision

Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: Structural Control of Gold-Bearing Quartz Vein Emplacement During Plutonism in the Meguma Group, Nova Scotia

Charlotte Hy

Abstract: The Deep Cove Pluton and Associated Polymetallic Mineralization, Gabarus Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Frank A. R. Dennis

Abstract: The Eastward Extension of the Great Dyke of Nova Scotia to the Mouth of Halifax Harbour

Alan Ruffman, Andrew Heyes, John Clarke

Abstract: The Fournier Group Mafic Complex, Northern New Brunswick

Patricia Flagler

Abstract: The Lukes Arm - Sop’s Arm - Boones Point Complex: An Early Transpression Zone in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland

Bruno Lafrance

Abstract: The Tetagouche Group: Record of a Cambrian-Early Ordovician Passive Margin and Middle Ordovician Back-Arc Basin

C. R. van Staal

Abstract: Till Geochemistry and Exploration for Gold in Northern New Brunswick

A. G. Pronk

The Avalonian and Nashoba terranes, eastern Massachusetts, U.S.A.: an overview

J. Christopher Hepburn, Malcolm Hill, Rudolph Hon

Depth of bedrock in the Seal Cove river valley, Newfoundland: a geophysical case study

E. Scott Schillereff, Hugh Miller, John E. Gale

Discussion of “Structural study of highly deformed Meguma Phyllite and Granite, vicinity of white head village, S. E. Nova Scotia”, by C. K. Mawer and P. F. Williams

J. D. Hill, R. P. Raeside

Geochemical trends in whole-seam coal channel samples from the Sydney coalfield (upper carboniferous), Nova Scotia, Canada

Erwin L. Zodrow

A Giant Rusophycus From the Arisaig Group (Siluro-Devonian) of Nova Scotia

W. Tansathien, R. K. Pickerill

Late Ordovician-Early Silurian Trace Fossils From The Matapedia Group, Tobique River, Western New Brunswick, Canada

R. K. Pickerill, L. R. Fyffe, W. H. Forbes

The Pre- Carboniferous rocks of the western Cobequid Hills, Avalon zone, Nova Scotia

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Recent sedimentological onterpretations in the Avalon terrane of the Boston Basin, Massachusetts

Anthony D. Socci, Geoffrey W. Smith

The stratigraphy and depositional environment of the late Precambrian Georgeville Group, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. B. Murphy, J. D. Keppie

The Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Upper Ordovician to Lower Devonian Rocks in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. B. Murphy

Structural study of highly deformed Meguma Phyllite and Granite, vicinity of white head village, S.E. Nova Scotia: a reply to Hill and Raeside

C. K. Mawer, P. F. Willams

Surface distribution of Foraminifera in a New England salt marsh: Plum Island, Massachusetts

J. Richard Jones, Barry Cameron

Tectonostratigraphic terrane analysis of New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe, A. Fricker