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Atlantic Geology

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40Ar/39Ar hornblende ages from southwestern Maine: evidence for Late Paleozoic metamorphism

David P. West, Jr., Daniel R. Lux, Arthur M. Hussey, II

Abstract: Al-Rich Pyroxenes in Granulite Xenoliths From Tangier: Implications to Lower Continental Crust, Eastern Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia

A. K. Chatterjee, P. S. Giles

Abstract: A New Fission Track Dating Facility at Dalhousie University: Results from the Alberta Basin and Nova Scotian Margin

C. E. Ravenhurst, M. Zentilli, A. M. Grist, P. H. Reynolds, C. Beaumont

Abstract: A New Look at the Structural History of the Silurian Chaleurs Group in Northern New Brunswick: Evidence for a Complex Polyphase Deformation History and Dextral Shear Associated with F3 folding

Cees R. Van Staal

Abstract: Application of Airborne Gamma Spectrometer Surveys to Mineral Exploration in Northern New Brunswick

D. M. Burton, R. B. K. Shives

Abstract: Application of Interactive Automated Image Analysis and Electron Microprobe Analysis to Geological Materials

John A. R. Stirling, Julie M. Melluish, Lech K. Lewczuk, Michele M. Coleman

Abstract: Application of Structural-Metamorphic Patterns and Absolute Time Constraints to Tectonics in Southwest Newfoundland

Lesley Chorlton

Abstract: A Progress Report on the Geology of the Eastern Cobequid Highlands

J. B. Murphy, G. Pe-Piper, R. Damian Nance, Denise S. Turner, D. W. Piper

Abstract: A Review of Recent New Evidence for an Extensive Late Wisconsinan Ice Advance on the Scotian Shelf

D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Caprock and Stratabound Bioepigenic Sulphur in Nova Scotia

D. C. Carter, R. C. Boehner, G. C. Adams

Abstract: Carboniferous Faulting, Deformation and Igneous Intrusion in the Western Cobequid Hills

D. J. W. Piper, G. Pe-Piper, J. W. F. Waldron, J. B. Murphy, R. F. Cormier

Abstract: Carboniferous to Triassic Fault-Styles and Sedimentation, Southern New Brunswick

Guy Plint

Abstract: Contrasting Thermal Histories Across a Portion of the Norumbega Fault Zone, Southwestern Maine: Evidence From 40Ar/39Ar Mineral Ages

David P. West, Jr., Daniel R. Lux

Abstract: Crustal Warping and Sediment Supply as Controls on Recent Coastal Development in Newfoundland

J. Shaw, D. L. Forbes

Abstract: Cumberland Basin Stratigraphy: The Classic Joggins Section of Logan and Fletcher, and Windsor Group Correlation

R. J. Ryan, R. C. Boehner

Abstract: Deep Crustal Structure and Plate Tectonic Development of the Canadian Appalachians: Insights From Marine Deep Seismic Reflection Profiling

Glen Stockmal, The Lithoprobe East Group

Abstract: Deep Crustal Structure of the Newfoundland Appalachians

Garry Quinlan

Abstract: Deformation of the Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia

Gao Ruixiang, J. C. White, G. Yeo

Abstract: Diagenesis of the Albert Formation, Moncton Subbasin, New Brunswick

A. H. Chowdhury, J. P. A. Noble

Abstract: Discovery and Significance of Lower Permian Vertebrate Trace Fossils In the Red Beds of Southwestern Prince Edward Island

David J. Mossman, Craig H. Place

Abstract: Early Palaeozoic Deep-Water Flysch Ichnocoenoses

R. K. Pickerill

Abstract: Embayed Volcanic Quartz: A Product of “Cellular Growth” Rather Than Resorption

S. R. McCutcheon, P. T. Robinson

Abstract: Energy and Shock Effect of a Recent Meteor Impact, South Mountain, Nova Scotia

George R. Stevens

Abstract: Events of the Late Wisconsinan-Holocene Transition in Nova Scotia

R. R. Stea, R. J. Mott

Abstract: Extensional Tectonics in Compressional Orogens: Late-stage Gravity Sliding of Ophiolite Thrust Sheets in Oman and Western Newfoundland

Peter A. Cawood, Harold Williams

Abstract: Fine-Grained Storm Deposits on the Inner Shelf of the Canadian Beaufort Sea

Philip R. Hill

Abstract: Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Siluro-Devonian Mafic Volcanic Rocks in the Chaleur and Tobique Zones, New Brunswick

R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Geochemistry of Alkali Feldspars, South Mountain Batholith, N.S.: Implications For Petrogenesis

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: Geochemistry of the Lower Crust Beneath the Eastern Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia

G. W. Eberz, D. B. Clarke, A. K. Chatterjee, P. S. Giles

Abstract: Geological Mapping of Northern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Sandra M. Barr, Robert P. Raeside, Rebecca A. Jamieson

Abstract: Geologic Mapping and Mineral Exploration Using Remote Sensing Techniques

William P. Jones

Abstract: Geology and Structure of the “A-C-D” Zones, Heath Steele Mines, New Brunswick

Jacob A. de Roo

Abstract: Gravity Modelling of the Liscomb “Satellite” Pluton

Mitchell Brogan

Abstract: Implications of Superimposed Shear Zones in Shelburne-Barrington Area

S. G. Hwang, P. F. Williams

Abstract: Kinematic Analysis of the Pocologan Mylonite Zone

Albert Leger, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: Late Carboniferous Development of the Stellarton Graben, Nova Scotia: Variation and Significance of Syn-tectonic Sedimentation Styles

G. M. Yeo

Abstract: Lead Isotope Studies of Volcanogenic Sulphides: Applications to Paleotectonic Interpretations of the Newfoundland Dunnage Zone

H. Scott Swinden

Abstract: Leucogranite and Leucomonzogranite in the Southern Mountain Batholith, Southwestern Nova Scotia

M. A. MacDonald, M. C. Corey, L. J. Ham, R. J. Horne

Abstract: Lithochemical Evidence for the Provenance of the Meguma Group, Southern Nova Scotia

M. Graves

Abstract: Melt generation and evolution in Ophiolite Mantle and the development of mantle heterogeneities

Stephen J. Edwards

Abstract: Metamorphism Within the Fournier Group Oceanic Fragment

Patricia A. Flagler

Abstract: Metavolcanic and Granitoid Rocks of Southeastern Cape Breton Island and Southern New Brunswick: A Comparison

Sandra M. Barr, C. E. White, A. S. Macdonald

Abstract: Microstructures From Potassium Feldspar Rocks, Hemlo, Ontario

Joseph Clancy White, R. Barnett

Abstract: Movement History of the Cobequid Fault Zone, Cobequid Highlands, Northern Nova Scotia

Howard V. Donohoe, Jr., Peter Ian Wallace

Abstract: Petrography and Geochemistry of Anhydrite from the Pugwash Salt Mine, Pugwash, Nova Scotia

P. A. Rose, D. C. Carter

Abstract: Petrography of Gneissic Xenoliths from the Popes Harbour Dyke, Nova Scotia: Fragments of the Basement to the Meguma Group

J. V. Owen, J. D. Greenough, C. Hy, A. Ruffman

Abstract: Petrology and Geochemistry of the Jeffers Brook Dioritic Complex

G. Pe-Piper, D. S. Turner, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Plant Fossils from the Fisset Brook Formation of Cape Berton Island, Nova Scotia

A. E. Kasper, W. H. Forbes, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: Preliminary Results of Bromine Distribution and Partitioning in Salt Deposits at Sussex, New Brunswick

John A. R. Stirling, Brian Roulston, D. C. E. Waugh

Abstract: Primary and Secondary Structural Features in the Eastern Portion of the South Mountain Batholith; Implications for Regional Stress Orientations During Intrusion

R. J. Horne, M. C. Corey, L. J. Ham, M. A. MacDonald

Abstract: Recent Aeromagnetic Surveys Off The East Coast

B. D. Loncarevic, R. F. Macnab, S. P. Srivastava, J. Verhoef, J. Woodside

Abstract: Remote Sensing Research Over Plutonic Bodies of Nova Scotia

M. S. Akhavi

Abstract: Seabed Characteristics and Sediment Mobility at CAS Study Sites on the Inner Scotian Shelf

D. L. Forbes, J. T. Judge, R. Boyd, G. Drapeau, J. Shaw

Abstract: Sediment-hosted Manganese in Newfoundland: settings and significance

John W. Botsford

Abstract: Sedimentation, Tectonics and Carboniferous Basin Evolution Adjacent to the Cobequid Highlands Massif, Northern Nova Scotia

R. J. Ryan, H. V. Donohoe, Jr., R. C. Boehner

Abstract: Seismic Stratigraphy of Part of the Upper Nova Scotia Continental Slope

Elizabeth Mutunga, Barry Cameron, Bernie C. MacLean

Abstract: Stratigraphic Constraints on the Timing of Fault Movements in New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Stratigraphic Relationships in Atlantic Canada

A. Fricker

Abstract: Stratigraphy and Physical Volcanology of the Eastern Portion of the Devonian Volcanic Belt of Passamaquoddy Bay, Southwestern New Brunswick

Wayne McNeil, N. Van Wagoner

Abstract: Subhorizontal Injection of Magma Forming the Popes Harbour Dyke

John D. Greenough, Alan Ruffman, J. Victor Owen

Abstract: Sulphur Isotopic Composition of Sulphides in Meguma Gold Deposits: Implications for Genetic Models

Daniel J. Kontak, Paul K. Smith

Abstract: Syn-late Metamorphic Fluid Focussing in the Formation of Turbidite Hosted Gold-Quartz Veins in the Archean Yellowknife Basin, Slave Province, N.W.T.; A Meguma Analogue?

Tim Stokes, Nicholas Culshaw, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Tectonic Influence on Late Carboniferous Sedimentation in the Coal-Bearing Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia

Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: The Carboniferous Bay St George Subbasin, western Newfoundland: Structural interpretation from a geophysical perspective

Gerald J. Kilfoil, Hugh B. Miller, Samuel T. Peavy

Abstract: The Devono-Carboniferous and Carboniferous Plutons of the Eastern Cobequid Highlands

Denise Turner, Georgia Pe-Piper, J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: The End of the Avalon Zone in Southern New Brunswick

K. L. Currie

Abstract: The Genesis of Fjords on the south coast of Newfoundland - New Possibilities

David N. Proudfoot

Abstract: The Geological Highway Map of Nova Scotia: A Second Edition

Howard V. Donohoe, Jr., Robert Grantham

Abstract: The Geology and Significance of North Mountain in the Bras D’Or Zone, Cape Breton Island

Mario F. Justino, Robert P. Raeside

Abstract: The Horton Bluff Formation: A Technically Influenced Fluvial-Lacustrine Basin Fill

A. T. Martel, M. R. G. Gibling

Abstract: The Maritimes Basin: Basin, Epieugeosyncline, Taphrogeosyncline, Horst-Graben, Wrench, Rift, Successor, Aulacogen, Pull-Apart, Transpression? -Basins, Subbasins? -Just a Problem of Semantics?

D. C. Boehner, R. J. Ryan, D. C. Carter

Abstract: The Multistage Development of the Dover Fault in Northeastern Newfoundland: The Late Stages

Alain Caron, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: The Role of Organic Carbon in Formation of Carbonate Carbon in the Meguma Group, Southern Nova Scotia

M. Graves, I. MacInnis, M. Zentilli

Abstract: The Seismic Stratigraphy of Sable Island Bank; Scotia Shelf: Application to the Understanding of Shelf Processes

Shirley A. McLaren, Ron Boyd

Abstract: The Stoney Creek Oil and Gas Field; Its Bearing on the Lower Carboniferous Paleogeography of the Moncton Subbasin

Steven L. Foley, J. P. A. Noble

Abstract: The Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Connecting Point Group and related rocks, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland: An example of a Late Precambrian Avalonian Basin

Ian Knight, Sean J. O’Brien

Abstract: The Tobeatic Fault Zone - Post-Visean Sinistral Fault Movement in Southern Nova Scotia

P. S. Giles, A. K. Chatterjee

Abstract: The Volcanism and Geochemistry of Parts of the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge System and Associated Seamounts

M. I. Leybourne, N. A. Van Wagoner

Abstract: The Weekend Dykes: A Newly-Recognized Dyke Swarm Cutting the Meguma Metasediments on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia

Alan Ruffman, John Greenough

Abstract: Thin-skinned Thrust Tectonics along the Grenville Front, Western Labrador

Dennis L. Brown

Abstract: Timing of Sulphide Mineralization, Faribault Brook Area, Western Cape Breton Highlands

P. Tallman, R. A. Jamieson, H. E. Plint

Abstract: Type-C and Type-M Pumice Pseudomorphs: Compaction Versus Welding in Ancient Pyroclastic Rocks

S. R. McCutcheon, P. T. Robinson

Abstract: “Crack-Seal” Veins in Meguma Lode Gold Deposits: Hydraulic Fracturing or Replacement Phenomenon

Paul K. Smith, Daniel J. Kontak

Anatomy of a telescoped pull-apart basin: an example from the Cambro-Ordovician rocks in the Antigonish Highlands of Nova Scotia

J. Duncan Keppie, J. B. Murphy

Bi-Sn-Mo-W greisen mineralization associated with the True Hill granite, southwestern New Brunswick

David R. Lentz, Glenn Lutes, Ron Hartree

Contact metamorphism of the Black Hawk Zn-Pb-Cu deposit, Hancock County, Maine

Martin G. Yates, Frank H. Howd

Correlations and fault systematics in the Passamaquoddy Bay area, Southwestern New Brunswick

M. J. McLeod, N. Rast

Crystal-Melt±Fluid Phase Equilibria Versus Late-Stage Fluid-Rock Interaction in Granitoid Rocks of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia: Whole Rock Geochemistry and Oxygen Isotope Evidence

Daniel J. Kontak, David F. Strong, Robert Kerrich

Early Devonian bimodal volcanic rocks of Southwestern New Brunswick: petrography, stratigraphy, and depositional setting

Nancy A. Van Wagoner, Wayne McNeil, Vincent Fay

Enigmatic linear furrows and pits on the upper continental slope, northwest Labrador Sea: are they sediment furrows or feeding traces?

Heiner Josenhans, Chris Woodworth-Lynas

The Hanna Farm pluton, Cobequid Highlands: petrology and significance for motion on the Kirkhill fault

Georgia Pe-Piper, Denise S. Turner

Late Devonian Peraluminous Granitic Plutons in the Canso Area, Eastern Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia

J. D. Hill

Late Ordovician-Early Silurian trace fossils from the Matapedia Group, Tobique River, western New Brunswick, Canada. II. Additional discoveries with descriptions and comments

R. K. Pickerill, L. R. Fyffe, W. H. Forbes

Low pressure metamorphism in the Orrs Island - Harpswell Neck area, Maine

Gilbert R. Dunn, Helen M. Lang

Metamorphism of Meguma Group Metasedimentary Rocks, Whitehead Harbour Area, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia

Robert P. Raeside, John D. Hill, Brian G. Eddy

An Occurrence of Metasomatic Aluminosilicates Related to High Alumina Hydrothermal Alteration Within the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

Michael C. Corey

Petrochemistry of contrasting late Precambrian volcanic and plutonic associations, Caledonian Highlands, Southern New Brunswick

Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Petrology of the Shelburne and Barrington Passage Plutons, Southern Nova Scotia

H. Dean Rogers, Sandra M. Barr

Petrology of the Zoned, Peraluminous Halifax Pluton, South-Central Nova Scotia

M. A. MacDonald, R. J. Horne

Primary and Secondary Structural Features in the Eastern Portion of the South Mountain Batholith, Southwestern Nova Scotia: Implications for Regional Stress Orientations During Intrusion

R. J. Horne, M. C. Corey, L. J. Ham, M. A. MacDonald

The Provenance of Tills Overlying the Eastern Part of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

R. M. Graves, P. W. Finck

The Role of Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometry in Bedrock Mapping and Mineral Exploration: Case Studies from Granitic Rocks Within the Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia

G. A. O’Reilly, M. C. Corey, K. L. Ford

Superposed Late Paleozoic thermal events in the southwestern Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia

R. D. Dallmeyer, J. D. Keppie

Tectonic significance of black pelites and basalts in the St. Croix Terrane, coastal Maine and New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe, D. B. Stewart, Allan Ludman

A Textural and Chemical Study of White Mica in the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia: Primary Versus Secondary Origin

L. J. Ham, D. J. Kontak

The timing of peak high-grade metamorphism in central-eastern New England

J. Dykstra Eusden, Jr., Barbara Barreiro

The western end of the Avalon Zone in southern New Brunswick

K. L. Currie