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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A gravity profile across the Cumberland Basin

Ken Howells

Abstract: A new ichnogenus (Compaginatichnus) from the Late Ordovician Matapédia Group of northern New Brunswick

R. K. Pickerill

Abstract: A new interpretation of the relationship between the Long Point Group and the Humber Arm Allochthon, western Newfoundland: implications for timing and magnitude of overthrusting

Glen S. Stockmal, John W. F. Waldron

Abstract: An overview of the Cape Smith Belt, northern Quebec: early Proterozoic oceanic spreading, continental rifting, and development of a collisional thrust belt

M. R. St-Onge, S. B. Lucas, D. J. Scott, R. Parrish

Abstract: Are the Bathurst Camp massive sulphide deposits sediment hosted?

S. R. McCutcheon

Abstract: A review of applications of Cathodoluminescence microscopy to mineralogy and petrology

R. A. Mason

Abstract: Arsenic and mercury in tailings, Oldham Gold District, Nova Scotia

M. C. Graves, M. Crowell, P. Lane

Abstract: CAGS in the Ordovician of central Newfoundland

S. Henry Williams

Abstract: Canada’s Ice Island: a platform for the characterization of the Arctic Ocean through stable isotope studies

Janet M. Dunphy

Abstract: Carbonate buildups in the Lower Carboniferous Horton and Windsor groups (Late Tournaisian - Visean) of Nova Scotia

R. C. Boehner

Abstract: Controls on basin-fill patterns within the Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia

Robert Naylor

Abstract: Cyclic, bimodal volcanism in a Siluro-Devonian continental volcanic zone: the Eastport Formation, southwestern New Brunswick

Kelsie A. Dadd, Nancy A. Van Wagoner, Diane K. Baldwin, Wayne McNeil

Abstract: Deep seismic: a new exploration tool

J. D. Harper, J. Hall

Abstract: Deformation in the Denison Potacan Sylvinite Ore Body, Clover Hill, New Brunswick

Wyn Roberts, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: Digital terrain model for Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

B. D. Loncarevic, G. Oakey

Abstract: Economic geology and development of the Jubilee Pb-Zn Deposit, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

M. C. Graves, A. Ruffman, F. J. Hein

Abstract: Fluid inclusion studies of quartz vein polytypes from the Beaver Dam and Caribou Gold Deposits, Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia; Evidence for a single vein-forming event

Daniel J. Kontak, Paul K. Smith

Abstract: Fossil Coleoptera studies of Late-Glacial sites in Nova Scotia

R. F. Miller

Abstract: Geo-Database integration: Antigonish Highlands

T. Webster, M. S. Akhavi

Abstract: Geochemical discrimination of provenance and tectonic setting of siliciclastic rocks in the Antigonish Highlands

Deborah MacDonald

Abstract: Geochemistry of, and mineralization at the Adeline Island Prospect, Seal Lake, Labrador

Peter A. Ivany, D. H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Geochemistry of the Siluro-Devonian mafic volcanic rocks and associated gabbroic intrusions, Upsalquitch Forks area, New Brunswick

R. B. Murphy

Abstract: Geology of the Lark Zn, Pb, Cu deposit, N.W.T.

Gordon T. Clarke

Abstract: Geophysical characteristics of terranes in eastern Canada

Hugh G. Miller

Abstract: Geothermometry and geobarometry of xenoliths in the Ten Mile Lake Gabbro of the Liscomb Complex, central Nova Scotia

Helen McLaughlin

Abstract: Gold enrichment in the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

M. A. MacDonald, G. A. O’Reilly

Abstract: Groundwater flux and piezometric response of a small catchment in granitic terrain to precipitation

Scott Schillereff

Abstract: Ichnology of Triassic sedimentary rocks of the Lepreau region, southern New Brunswick, Canada

Robert B. MacNaughton

Abstract: Implication of Recent macrofloral collection to the biostratigraphy of the Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada (Carboniferous, Westphalian C to Cantabrian)

Erwin L. Zodrow

Abstract: Interrelationships between thrusting, migmatization and generation of a monzonite - anorthosite suite in the Mealy Mountains Terrane, Grenville Orogen, Canada

R. J. Wardle, U. Scharer

Abstract: Late Hadrynian to Cambrian(?) sedimentary and volcanic rocks in southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, A. S. Macdonald

Abstract: Lithogeochemical variation in the granodiorite and biotite monzogranite of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

R. Horne, M. Corey, L. Ham, M. MacDonald

Abstract: Lode gold mineralization at Deer Cove, Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland

Karen Patey

Abstract: Magmatic epidote- and high-Aluminum hornblende-bearing diorites and tonalites of the southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia

Catharine E. G. Farrow

Abstract: Mechanisms for breccia formation in metaturbidites: implications for gold mineralization at Gordon Lake, Slave Province, Northwest Territories

Tim Stokes

Abstract: Offshore extension of structural trends into the western Gulf of St. Lawrence

P. W. Durling, F. Marillier

Abstract: Oil shales of the Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada: stratigraphy, composition, depositional environment and potential uses

W. D. Smith, R. D. Naylor, W. D. Kalkreuth

Abstract: Origin of the Sable Island sand body

Ron Boyd, Shirley A. McLaren

Abstract: Paleomagnetic investigations of Carboniferous strata in Stellarton Graben, Nova Scotia

G. M. Yeo, W. A. Morris

Abstract: Petrology of the Brookville Gneiss and Golden Grove Intrusive Suite, southern New Brunswick

Chris E. White, Kevin A. Deveau

Abstract: Phosphorites, ironstones, and secondary phosphates in Mid-Cretaceous flysch of the Blow Trough, Northern Yukon

G. M. Yeo

Abstract: Physical volcanology of an Early Devonian volcanic sequence, Passamaquoddy Bay, southwestern New Brunswick

Diane K. Baldwin

Abstract: Postglacial Walrus from the Bay of Fundy

R. F. Miller

Abstract: Rare-earth-element variability in gangue mineralogy of Meguma-hosted auriferous quartz veins, Nova Scotia: possible consequence of unmixing of H2O-CO2-NaCl-CH4 fluids

Daniel J. Kontak, Paul K. Smith

Abstract: Seismic profiling investigation of a small area North of Sable Island, Scotian Shelf

Alasdair G. McKay, K. Howells

Abstract: Shoreline model for the lacustrine Horton Bluff Formation: implications of wave attenuation, oscillatory groove casts and sediment-starved hummocky cross-stratification

A. T. Martel, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: Silicate control of Noble Metal behaviour during magma evolution: evidence from ODP LEG 115 hot-spot basalts

John D. Greenough, Brian J. Fryer

Abstract: Silurian-Devonian transcurrent movement deformation in the Canadian Appalachians

Bruno Lafrance, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: Stable and radiogenic isotope tracing of fluids in epithermal gold mineralization in the Little Rocky Mountains, Montana

W. R. Wilson, T. K. Kyser

Abstract: Stratigraphic drilling of the Windsor Group: the Alton Gas occurrence

D. C. Carter

Abstract: Stratigraphic variation of δ34S compositions in the Meguma Group: implications for paleoenvironment and mineralization

A. L. Sangster, R. A. Bretlaff, M. C. Graves, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Stratigraphy and sediment dispersal patterns of the Cumberland Group strata in the western Cumberland Basin

A. J. Deal, B. Cameron, R. J. Ryan

Abstract: Structure of the Buchans mine area: new approaches to exploration

Tom J. Calon, F. K. Green

Abstract: Tecontic significance of Ordovician basalts in the St. Croix Terrane, coastal Maine and New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe, D. B. Stewart, Allan Ludman

Abstract: The effects of metamorphism upon the Fournier oceanic fragment, New Brunswick

Patricia Flagler

Abstract: The Laurentide ice sheet in west-central Alberta - implications for the ice free corridor

David Liverman

Abstract: The Mackenzie Delta - Beaufort Shelf depositional system

Philip R. Hill

Abstract: The marine mining program at C-CORE

W. J. Scott, S. Solomon, M. Emory-Moore

Abstract: The mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry of the Halfway Cove-Queensport Pluton, Nova Scotia, Canada

L. J. Ham

Abstract: The Paradox of coal in an active depocenter: The Westphalian of the Cumberland Basin

J. H. Calder

Abstract: The St. George Unconformity, Ordovician, northern Appalachians: effects of lithosphere dynamics on the Sauk-Tippecanoe sequence boundary

I. Knight, T. Lane, N. P. James

Abstract: The Turtle Creek Earthquake of April 24th, 1988 and its significance to the seismicity of the Moncton region of New Brunswick

Kenneth B. S. Burke, Maurice Lamontagne, Mary Cajka, John Adams

Abstract: The wanderings of Donsexinis Stach, 1957, alias Densosporites S.W. & B., 1944 in the North Atlantic Ocean: a forensic geology investigation

Peter A. Hacquebard

Abstract: Timing and character of mid-Paleozoic deformation in western Newfoundland

Peter A. Cawood, Harold Williams

Abstract: Variation in drumlin orientation, form and stratigraphy relating to successive ice flows in southern and central Nova Scotia

R. R. Stea, Y. Brown

Abstract: Why Laurentide ice indicators are absent in the Baie Des Chaleurs region, northern New Brunswick

A. G. Pronk, M. A. Parkhill

Bergaueria perata Prantl, 1945 from the Silurian of Cape George, Nova Scotia

R. K. Pickerill

Cambrian shelf deposits of the King Square Formation, Saint John Group, southern New Brunswick

Saifullah K. Tanoli, Ron K. Pickerill

Comparison of hydrocarbon compositions in a sequence of humic coals, cannel coals and oil shales from the Pictou Coalfield, Nova Scotia

W. Püttmann, W. Kalkreuth

Deformation of the Cape Chignecto Pluton, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia: thrusting at the Meguma-Avalon boundary

John W. F. Waldron, David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper

Geochemistry and tectonic setting of the late Precambrian Folly River Formation, Cobequid Highlands, Avalon Terrane, Nova Scotia: a continental rift within a volcanic-arc environment

Georgia Pe-Piper, J. Brendan Murphy

Geochemistry of Ordovician volcanic rocks of the Tetagouche Group of southwestern New Brunswick

J. Dostal

Geochemistry of post-tectonic mafic intrusions in the Central Gneiss Terrane of southwestern Newfoundland

K. L. Currie, J. T. Van Berkel

Lithostratigraphy of the Prince Edward Island redbeds

H. W. van de Poll

Lower Carboniferous ostracodes from the Maritimes Basin of eastern Canada: A review

Chris Dewey

Modèle gravimétrique régional de l’intrusif du Mont Mégantic

Maurice K. Seguin, Janusz Frydecki, Sylvie Roy

The North Brook Formation: A temporal bridge spanning contrasting tectonic regimes in the Deer Lake Basin, Western Newfoundland

R. S. Hyde

Note on a find of a crossopterygian head (Pisces), upper Westphalian D, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada

Erwin L. Zodrow, Andrew P. Beaton, Greg Smith

Petrology, geochemistry, and tectonic setting of some Carboniferous plutons of the eastern Cobequid Hills

G. Pe-Piper, J. B. Murphy, D. S. Turner

Petrology, Rock-Eval and facies analyses of the McLeod coal seam and associated beds, Pictou Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada

J. Paul, W. Kalkreuth, R. Naylor, W. Smith

Petrology and depositional environment of the Foord seam, Pictou Coalfield, Nova Scotia

G. M. Yeo

The sedimentology and tectonic significance of Devonian and Carboniferous terrestrial successions in Gaspé, Quebec

Brian R. Rust, David A. Lawrence, Brian A. Zaitlin

Sediment transport on the shelf margin of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland

J. V. Barrie, M. B. Collins

Summary of macrofloral biostratigraphy of Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada (Carboniferous, Westphalian/Cantabrian age)

Erwin L. Zodrow