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Atlantic Geology

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40Ar/39Ar and U-Pb mineral ages from the Brookville Gneiss: implications for terrane analysis and evolution of Avalonian “basement” in southern New Brunswick

R. D. Dallmeyer, R. Doig, R. D. Nance, J. B. Murphy

Abstract: 40Ar/39 Ar chronological study of the Liscomb Complex, Meguma Terrane, southern Nova Scotia

D. J. Kontak, A. K. Chatterjee, P. H. Reynolds, K. Taylor

Abstract: 40Ar/39 Ar dating constraints on gold-quartz breccia mineralization of the south Gordon Lake region, N.W.T.

Tim R. Stokes, M. Zentilli, N. Culshaw, P. Reynolds

Abstract: Absolute dating of Meguma gold mineralization in the eastern Meguma Terrane using 40Ar/39 Ar technique: chronological evidence for convergent metallotectonic processes in the Meguma Terrane at ca. 370 Ma

D. J. Kontak, P. K. Smith, P. H. Reynolds, K. Taylor

Abstract: A deep structural cross-section of the Appalachian Orogen in Newfoundland: Lithoprobe east seismic reflection profiling, 1990

Lithoprobe East transect group

Abstract: An overview of case studies demonstrating the utility of remote sensing technology for geoscience research in Nova Scotia

M. S. Akhavi

Abstract: An overview of Labrador geology and metallogeny

Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: A preliminary report on the Eastern Highlands shear zone, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Shoufa Lin, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: A trilobite-bearing horizon in the Meguma Group of Nova Scotia

Brian R. Pratt, John W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Bay of Islands ophiolite harzburgites and refractory melts: the PGE story

S. J. Edwards

Abstract: Bedrock aggregate potential of Newfoundland

D. Bragg

Abstract: Comparison of apatite fission track length spectra and organic maturation indicators in the Maritimes Basin, eastern Canada

R. J. Ryan, A. M. Grist, M. Zentilli, R. Boehner

Abstract: Contact mapping and modeling using magnetics, Heath Steele Mine area, northern New Brunswick

Sean McDonald

Abstract: Cooling and uplift history of the Long Range Inlier, Newfoundland, using fission track thermochronometry

M. Hendriks, R. A. Jamieson, P. H. Reynolds, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Crustal evolution in the Makkovik Province of Labrador: evidence from geochemical and isotopic studies of plutonic rocks

Andrew Kerr, Tom Krogh, Brian Fryer, Derek Wilton

Abstract: Crustal structural relations on Port au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland: insights from seismic reflection data, and implications for allochthoneity in the Humber Zone

G. S. Stockmal, J. W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Crystallochemical characterization of white micas from the East Kemptville tin deposit, Nova Scotia

David A. S. Palmer

Abstract: Current coal geoscience research at the Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy

J. H. Calder, K. S. Gillis, D. J. MacNeil, R. D. Naylor, W. D. Smith

Abstract: Earliest Silurian age for the bimodal Kingston dike complex in southern New Brunswick, Canada

R. Doig, R. D. Nance, J. B. Murphy, P. Cassedy

Abstract: Emplacement of the South Mountain Batholith: structural and intrusive considerations

R. J. Home, M. C. Corey, L. J. Ham, M. A. MacDonald

Abstract: Evolution and classification of dinoflagellates

R. A. Fensome, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Evolution of the Proterozoic/Archaean boundary in northern Labrador: an example from the Saglek area

Flemming Mengel, Toby Rivers, Peter Reynolds

Abstract: Geochemical and geophysical images of Labrador

Peter H. Davenport, Gerald J. Kilfoil, W. Lawrence Nolan

Abstract: Geochemical discrimination of provenance and tectonic setting of siliciclastic rocks in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Deborah MacDonald

Abstract: Geochemistry of basalts from deep sea drilling sites in the North and South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean correlates with initial elevation at ridge crests

M. J. Keen

Abstract: Geological implications of stratiform sill, Cape St. Francis area, Newfoundland

Rod Churchill

Abstract: Geological structure from surface geochemistry

P. H. Davenport, W. L. Nolan

Abstract: Geology and lithological correlation of Cape Porcupine, Aulds Cove, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia

M. Graves

Abstract: Geology and mineralization associated with the Tobeatic Lake Shear Zone; southwestern Nova Scotia

Michael C. Corey, Richard J. Home, Paul K. Smith

Abstract: Getting scientists into the Dartmouth schools

M J. Keen

Abstract: Gold mineralization associated with the Betts Cover Complex

T. Al

Abstract: Heteromorphic strobili and polyphylly of Sphenophyllum oblongofolium (Germar et Kaulfuss, 1831) Unger, 1950

Zhifeng Gao, E. L. Zodrow

Abstract: Hydrocarbon generation and migration of oil shale, coal, and sandstone sequence from the Westphalian B-D (carboniferous) sediments of Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, D. J. MacDonald, R. D. Naylor, W. D. Smith, J. H. Calder, M. G. Fowler, P. G. Hatcher

Abstract: Ichnology of the Triassic Lepreau Formation, southern New Brunswick, Canada

Robert B. MacNaughton

Abstract: Implications of 40Ar/39 Ar hornblende ages from late Proterozoic-Cambrian plutons in the Avalon Composite Terrane of Nova Scotia

J. D. Keppie, R. D. Dallmeyer, J. B. Murphy

Abstract: Implications of isotopic data from granitoid plutons in the Canso area, eastern Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia

J. Hill, T. Krogh, R. Theriault

Abstract: Late Precambrian basement - Silurian cover relationships and tectonostratigraphic affiliations in southern Newfoundland

B. H. O’Brien, S. J. O’Brien

Abstract: Late Precambrian U-Pb ages for the Brookville Gneiss, southern New Brunswick: implications for stratigraphy of the Avalon Terrane

C. E. White, S. M. Barr, M. L. Bevier

Abstract: Lithoprobe east marine deep seismic reflection data, Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine: pre-preliminary interpretation

C. E. Keen, W. Kay, J. D. Keppie, F. Marillier, B. McLean, G. Pe-Piper, G. S. Stockmal, J. W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Lode gold mineralization at Deer Cove, Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland

Karen S. Patey

Abstract: Metallogenesis of antimony-gold in Canadian Appalachian orogen compared with Hercynian-Mautitanide orogenic belt of western Europe and Morocco

D. J. Mossman, M. Leblanc, J. F. Burzynski

Abstract: Metallogeny of the Labrador Central Mineral Belt

Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Metallogeny related to plutonism in the Northern Abitibi Belt

E. H. Chown, J. Guha

Abstract: Middle Proterozoic evolution of the eastern Grenville Province and Grenvillian-Sveconorwegian orogenesis

Charles F. Gower

Abstract: Mining research at Potash Company of America in New Brunswick

B. V. Roulston, R. J. Beddoes

Abstract: Neutron calibration for fission track dating

Guodong Li, Raymond Donelick, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: New 40Ar/39Ar ages of gneissic, greenschist and contact metamorphisms in the eastern Creignish Hills, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Janet E. Campbell, Robert P. Raeside

Abstract: New palynological age dates, zonations, and stratigraphy in the Permo-Carboniferous strata of the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia

R. J. Ryan, R. C. Boehner, J. Calder, G. Dolby

Abstract: New Quaternary age dates in Atlantic Canada

R. R. Stea, R. J. Mott

Abstract: New radiometric data from basement rocks offshore Nova Scotia

L. F. Jansa, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Non-marine fossils of the Late Triassic-Early Jurassic Fundy Group of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Barry Cameron, Richard J. Jones

Abstract: Outline of the Grenville Province in Labrador

Toby Rivers

Abstract: Petrochemistry and tectonic setting of volcanic rocks in the Antinouri Lake Brook area, northern New Brunswick

Shyann LeBlanc

Abstract: Petrographic and geochemical evidence for a hypogene origin of granite-hosted, vein-type Mn mineralization at the New Ross Mn mines, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

G. A. O’Reilly

Abstract: Proterozoic tectonostratigraphy of the Avalonian-Cadomian belt: an example of orogenic activity at the extremity of a Late Proterozoic supercontinent

J. Brendan Murphy, R. Damian Nance

Abstract: Proton microbeam analysis of fluid inclusions from rare-element and miarolitic pegmatites

A. J. Anderson, J. D. MacArthur, A. H. Clark

Abstract: Provenance and thermal history of detrital sandstones of the Scotian Basin, offshore Nova Scotia, using apatite fission track and 40Ar/39 Ar methods

Alexander M. Grist, Peter H. Reynolds, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Quaternary geology and glacial history of Labrador: an overview

Martin J. Batterson

Abstract: Radon measurements in exploration, ground water surveys, and disaster prevention in coal mines

Guodong Li

Abstract: Rare metals (Y, Zi, Be, Nb, REE) in Labrador

R. R. Miller

Abstract: Rb/Sr and 40Ar/39 Ar geochronological studies of the tin-bearing East Kemptville leucogranite, southwest Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia: evidence for multiple episodes of tectono-thermal perturbations

D. J. Kontak, R. F. Cormier, P. H. Reynolds

Abstract: Recent advances in the geology of the South Mountain Batholith: anatomy and origin of a batholith

M. A. MacDonald, M. C. Corey, L. J. Ham, R. J. Horne, A. K. Chatterjee

Abstract: Role of volatiles in the petrogenesis of the Carboniferous North River and West Moose River plutons, Cobequid Highlands

Georgia Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Sedimentation at the Appalachian Thrust Front, Port Au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland

Randolph Corney

Abstract: Source-rock potential and maturation of Jurassic-Cretaceous sediments and their relation to hydrocarbon occurrence and overpressuring

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, J. A. Wade, M. G. Fowler, M. Avery

Abstract: Sphalerite/dolomite stratigraphy and the tectonic origin of an MVT deposit, Daniel’s Harbour, western Newfoundland

T. Lane

Abstract: Strike-slip motion along the Baie Verte Line, Newfoundland

Laurel B. Goodwin, Paul F. Williams

Abstract: Structural setting of Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag mineralization in the northern Purcell Anticlinorium, southeast British Columbia

A. J. Pope

Abstract: Structure and significance of the Acadian deformation front, western Newfoundland

John W. F. Waldron, Glen Stockmal

Abstract: Synthetic aperture radar: a valuable remote sensing tool for the geoscientist in Newfoundland

R. T. Gillespie

Abstract: Tectonic map of Pre-Mesozoic terranes in Circum-Atlantic Phanerozoic orogens: a 1:5,000,000 compilation

J. D. Keppie, R. D. Dallmeyer

Abstract: The Davis Lake Pluton: results from recent mapping

Linda J. Ham, Michael A. MacDonald

Abstract: The Deer Cove mesothermal lode gold deposit, Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland

K. S. Patey, D. H. C. Wilton

Abstract: The Fleming chert-breccia, Labrador Trough, Labrador

T. Birkett

Abstract: The geochemistry and origin of the Bourne Complex, northwestern Ellesmere Island, Canada

Andrew S. Henry

Abstract: The geology of the continental margin of eastern Canada


Abstract: The Grenville front fold and thrust belt in western Labrador

Jeroen Van Gool

Abstract: The La Poile Group, the Hope Brook gold mine and geochronology

Peter W. Stewart, Greg R. Dunning

Abstract: The southeastern margin of Laurentia ca. 1.7 Ga: the case of the missing crust

R. J. Wardle, C. F. Gower, A. Kerr

Abstract: The stratigraphy of the Alberta foreland basin: an interpretation in terms of Cordilleran tectonics

G. S. Stockmal

Abstract: Two U-Pb ages from the Upsalquitch Forks area, northern New Brunswick: economic and tectonic implications

Steven McCutcheon, Mary Lou Bevier

Abstract: U-Pb geochronology and the evolution of the Grenville Province of western Labrador

J. N. Connelly, L. Heaman, T. E. Krogh, T. Rivers

Abstract: U-Pb geochronology of Precambrian rocks, eastern Cobequid Highlands, Avalon Terrane, Nova Scotia

R. Doig, J. B. Murphy, R. D. Nance, G. Pe-Piper

Abstract: Volcanology of subaqueous felsic volcanic rocks, Mount Carleton area, north-western New Brunswick

Reg Wilson

An Arenig graptolite from Bell Island, eastern Newfoundland - its biostratigraphic and paleogeographic significance

S. Henry Williams

Field relations, petrography, and age of plutonic units in the Saint John area of southern New Brunswick

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr, Mary Lou Bevier, Kevin A. Deveau

Geological and 40Ar/39Ar geochronological constraints on the timing of quartz vein formation in Meguma Group lode-gold deposits, Nova Scotia

Daniel J. Kontak, Paul K. Smith, Peter Reynolds, Keith Taylor

Glacigenic postglacial faulting at Saint John, New Brunswick

B. E. Broster, K. B. S. Burke

Implications of field relations and U-Pb geochronology for the age of gold mineralization and timing of Acadian deformation in northern New Brunswick

Steven R. McCutcheon, Mary Lou Bevier

The Lake Bond deposit: superimposed volcanogenic and synorogenic base and precious metal mineralization in the Robert’s Arm Group, central Newfoundland

Karen A. Hudson, H. Scott Swinden

Lithofacies and basinal development of the type ‘Etcheminian Series’ (Lower Cambrian Ratcliffe Brook Formation), Saint John area, southern New Brunswick

S. K. Tanoli, R. K. Pickerill

New records of postglacial walrus and a review of Quaternary marine mammals in New Brunswick

Randall F. Miller

Nonmarine Paleodictyon from the Carboniferous Albert Formation of southern New Brunswick

Ron K. Pickerill

The petrogenesis of tin- and sulfide-lode mineralization at True Hill, southwestern New Brunswick

David Lentz, A. L. McAllister

Petrology of the Creignish Hills Pluton, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr, R. Mark Campbell

Post-Triassic mineralization in central New Brunswick: implications of the McBean Brook Zn-Pb-Ag occurrence

Russell M. Crosby, John D. Greenough, Donald Hattie, Dodda V. Venugopal

Revised stratigraphy of the Cookson Group of southwestern New Brunswick and adjacent Maine

L. R. Fyffe, J. Riva

Structural trends and basement rock subdivisions in the western Gulf of St. Lawrence, northern Appalachians

Paul W. Durling, François J. Y. Marillier

Structural trends and basement rock subdivisions in the western Gulf of St. Lawrence: Discussion

Clinton J. St. Peter, Leslie R. Fyffe

Structural trends and basement rock subdivisions in the western Gulf of St. Lawrence: Reply

P. Durling, F. Marillier

The structure of the Heath Steele Mines region, Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick

J. A. de Roo, C. Moreton, P. F. Williams, C. R. Van Staal

U-Pb geochronology of the Lime Hill gneissic complex, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

A. L. Sangster, P. A. Hunt, J. K. Mortensen