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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A compilation of eastern Canadian historic tsunamis

A. Ruffman

Abstract: A field study using the stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen to calculate evaporation

G. Glenn Bursey, T. W. D. Edwards

Abstract: A hydrogeological interpretation of trace metal concentrations in lake sediment in the Holyrood granite

R. MacLeod, J. E. Gale, J. A. Welhan

Abstract: A mineralised Early Carboniferous caldera complex, northern Cape Chignecto: a progress report

D. J. W. Piper, H. Pancura, G. Pe-Piper

Abstract: A mineralogical and fluid inclusion study of the West Gore Sb-Au deposit, central Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia: a possible high-level analogue for mesothermal Meguma Group lode-gold deposits

D. J. Kontak, P. K. Smith

Abstract: An occurrence of subsilicic orthopyroxene and Opx-Sp-Ru-Qtz assemblage in xenoliths of the Tangier Dike, southern Nova Scotia

A. K. Chatterjee, P. S. Giles

Abstract: An update on global change research in Canada: the view from a federal perspective

Alan V. Morgan

Abstract: Application of glacial geology in the assessment of neotectonics in coastal environments

B. E. Broster

Abstract: Applications of Geographic Information Systems in Quaternary geology

J. M. Aylsworth, J. R. Bélanger, S. Courtney, A. Prégent

Abstract: Applications of Quaternary mapping in New Brunswick

A. G. Pronk

Abstract: A previously unrecognized Lower Ordovician sequence in southern New Brunswick: evidence for multistage development of Iapetus?

M. J. McLeod, A. A. Ruitenberg, T. E. Krough

Abstract: Aquatic environmental monitoring

Deborah Steel Flynn

Abstract: A reappraisal of postglacial uplift, south shore of the St. Lawrence estuary, Québec

J. C. Dionne

Abstract: Biodegradation of lignite coal tar

R. G. L. McCready, S. Rajan, D. J. Barkley, L. A. Pokrajac, K. G. Crane

Abstract: CANPLOT: a PC-based program for plotting camera-ready pollen diagrams on a laser printer

Ian D. Campbell, John H. McAndrews

Abstract: Cape George Complex, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia: tectonic significance of Late Paleozoic deformation in a dextral strike-slip regime

Alger St-Jean

Abstract: Clean Water Act of New Brunswick and municipal wellfield protection program

R. A. Brinsmead

Abstract: Coalescence of Newfoundland and Labrador ice - evidence from land and sea, west central Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland

D. N. Proudfoot, Ali Aksu

Abstract: Coastal subglacial events of two competing lobes, north shore Lake Erie

Stephen R. Hicock

Abstract: Computer reconstructions of trilobites: a practical example

W. D. Boyce

Abstract: Constructional features and their relationship to sulphide deposits in the upper part of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus

J. S. Yang, J. M. Hall

Abstract: Contrasting greisens and associated granitoid rocks of the Davis Lake Pluton: implications for the origin of the East Kemptville tin deposit, Nova Scotia

A. K. Chatterjee, M. A. MacDonald

Abstract: Coticules: significance to stratigraphic and metallogenic studies in the northern Appalachians

W. W. Gardiner, D. V. Venugopal

Abstract: Current research into Carboniferous basin development in western Newfoundland and nearby areas, using geological and geophysical data

G. S. Langdon

Abstract: Description of post-glacial echinoderm fossiles from marine deposits in New Brunswick

Randall F. Miller

Abstract: Diatom responses to the Younger Dryas climatic cooling in sediments from lakes in southern New Brunswick

David J. Rawlence

Abstract: Early Carboniferous hydrothermal events of the western Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. D. Nearing

Abstract: Early Carboniferous hydrothermal events of the western Cobequid Highlands of Nova Scotia

J. D. Nearing

Abstract: Effects of natural organic acids on determining the inorganic chemistry of freshwaters

T. A. Clair

Abstract: Elemental analysis at Memorial

Henry P. Longerich, Simon E. Jackson, Brian J. Fryer, James K. Friel

Abstract: EM survey of suspected farm groundwater contamination

G. Keith Guzzwell, P. Geo

Abstract: Environmental and economic impacts or future shallow placer mining in Newfoundland: a pilot study

W.J. Scott, M. Emory-Moore, L. Davis

Abstract: Environmental monitoring at remote Arctic sites for local area studies

John D. Jacobs

Abstract: ESR dating of tooth enamel at Longola Spring Mound, Zambia

B. Blackwell, H. P. Schwarcz, K. Schick, N. Toth, N. Porat

Abstract: Foraminiferal test linings in palynological preparations from coastal marshes of Louisiana

S. W. Mathison, G. L. Chmura

Abstract: Fossil Coleoptera from Lismore, Nova Scotia: life before the Younger Dryas

Randall F. Miller, Alan V. Morgan

Abstract: Geology - applications in engineering and the environment in Newfoundland and Labrador

R. Cottingham

Abstract: Geology and environment; earth first?

A. G. Pronk

Abstract: Geoscience education and the GAC

Cyril F. O’Driscoll

Abstract: Glacial-marine events in Maine during the Late Wisconsin deglaciation

H. W. Borns, Jr., C. C. Dorion

Abstract: Glacial dispersion of clast lithologies: Lake George area, New Brunswick

S. A. Balzer, B. E. Broster

Abstract: Glacial processes explain the probable origin and aid in the exploitation of the Fredericton aquifer, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Gilman G. Violette, Dale I. Bray

Abstract: Glaciomarine underflow fan sedimentation, Placentia Bay, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

Ralph House, Norm Catto

Abstract: Gravel-dominated tidal flat, Come-By-Chance, Newfoundland: a coastline conditioned by glaciofluvial sedimentation

Norm Catto

Abstract: Halifax Harbour: the sedimentary record of a century of contamination

D. E. Buckley

Abstract: Heavy mineral dispersal in till: Todd Mountain, New Brunswick

E. R. C. Hornibrook, B. E. Broster

Abstract: High-Grade gneisses of the Blair River Complex in the northwestern Cape Breton Highlands

B. V. Miller

Abstract: Hydrothermal ore genesis: the role of carbon

M. Zentilli, M. C. Graves

Abstract: Ice scour in the geological record and its applicability to offshore oil and gas development

C. M. T. Woodworth-Lynas, J. I. Clark, F. Poorooshasb

Abstract: Ichnology of non-marine Carboniferous strata between Cheticamp and Inverness, northwestern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

D. G. Keighley, R. K. Pickerill

Abstract: ICP-MS trace element analyses of surface waters from fault zones in the eastern and western margins of the Dunnage tectonostratigraphic zones of the Newfoundland Appalachians

D. H. C. Wilton, S. E. Jackson, D. T. W. Evans

Abstract: Igneous provinces in the Circum-Atlantic orogens

J. B. Murphy

Abstract: In-situ trace element and isotope ratio determinations in rock-forming minerals using Laser Ablation Microprobe (LAM)-ICP-MS

Simon E. Jackson, Brian J. Fryer, Henry P. Longerich, Greg R. Dunning

Abstract: Interpretation of diatom distribution in Maritime postglacial lake sediments

David J. Rawlence

Abstract: Inundated cultural deposits from Montague Harbour, British Columbia: implications for post-glacial human occupation on the Pacific coast

N. Alexander Easton

Abstract: Inversion of Taconian structure during Acadian overthrusting, Port Au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland

G. S. Stockmal, J. W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Involvement of petroleum in the genesis of the Jubilee Zn-Pb deposit, Cape Breton Island

M. C. Graves, F. J. Hein

Abstract: Late glacial - early Holocene development of Canoran Lake, Nova Scotia, with reference to the Younger Dryas cooling

D. J. Rawlence, H. O. Black

Abstract: Late glacial - early postglacial environmental history of south central Newfoundland: evidence from the pollen and geochemical stratigraphy of lake sediments

Sheila R. Vardy

Abstract: Late glacial - Holocene history of Harrigan Lake, Saint John County, New Brunswick, based on fossil diatom and sedimentary pigment distribution

A. A. McAslan, D. J. Rawlence

Abstract: Late glacial and post-glacial history of the Tofino area, British Columbia

P. Bobrowsky, J. J. Clague

Abstract: Late Jurassic carbonates of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland

J. D. Harper, O. Soliman, V. Bennett

Abstract: Late Precambrian-Cambrian magmatic evolution of southern New Brunswick and southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

S. M. Barr, C. E. White, M. L. Bevier, E. Hegner

Abstract: Late Wisconsinan glaciation on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia: evidence from offshore

D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Late Wisconsinan stratigraphy, New Sharon and Mercer, Maine

Thomas K. Weddle

Abstract: Lithoprobe east: 650 km of deep seismic reflection profile across the Appalachians, onshore Newfoundland

J. Hall, G. Quinlan, B. Roberts, J. A. Wright, C. Spencer

Abstract: Lithostratigraphic revision of the Upper Carboniferous to Lower Permian strata of the Cumberland and Pictou groups in the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia, and the regional implications for the Maritimes Basin

R. J. Ryan, R. C. Boehner, J. H. Calder

Abstract: Marine geology of Baie des Chaleurs

James P. M. Syvitski

Abstract: Microbial treatment of acidic drainage at Halifax International Airport

R. G. L. McCready, G. Bechard, S. Rajan

Abstract: Modelling the dynamics of southern Ontario forest during the Little Ice Age

Ian D. Campbell

Abstract: Neodymium isotopic evidence for interaction of mantle and crustal components in the genesis of A-type granite suites in Labrador

Andrew Kerr, Brian J. Fryer

Abstract: New base metal discovery in the Siluro-Devonian Tobique Belt, New Brunswick

R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Nova Scotia farm well water quality assurance study

D. Briggins, D. Moerman, R. Rowe

Abstract: Ocean crustal thickness and chemistry correlated with the initial crestal depth when the crust formed at the mid-ocean ridge

M. J. Keen, R. Courtney, G. M. Purdy, J. McClain

Abstract: Organic sediment load in modern glaciers, Bylot Island, Northwest Territories

M. Bouchard, W. W. Shilts

Abstract: Paleo-Indian in the Maritimes

P. Allen, D. Keenlyside

Abstract: Paleoentomology and the resolution of the Younger Dryas in western Europe and in eastern North America

Alan V. Morgan

Abstract: Paleozoic ironstones of the Canadian Appalachians

G. Yeo

Abstract: Paraglacial alpine karst: Small River Glacier, British Columbia

David Hayes Huntley

Abstract: Pleistocene stratigraphy and late glacial events in central and northern New Brunswick

M. Lamothe

Abstract: Potential source rocks for gold in Meguma-hosted auriferous vein deposits, Nova Scotia

A. K. Chatterjee, P. K. Smith

Abstract: Problems of vitrinite reflectance in Scotian Basin and its relation to overpressuring and hydrocarbon generation

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, J. A. Wade, M. P. Avery

Abstract: Proterozoic orogens of Labrador: analogues for the deeper levels of Phanerozoic orogens

R. J. Wardle

Abstract: Quaternary and environmental geology of the proposed Site C hydroelectric dam Peace River region, British Columbia

Norm Catto

Abstract: Quaternary geology of New Brunswick: seven years later

A. A. Seaman, A. G. Pronk, M. A. Parkhill

Abstract: Quaternary map of Nova Scotia

R. Stea

Abstract: Quaternary studies and gold exploration in the British Columbia Intermontane Belt

Vic M. Levson, Dan E. Kerr

Abstract: Rare metals and rare earths in Labrador

Randy R. Miller

Abstract: Recent bedrock geomorphology of the Niagara Escarpment, Niagara, Ontario

R. E. Stenson

Abstract: Regional analysis or iceberg scours: an application for GIS

Alvin Simms

Abstract: Sea level history of the Gulf of St. Lawrence

H. W. Josenhans, D. D. Smith, J. Zevenhuizen

Abstract: Sedimentation at the Appalachian thrust front, Port Au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland

R. Corney, J. W. F. Waldron, G. S. Stockmal

Abstract: Sedimentation in the inner Cornwallis Estuary, Minas Basin, Nova Scotia: implications for contaminant accumulation

G. Yeo, E. Bishop, A. Dickinson, R. Faas

Abstract: Sedimentology of Quaternary glaciomarine deposits, Springdale - Hall’s Bay area, Newfoundland

Sharon Scott, Norm Catto, David G. E. Liverman

Abstract: Seismic clues to Carboniferous basin development in the Moncton Subbasin, New Brunswick

W. A. Nickerson

Abstract: Seismic interpretation, potential overthrust geology and mineral deposits in the Kennetcook Basin, Nova Scotia

R. C. Boehner

Abstract: Seismic reflection interpretation for evaporites in the Moncton Subbasin, New Brunswick

K. Howells, B. V. Roulston

Abstract: Seismic study of bedrock geology, Gulf of St. Lawrence region

A. C. Grant, B. V. Sanford

Abstract: SEM study on the cuticular structure of some medullosan foliage from the Upper Carboniferous of the Sydney Coalfield

Z. Gao, E. L. Zodrow

Abstract: Silurian cover, Late Precambrian - Early Ordovician basement and the chronology of Silurian orogenesis in the Hermitage Flexure: implications for gold metallogeny in southwest Newfoundland

B. H. O’Brien, S. J. O’Brien, G. R. Dunning

Abstract: Siluro-Devonian tectonostratigraphic relationships, western margin of Elmtree Inlier, northern New Brunswick

J. A. Walker, S. Gower, S. Leblanc

Abstract: Specification of earth resources satellites and their utility for environmental geology

M. S. Akhavi

Abstract: Structural features and tectonic implications of a sub-horizontal cleavage in metavolcanics and metaturbidites of the Jeffers Group, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

T. R. Stokes, J. B. Murphy

Abstract: Structural features map in the Magdalen Basin, from seismic reflection data

P. Durling, F. Marillier

Abstract: Study of soil plugging beneath a manure lagoon

J. Robinson

Abstract: Surficial geology of the Nepisiguit Lakes and California Lake areas, Miramichi Highlands, northern New Brunswick

Michael A. Parkhill

Abstract: Surficial geology of the Nepisiguit Lakes map area, emphasizing till clast composition, Miramichi Highlands, north-central New Brunswick

M. A. Parkhill

Abstract: Surficial pop-ups as geological indicators of major seismicity in eastern North America

J. L. Wallach, J. R. Bowlby, G. H. McFall, D. A. McKay, A. A. Mohajer

Abstract: Tectonic activity and the development of igneous layering

J. B. Murphy

Abstract: Tectonic significance of the St. Croix Terrane, southwestern New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Textural development in experimental shear zones using analogue materials

C. J. Beaumont-Smith, P. F. Williams

Abstract: The application of precise coal rank determination to structural geology interpretations

P. A. Hacquebard

Abstract: The Bateman Brook Metamorphic Suite at the Aspy/Bras d’Or terrane boundary in the Cape Breton Highlands: intermixed mylonitized blocks of other units?

D. W. A. McMullin, S. M. Barr, R. P. Raeside

Abstract: The chronology and expression of the Younger Dryas cooling in Atlantic Canada

Francis Mayle, Les C. Cwynar

Abstract: The effects of uncertainty on compaction, pressure, temperature and maturity modelling of the Sable Subbasin

Kevin DesRoches

Abstract: The Late Wisconsinan deglaciation of the Riding Mountain Uplands: the superglacial lake phase

R. A. McGinn

Abstract: The metamorphic distinction of tectonostratigraphic terranes in Nova Scotia

R. P. Raeside

Abstract: The move towards environmental geochemistry

Colin E. Dunn

Abstract: The Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps programme

W. D. Smith

Abstract: The proposed wilderness research centre of the Labrador Institute of Northern Studies, Memorial University

D. Wilton

Abstract: The structural evolution of the northern segment of the Dunnage/Gander zone boundary, Newfoundland

L. B. Goodwin, P. P. O’Neil

Abstract: The thermal evolution of the Maritimes Basin: evidence from apatite fission track analysis and organic maturation data

R. J. Ryan, A. Grist, M. Zentilli

Abstract: The Willowbank mudflat: sediment grain-size analysis and Corophium population distributions

Bradley MacDonald

Abstract: Tidal facies and stratigraphy of a muddy macrotidal estuary in the southern bight of the Minas Basin, and potential for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) monitoring of active intertidal areas

G. Yeo, N. McDow, B. Tetley

Abstract: Timing and pattern of glacial retreat, east-central Ellesmere Island and northwestern Greenland

Weston Blake, Jr.

Abstract: Trends in the earth science education in the schools

Jack Botsford, Barry Ledrew

Abstract: U-Th-Pb systematics of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

A. K. Chatterjee, L. J. Ham

Abstract: Variations in LIL elements, HFS elements and REES within the Davis Lake Pluton, southwestern Nova Scotia

A. K. Chatterjee, R. J. Horne

Abstract: Vertical stratigraphic sequence of the Bluesky Formation in west-central Alberta and implications for a depositional model

Janice LeDrew

Applications of surficial mapping to forest management in New Brunswick

A. G. Pronk, A. A. Ruitenberg

A coal-sulfur model for Sydney Coalfield (Upper Carboniferous), Nova Scotia, Canada

Erwin L. Zodrow

The Crescent Lake copper deposit, central Newfoundland: deep levels of a volcanogenic hydrothermal system?

Craig J. Waldie, E. Craig Jowett, H. Scott Swinden

The formation and draining of late Wisconsinan superglacial lakes on the Riding Mountain Uplands, Manitoba

R. A. McGinn

Geology and environmental change: a New Brunswick perspective

A. G. Pronk

Glacial dispersal of heavy minerals in late Wisconsinan till, central New Brunswick

E. R. C. Hornibrook, B. E. Broster, W. W. Gardiner, A. G. Pronk

Granite and associated mafic phases, North River pluton, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

Georgia Pe-Piper

La région de Charlevoix-Kamouraska (Québec): gravité et géologie

Maurice K.- Seguin, J. Rondot, J. Frydecki

Late-glacial Coleoptera fauna from Lismore, Nova Scotia

Randall F. Miller, Alan V. Morgan

Lithofacies analysis of the Catfish Creek till: Bradtville, Ontario

David H. Huntley

A note on the occurrence of Arthrophycus in the Bell Island Group of eastern Newfoundland

Ron K. Pickerill, Denis Fillion, Pat J. Brenchley

Ordovician chitinous hydroids from Hudson Strait, District of Franklin, Northwest Territories

Merrell A. Miller, Graham L. Williams

Quaternary marine deposits of the Springdale - Hall’s Bay area, Newfoundland

Sharon Scott, Norm Catto, David Liverman

Residual gravity modelling of the Mount Mégantic intrusive complex, Québec, Canada

Maurice K. Seguin, Janusz Frydecki

A review of echinoderms from Pleistocene marine deposits near Saint John, New Brunswick

Randall F. Miller, Donald F. McAlpine

Revised stratigraphy of the Cookson Group in eastern Maine and southwestern New Brunswick: an alternate view

Allan Ludman

The role of fluids in the late-stage evolution of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia: further geochemical and oxygen isotopic studies

Daniel J. Kontak, Robert Kerrich, David F. Strong

The trace fossil Neonereites multiserialis Pickerill and Harland, 1988 from the Devonian Wapske Formation, northwest New Brunswick

Ron K. Pickerill