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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: 1953 to 1993: a look at the history of the Bathurst Mining Camp, northern New Brunswick

M. A. Parkhill, S. R. McCutcheon, M. Belland

Abstract: 40Ar/39Ar ages from the Lewis Hills ophilotic massif, west Newfoundland (poster)

A. M. McCaig, D. Rex

Abstract: Absolute timing of thrust faulting - a thermochronological approach

D. C. Arne

Abstract: Acoustic measurements of sediment transport processes in the nearshore zone

A. E. Hay

Abstract: A history of quartz veining, deformation and gold mineralization at the Ovens, southern Nova Scotia

R. Horne, N. Culshaw, D. J. Kontak

Abstract: Alleghanian dextral transtension along a portion of the Carolina slate belt-Milton belt boundary, North Carolina (poster)

J. K. Wilkins, J. P. Hibbard, G. S. Shell, Jr.

Abstract: A method to refine the palinspastic restoration of Late Proterozoic Avalonian-Cadomian belt

J. B. Murphy, R. D. Nance

Abstract: A model for terrane accretion in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and its implications for tectonic evolution of the northern Appalachian orogen

S. M. Barr, R. P. Raeside, B. V. Miller, C. E. White

Abstract: A new archive: Late Quaternary climatic reconstruction using the deepwater coral Desmophyllum cristagalli

J. E. Smith, M. J. Risk, A. Ruffman, P. Mudie

Abstract: Anisotrophy of ore-stage fracture permeability in a porphyry copper system: a response to regional shear

D. D. Lindsay

Abstract: An overview of the surficial and shallow bedrock geology of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland

G. B. J. Fader, R. O. Miller

Abstract: Apatite fission track thermochronometry from central Alberta: implications for the thermal history of the western Canada sedimentary basin

C. E. Ravenhurst, S. D. Willett, C. Beaumont, R. A. Donelick

Abstract: Appalachian terranes and structure of the central mobile belt: a paleomagnetic perspective of Newfoundland’s geology

B. A. van der Pluijm, R. van der Voo

Abstract: Arc rivals of the Taconian orogeny in western New England

P. Karabinos, H. M. Stoll, J. C. Hepburn

Abstract: Arenig and younger evolution of the Gander margin: a comparison of the New Brunswick and Newfoundland segments

C. van Staal, G. Dunning, P. Valverde, J. Burgess, M. Brown

Abstract: A shear system in the Meguma Group and Whiterock Formation - Yarmouth to Meteghan, southwest Nova Scotia

N. Culshaw

Abstract: Big Bald Mountain project geology of Mountain Brook-Stony Brook area, NTS 21 O/1h

R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Brachiopods as indicators of early Ordovician paleogeography (poster)

D. A. T. Harper, C. M. Niocall, R. B. Neuman, S. H. Williams

Abstract: Calcareous paleosols as indicators of climato-eustatic change in the Late Carboniferous Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia

S. K. Tandon, M. R. Gibling, W. G. Wightman

Abstract: Candidates for rocks of the Appalachian Central Mobile Belt in the Aspy Terrane of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

S. Lin, C. R. van Staal, S. M. Barr, Y. Chen

Abstract: Collisional tectonics along the Appalachian margin of Laurentia: constraints from Corner Brook Lake and Baie Verte

P. A. Cawood, G. R. Dunning, J. A. M. van Gool, D. Lux

Abstract: Collisional tectonics in the Humber zone of the Vermont-Quebec Appalachian orogen (poster)

B. L. Doolan, M. Colpron

Abstract: Contrasting isotopic signatures as constraints for the paleogeographic reconstruction of the Avalon Composite Terrane

J. B. Murphy, D. R. Nance, J. D. Keppie, J. Dostal, B. L. Cousens

Abstract: Deformational events and their timing along the Cape Ray Fault, Newfoundland Appalachians

B. Dubé, K. Lauziere, G. Dunning, C. Roddick

Abstract: Depositional and economic aspects of Upper Carboniferous coal measures in the Gulf of St. Lawrence-Sydney Basin region

A. C. Grant

Abstract: Depositional model for the Early Cretaceous Paddy Member of the Peace River Formation, northwestern Alberta

Ritchie Tobin

Abstract: Developing model for the southern Appalachians

J. Hibbard

Abstract: Devono-Carboniferous volcanic and plutonic rocks of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

A. A. Arnott, G. A. MacDougall, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Devono-Carboniferous volcanic and plutonic rocks of the Guysborough area, northern Nova Scotia

C. F. M. Cormier, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Did petroleum seeps concentrate bacteria to produce deep-water limestone mounds of Carboniferous age in Cape Breton Island?

Ellen Tobey

Abstract: Dunnage-Gander boundaries, and some aspects of terrane evolution in Newfoundland

M. A. J. Piasecki

Abstract: Early Caradoc (Late Ordovician) graptolites from the Elmtree Formation, Tetagouche Group, northern New Brunswick

M. J. Melchin, S. R. McCutcheon, J. A. Walker

Abstract: Effects of progressive variation in rifting on lithofacies architecture

I. K. Sinclair

Abstract: Environmental impact of shallow water small-scale marine placer mining

I. B. Clark, L. Davis, W. J. Scott

Abstract: Evolution of recesses and salients of an orogenic belt from promontories and embayments of a rifted continental margin

W. A. Thomas, B. M. Whiting

Abstract: Evolving fluvial systems from the Mabou-Cumberland groups (Namurian-Westphalian A) of western Cape Breton Island, eastern Canada

D. G. Keighley, R. K. Pickerill

Abstract: Experimental evaluation of the relative acid drainage potential of pyrite and pyrrhotite

I. N. MacInnis, S. R. Silver, J. Pasava, M. C. Graves, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Exploring the wreck of the Titanic: seabed processes at 3800 metres in the North Atlantic

S. M. Blasco

Abstract: Faulting and progressive strain history of the Gaspé Belt during the middle Devonian Acadian orogeny: tectonic implications

M. Malo, D. Kirkwood

Abstract: Fault structure beneath fossil ice keel scour marks

C. M. T. Woodworth-Lynas, J. L. Clark, T. J. Calon

Abstract: Faunal provincialism and paleogeography of lapetus - an update for the 90s

H. S. Williams, D. A. T. Harper, R. B. Neuman, W. D. Boyce, C. M. Niocaill

Abstract: Fisheries for shellfish in Newfoundland

K. S. Naidu

Abstract: Gamma-gamma (density) calibrations using the EMR facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

K. Howells, D. Clarke

Abstract: Geochemical and isotopic signatures of Cambro-Ordovician volcanism and plutonism in the Notre Dame Subzone, Newfoundland Appalachians; magmatic evolution of the Laurentian margin of lapetus

H. S. Swinden, G. A. Jenner, A. Z. Szybinski

Abstract: Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Late Cretaceous bentonites from the Kanguk Formation, Axel Heiberg and Ellesmere islands, Canadian High Arctic

M. B. Parsons, G. K. Muecke

Abstract: Geochronology and regional tectonic implications of Silurian deformation in the Nashoba Terrane, southeast New England

J. C. Hepburn, G. R. Dunning, R. Hon

Abstract: Groundwater fluoride concentration levels in private water supply wells in Annapolis Valley region, Nova Scotia

Susan G. Jennings

Abstract: Groundwater fluoride concentration levels in private water supply wells in the eastern Annapolis Valley region, Nova Scotia

S. G. Jennings, S. J. Sweeney

Abstract: Hank Williams - meticulous scientist wielding a broad brush

E. R. Neale

Abstract: How far were the Newfoundland Taconian allochthons transported during the Salinic and Acadian orogenies?

J. W. F. Waldron, G. S. Stockmal

Abstract: Ichnology of the Lower Devonian Wapske Formation, northwest New Brunswick

Y. Han, R. K. Pickerill

Abstract: Land-use planning, resource management, and surficial geology in New Brunswick

A. G. Pronk

Abstract: Late Neoproterozoic Precambrian development of Gondwana

N. Rast, J. W. Skehan

Abstract: Late Precambrian-Earty Cambrian orogeny in the South Carolina piedmont

A. J. Dennis, J. E. Wright, D. T. Secor

Abstract: Late Proterozoic tectonic events in the Avalon Terrane including the Cadomian and Pan-African (poster)

J. W. Skehan, N. Rast

Abstract: Late Wisconsinan and Holocene events on the northeast Newfoundland coast and inner shelf

J. Shaw, D. L. Forbes, K. A. Edwardson

Abstract: Late Wisconsinan subaqueous outwash deposits in northeast Newfoundland

M. Munro, N. Catto

Abstract: Lead arsenate occurrence in urbanized former orchard lands, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

A. D. McKnight, S. J. Sweeney

Abstract: Lower palaeozoic circum-Atlantic history from the Late Precambrian to the Middle Devonian

K. T. Pickering, A. G. Smith

Abstract: Lower Paleozoic foredeep basin fill in western Newfoundland

L. Quinn

Abstract: Marine mining - this is reality

R. H. T. Garnett

Abstract: Marine refraction data reveals atypical thin crust under the central Newfoundland Appalachians (poster)

F. Marillier, I. Reid

Abstract: Microfossil evidence of Holocene salinities and sea levels in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and off the northeast coast of Newfoundland

Geoffrey W. Davis

Abstract: Neoproterozoic basement-cover relationships and the tectono-magmatic record of the Avalon Zone on the Hermitage peninsula and environs, Newfoundland

S. J. O’Brien, R. D. Tucker, C. F. O’Driscoll

Abstract: Northwest-vergent thrusting and tectonic wedging associated with Silurian promontory-promontory collision in the Canadian Appalachians

S. Lin, C. R. van Staal, B. Dubé

Abstract: Organic matter involvement in the genesis of epigenetic, predominantly volcanic-hosted, strata-bound copper deposits in Chile

M. Zentilli, F. Munizaga, P. K. Mukhopadhyay, M. C. Graves, R. Boric

Abstract: Palaeobiogeography and faunal dynamics in the lower to middle Ordovician of western Newfoundland of the lapetus Ocean region

S. Stouge, W. D. Boyce

Abstract: Paleoenvironmental analysis of trace fossils of selected Jeanne d’Arc Basin wells

Jody Hodder

Abstract: Palinspastic analysis of the Taconian and Acadian hinterland in central Vermont (poster)

R. S. Stanley, D. C. Martin, M. J. Warren

Abstract: Petrographic and geochemical evaluation of the mantle-plume hypothesis for the opening of the Devono-Carboniferous Magdalen Basin

G. Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Pluton emplacement by wall-rock thrusting and roof lifting in the western Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

G. Pe-Piper, I. Koukouvelas, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Preliminary geological map of the Little River, Tomogonops River map area (21 P/4 west), Bathurst Camp, northern New Brunswick

J. P. Langton

Abstract: Preliminary results of a search for an onshore record of the 1929 Grand Banks tsunami

A. Ruffman, M. Tuttle

Abstract: Recharge region of the surficial aquifer in the College Brook Catchment, Wolfville, Nova Scotia: preliminary assessment

J. C. Surette, S. J. Sweeney

Abstract: Review of volcanic and sedimentary terrane correlation between the Canadian Appalachians and British Caledonides

J. Winchester, C. van Staal

Abstract: Seabed geology and processes of the Hibernia and surrounding area, northeastern Grand Bank

G. V. Sonnichsen, K. Moran, C. F. M. Lewis, G. B. J. Fader

Abstract: Sedimentology and paleoclimate of the Pennsylvanian Hub Cyclothem, Cape Breton

K. D. I. Saunders, M. R. Gibling

Abstract: Silurian-Devonian subsidence history of the Arisaig Group, Nova Scotia: a record of terrane interaction?

J. W. F. Waldron, J. B. Murphy

Abstract: Soft-sediment striated surfaces and massive diamicton facies produced by floating ice

C. M. T. Woodworth-Lynas, J. A. Dowdeswell

Abstract: Sources and pathways of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in St. John’s most famous body of water

V. O’Malley, J. Hellou, L. Winsor, T. Abrajano

Abstract: Stratigraphic and structural significance of a new Late Ordovician graptolite locality in the Elmtree Formation of northern New Brunswick

S. R. McCutcheon, J. A. Walker, M. J. Melchin

Abstract: Stratigraphy, sedimentology and geochemistry of the Cottrells Cove Group (Buchans-Robert’s Arm volcanic belt): implications for terrane boundaries in the Dunnage Zone

T. Dec, S. H. Swinden, G. R. Dunning

Abstract: Structural trends from seismic reflection data in St. Georges Bay, Nova Scotia

P. Durling, K. Howells, P. Harvey, F. Marillier

Abstract: Surficial geology and glacial dispersal around the Captain North Extension massive sulphide deposit, northern New Brunswick

M. A. Parkhill, A. Doiron

Abstract: Tectonically driven fluid migration in the west Newfoundland platform: record of dolomitization, breccia, Pb-Zn and carbonate cements (poster)

T. Lane

Abstract: Tectonic and paleogeographic significance of Late Ordovician conodonts in the Canadian Appalachians (poster)

G. S. Nowlan, A. D. McCracken, M. J. McLeod

Abstract: Tectonic significance of high-pressure metamorphic rocks and dextral strike-slip faulting in the southern Appalachians

M. G. Adams, K. G. Stewart, C. H. Trupe, R. A. Willard

Abstract: Tectonostratigraphic development of the northeastern extremity of the Dunnage Zone in Newfoundland

K. L. Currie

Abstract: Tectonostratigraphy, event horizons, subduction cycles and plate rotations in the development of the Scandinavian Caledonides

D. Roberts, B. A. Sturt

Abstract: The behaviour of quaternary debris flows on the northeast Newfoundland slope

A. M. Mahgoub

Abstract: The Carolina Terrane: is it part of Avalon?

S. D. Samson

Abstract: The consequences and possible causes of deformation partitioning in the Gander Lake Subzone, northeast Newfoundland

R. E. Holdsworth, R. D’Lemos

Abstract: The evolution of the Clew Bay Fault Zone (Baie Verte-Brompton Line) and associated zones in western Ireland

J. F. Dewey, P. D. Ryan

Abstract: The geology of the eastern St. Mary’s Basin, central mainland Nova Scotia

J. B. Murphy, T. R. Stokes

Abstract: The Late Carboniferous thermal history of the Meguma Terrane as revealed from 40Ar/39Ar dating at the east Kemptville and Gays River mineral deposits, Nova Scotia

D. J. Kontak

Abstract: The lithogeochemistry and metallogeny of the southern Tobique Zone, New Brunswick

A. A. Ruitenberg

Abstract: The mysterious disappearance of the Great Auk and Northern Cod: is the northwest Atlantic ecosystem in crisis?

R. G. Coombs

Abstract: The November 18, 1929 ‘Tidal Wave’: Canada’s most tragic earthquake

A. Ruffman

Abstract: The potential for surface subsidence related to crown pillar failure in abandoned mines at Goldenville, Nova Scotia

J. D. Hill

Abstract: The relationship between migmatization and granite magmatism in the northeastern Gander zone: evidence from Sm-Nd isotopic characteristics (poster)

R. D’Lemos, T. King, R. Holdsworth

Abstract: Thermal history of the Scotian Basin, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada: evidence from apatite fission track analysis

G. Li, M. Zentilli, C. Ravenhurst

Abstract: The St. Mary’s Basin, central mainland Nova Scotia: Late Paleozoic basin formation and deformation along the Avalon-Meguma terrane boundary (poster)

J. B. Murphy, R. J. Rice, T. R. Stokes

Abstract: The status of the Great Glen Fault, Scotland

T. Harris

Abstract: The use of “sieve models” in introductory geological mapping

L. Ferguson

Abstract: The ‘Bristle Cones’ of the ocean: a new palaeo-oceanographic archive found in the solitary deepwater coral Desmophyllum cristagalli from Ophan Knoll

A. Ruffman, P. J. Mudie

Cenozoic micropaleontological biostratigraphy of the LASMO/NSR(V)L Cohasset Producer CP1 P-51 well, Scotian Shelf

F. C. Thomas

Comparison of clast and matrix dispersal in till: Canterbury area, New Brunswick

Solweig A. Balzer, Bruce E. Broster

D/H in beetle chitin from the late-glacial Lismore site in eastern Canada: supplementary note

Randall F. Miller

Early Carboniferous gabbro and basalt in the St. Peters area, southern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

S. M. Barr, A. L. Grammatikopoulos, G. R. Dunning

Geochemistry of the Annidale Group: implications for the tectonic setting of Lower Ordovician volcanism in southwestern New Brunswick

M. J. McLeod, J. A. Winchester, A. A. Ruitenberg

Isocrinid crinoids from the late Cenozoic of Jamaica

Stephen K. Donovan

A Lower Palaeozoic ‘onychophoran’ reinterpreted as a pelmatozoan (stalked echinoderm) column

Freek Rhebergen, Stephen K. Donovan

The nature and origin of enclaves in four peraluminous granitoid intrusions from the Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia

Marcus C. Tate

The Noggin Cove Formation: a Middle Ordovician back-arc basin deposit in northeastern Newfoundland

D. H. Johnston, H. Williams, K. L. Currie

Note: U-Pb baddeleyite dating clarifies age of characteristic paleomagnetic remanence of Long Range dykes, southeastern Labrador

Sandra L. Kamo, Charles F. Gower

A note on the geochemistry of some shales from the Bathurst-Newcastle Mining Camp, northern New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe

Palichnology of the Lower Devonian Wapske Formation, Perth-Andover-Mount Carleton region, northwestern New Brunswick, eastern Canada

Yaojun Han, Ron K. Pickerill

Petrology, petrogenesis and tectonic setting of plutonic rocks in the North Mountain area, west-central Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Mario F. Justino, Sandra M. Barr

Phycodes templus isp. nov. from the Lower Devonian of northwestern New Brunswick, eastern Canada

Yaojun Han, Ron K. Pickerill

Potential field interpretation of the Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland, utilizing constraints from Lithoprobe East Seismic line 89-13

Hugh G. Miller, R. Wiseman

A revised interpretation of Cambrian and Ordovician rocks in the Bourinot belt of central Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr, Mary Lou Bevier, Sandra Kamo

Surficial sediments and post-glacial relative sea-level history, Hamilton Sound, Newfoundland

J. Shaw, K. A. Edwardson

Thoughts on the evolution of modern oceans

I. S. Gramberg