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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: Acid drainage from black slates of the Halifax Formation: is there need for further work?

D. Fox, I. MacInnis, K. Knee, M. Zentilli, M. Graves

Abstract: Acid mine drainage and the Cape Breton coal industry

A. Peach

Abstract: A geographical information system approach to geotechnical data

L. St. Croix

Abstract: Amazon deep-sea fan facies classification scheme

M. D. Deptuck

Abstract: Analysis of landsat thematic mapper imagery of the Framboise/Mira region, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: drumlin and till classification and distribution

G. Day, I. S. Spooner

Abstract: Application of apatite fission track analysis to hydrocarbon research in the Atlantic Provinces

M. Zentilli

Abstract: Application of organic petrology and organic geochemistry in characterizing the pollution in recent sediments - an example from the Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia

P. K. Mukhopadhyay, M. A. Kruge, L. D. Stasiuk

Abstract: Applications of GIS in water resources management

A. Beersing, P. Neary

Abstract: A study of carbonate rocks from the late Visean to Namurian Mabou Group, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

T. L. Allen

Abstract: Carbonate microbial mounds, mineralized vents, periplatformal oozes, and slump domes in Macumber equivalents, eastern Cape Breton

E. D. Tobey, M. McConnell, P. E. Schenk, P. H. von Bitter

Abstract: CARIS GIS, a mineral exploration information system (MEIS) geocompilation project for the Big Bald Mountain region, NTS sheet 21/01 New Brunswick

R. W. W. van de Poll, H. W. van de Poll

Abstract: Characterizing atmospheric sulphur in eastern Newfoundland using lichens and rain

Nicholle Evans

Abstract: Chemical composition of detrital apatite as an indicator of sedimentary provenance and as a modifier of fission track age: Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic archipelago

M. Collins, D. Arne

Abstract: Clues to the structural evolution of the Bathurst Mining Camp from a rotated garnet porphyroblast

J. P. Langton, S. R. McCutcheon

Abstract: Coalbed methane - a new energy source for Nova Scotia?

D. J. MacDonald

Abstract: Coalbed methane potential, Gulf of St. Lawrence region, eastern Canada

A. C. Grant

Abstract: Computer-aided reclassification of the trilobite superfamilies Ptychopariacea, Conocoryphacea, Nepeacea, and Solenopleuridae......or blind trilobites could use come C.A.R.R.O.T.S.I

D. Boyce

Abstract: Construction of geological databases from regional surveys

J. P. Hayes

Abstract: Deglaciation of the inner Scotian Shelf, Nova Scotia: correlation of land-sea events

R. R. Stea, D. B. Scott, G. B. J. Fader

Abstract: Deposition and deformation of the Stellarton Formation, Nova Scotia: strike-slip motion at the southern margin of the Magdalen Basin

J. W. F. Waldron, K. Howells

Abstract: Detrital and metamorphic ages from the Meguma Group, Mahone Bay area: 40Ar/39Ar data from muscovite separates and whole rock samples

R. J. Hicks, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: Developing a mass balance around an electrical generating plant burning Nova Scotia coal

J. J. G. Lajeunesse

Abstract: Development and use of the shotpoint location system in the Newfoundland offshore area

J. McIntyre, W. Dohey

Abstract: Devonian - Carboniferous volcanic and gabbroic rocks in Guysborough County and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

S. M. Barr, C. F. M. Cormier, C. E. White, G. R. Dunning

Abstract: Early Carboniferous (Visean) carbonate breccias in the Windsor Group: multiple origins and metallogenic significance

D. Lavoie, F. Fallara, M. M. Savard

Abstract: Earthquakes and tsunamis of eastern Canada: cause for concern?

A. Ruffman

Abstract: Earth sciences GIS at the university level; opportunities for teaching, research and development

H. W. van de Poll, R. W. W. van de Poll

Abstract: Fission track dating of natural and man-made glasses: calibration and problems

G. B. Pemberton

Abstract: Fluid inclusion studies of carbonate-hosted mineral deposits in the basal Windsor Group of Nova Scotia: generation of high-temperature, high-salinity fluids as a consequence of an anomalous geothermal gradient or dewatering of a sedimentary basin

D. J. Kontak, G. Chi, M. Savard, D. F. Sangster

Abstract: Gaining knowledge, changing perceptions and creating awareness - the results of earth science education

H. V. Donohoe, Jr.

Abstract: Gas chromatographic analysis of organic molecules in fluid inclusions within sulphide ore minerals

N. S. F. Wilson, G. MacLeod

Abstract: Geological mapping in the Stellarton Gap (NTS 11E/7, 9, 10, 15), a status report

F. W. Chandler

Abstract: Geological setting and characteristics of Siluro-Devonian porphyry-related Cu-Au skarn deposits in northern New Brunswick

D. R. Lentz, J. A. Walker, S. J. Gower

Abstract: Geology of the northeastern end of the Indian Mountain uplift, New Brunswick

C. St. Peter

Abstract: Geology of the Slacks Lake area, Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe, R. A. Wilson

Abstract: Geology of the St. Mary’s Basin, Nova Scotia

J. B. Murphy, R. J. Rice, T. R. Stokes, D. F. Keppie

Abstract: Geomorphic evolution of Nova Scotia since the Triassic - constraints from fission track analysis and vitrinite reflectance

R. Stea, P. Finck, D. Arne, A. Grist, P. Mukhopadhyay

Abstract: Geophysical and outcrop evidence for extensive Carboniferous salt tectonics, Gulf of St. George, Nova Scotia

J. P. Brown

Abstract: GIS and digital mapping in the Newfoundland geological survey

P. Davenport, L. Nolan, G. Kilfoil, P. Honarvar

Abstract: GIS in geology: overview and future trends

G. Bonham-Carter

Abstract: Gravity measurements in Pictou County, Nova Scotia

K. Howells, J. W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Hydrocarbon charge modelling in the Jeanne D’arc Basin: status, plans, results and implications

M. A. Williamson

Abstract: Late Devonian - Early Carboniferous evolution of the Cobequid Highlands

G. Pe-Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Late Devonian and Carboniferous history of western Cape Breton Island

P. S. Giles, F. J. Hein, T. L. Allen

Abstract: Late Devonian mafic-felsic magmatism in the Meguma Zone

D. B. Clarke, M. A. MacDonald, M. C. Tate

Abstract: Linking geological, soil and vegetation data using GIS to predict early tree growth in central Newfoundland

B. D. Titus, S. Yamasaki, J. Fyles

Abstract: Marginal marine foraminifera and thecamoebians in the Upper Cretaceous to Eocene deposits of the south-central Pyrenees, Spain

Barbara Medioli

Abstract: Mineral deposit and glacial dispersal investigations, Willett Showing, northern New Brunswick

D. Hoy, R. Cavalero, M. A. Parkhill, J. A. Walker, A. Doiron

Abstract: Mineral exploration targeting using AutoCAD as a geographic information system

S. McLaren, P. Tallman

Abstract: Mineralogy and petrology of Antarctic meteorite DOM85505, and the relationship of unknown inclusions to the host meteorite

Kevin C. A. Peterson

Abstract: Monitoring of environmental pollutants using dental enamel

B. Pass, M. Zentilli, C. Ravenhurst

Abstract: Noncylindrical single phase folding, an example: the Oldham anticline, Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia

Fraser Keppie

Abstract: November 18, 1929 tsunami-laid sand and pebble deposits on the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland

A. Ruffman, M. P. Tuttle, T. W. Anderson

Abstract: Occurrence and mobility of petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater

D. V. Fannings, D. S. Macfarlane

Abstract: ODP Leg 155 on the Amazon deep-sea fan: amazingly like the Meguma Group

D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Peatland management and decision making using geographic information systems

A. Simms

Abstract: Preliminary geological investigation of Upper Carboniferous strata in southeastern New Brunswick

S. Johnson

Abstract: Preliminary geomatics analysis of the St. Mary’s basin, Nova Scotia

T. Webster

Abstract: Preliminary geophysical interpretations of the Antigonish-Mabou subbasin

P. Harvey, K. Howells, P. Durling

Abstract: Quantitative techniques for geological mapping using geophysical data

C. F. Chung

Abstract: Quaternary geology and glacial dispersal studies, Bathurst Mining Camp, northern New Brunswick - an overview of Extech II

M. Parkhill, A. Doiron

Abstract: Re-processing of seismic reflection data in the Cumberland Basin

F. Marillier, P. Durling

Abstract: Regional structures outlined from Natmap 1:250 000 compilation of Cape Breton Island (11F, 11K)

G. Lynch, T. Houlahan

Abstract: Statistical regression models for predicting landslide hazard

C. F. Chung

Abstract: Stratigraphic and petrochemical contrasts between the northern and southern parts of the Bathurst camp, New Brunswick: investigations in the Big Bald Mountain area

R. A. Wilson, L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Supergene and hypogene covellite, 4,500N section, Chuquicamata Porphyry Copper Deposit, Chile

M. Lewis, M. C. Graves, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Temperature, chemistry, water-rock interaction and mineralization processes around the Gays River and Jubilee Zn-Pb deposits, basal Windsor Group, Nova Scotia

M. M. Savard, G. Chi, D. J. Kontak, F. Fallara

Abstract: Tetrapod from Joggins, Nova Scotia

H. Mann

Abstract: Tetrapod trackways in a fossil Walchia forest: a new discovery from the early Permian of Nova Scotia

J. H. Calder, H. E. K. Van Allen, K. Adams, R. G. Grantham

Abstract: The Canoe Landing lake deposit, Bathurst Mining Camp: an example of a distal transported massive sulphide deposit

J. A. Walker

Abstract: The digital index concept of accessing information from geophysical survey databases

G. J. Kilfoil

Abstract: The earth sciences: new resources for teachers

J. E. L. Bates, K. C. Coflin, H. V. Donohoe, Jr., D. E. Keith, P. P. Mackin, H. Mann, J. Szostak, G. L. Williams

Abstract: The environmental aspects of oil and gas development on the Scotian Shelf

C. W. Ross

Abstract: The Fundy Basin story

D. E. Brown, J. A. Wade, R. A. Fensome, A. Traverse

Abstract: The genesis of the Chuquicamata porphyry copper deposit in northern Chile in relation to Tertiary Andean tectonics

M. Zentilli, M. C. Graves, D. D. Lindsay, V. Maksaev, G. Ossandon

Abstract: The GIS program in the Department of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland

A. Simms

Abstract: Thermochronologic evolution of the Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. D. Nearing

Abstract: Thermoluminescence dating of ceramic technology at St. Croix, Nova Scotia

D. I. Godfrey-Smith, M. Deal, I. Kunelius

Abstract: Time domain reflectometry analysis of surface crown pillar deformation over abandoned underground mine openings at Goldenville, Nova Scotia

J. D. Hill

Abstract: Trace element geochemistry and environmental implications in sediments from Halifax Harbour

D. E. Buckley

Abstract: Transpressive D2 thrusting in the Hartts Lake-Murray Brook area, Bathurst Camp, northern New Brunswick

S. Gower, S. R. McCutcheon

A camerate crinoid from the Upper Silurian (Ludlow) Moydart Formation of Nova Scotia, Canada

Stephen K. Donovan, Ron K. Pickerill

Carbonates and associated sedimentary rocks of the Upper Viséan to Namurian Mabou Group, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: evidence for lacustrine deposition

T. L. Crawford

Deep-water marine Rusophycus and Cruziana from the Ordovician Lotbinière Formation of Quebec

Ron K. Pickerill

Field relations, structure, and geochemistry of the Fisset Brook Formation in the Lake Ainslie - Gillanders Mountain area, central Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

S. M. Barr, A. S. Macdonald, A. M. Arnott, G. R. Dunning

Fluid evolution and mixing in the Gays River carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb deposit and its surrounding barren areas, Nova Scotia

G.-X. Chi, M. M. Savard

Geological setting and petrochemistry of early Middle Devonian volcanic and gabbroic rocks in the Guysborough area, Nova Scotia

C. F. M. Cormier, S. M. Barr, G. R. Dunning

Geophysical evidence for thrust faulting in the Carboniferous Antigonish-Mabou Subbasin, Nova Scotia

P. Durling, P. Harvey, K. Howells

Graptolite-based evidence for a revised stratigraphic and structural setting of the Szechuan, Hunan and Xingchang antimony prospects, Exploits Subzone, central Newfoundland

S. Henry Williams, Peter Tallman

The holotype of Leaia silurica Matthew, 1910, Pennsylvanian, Lancaster Formation, New Brunswick

Randall F. Miller

Late-glacial Coleoptera and the paleoclimate at Hirtles, Nova Scotia

Randall F. Miller

Multiple breccia events in the lower part of the Carboniferous Windsor Group, Nova Scotia

D. Lavoie, D. F. Sangster, M. M. Savard, F. Fallara

New occurrence of Phycodes templus Han and Pickerill, 1994 with a taxonomic reassessment of Yangziichnus yichangensis Yang, 1984

Ron K. Pickerill, Yolande Norman, Yaojun Han

The northeastern end of the Dunnage Zone in Newfoundland

Kenneth L. Currie

The Norumbega Fault Zone, Maine: a mid- to shallow-level crustal section within a transcurrent shear zone

Mary S. Hubbard, David P. West, Jr., Allan Ludman, Charles V. Guidotti, Daniel R. Lux

Sedimentology and depositional environment of the Lower Devonian Wapske Formation, Perth-Andover/Mount Carleton region, northwestern New Brunswick

Yaojun Han, Ron K. Pickerill

Silurian tectonic history of Penobscot Bay region, Maine

David B. Stewart, John D. Unger, Deborah R. Hutchinson

The status of Belinuropsis wigudensis Matthew, 1910, a Pennsylvanian merostome from New Brunswick, Canada

Randall F. Miller